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Last Updated: December 10, 2018
Muhammad Hamza Shahid

Muhammad Hamza Shahid

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With the internet laws getting stricter day-by-day, there has been a serious crackdown against P2P/Torrenting websites. Copyright infringement hunters are trying their level best to shut down popular sites like the “KickassTorrents” and TPB. Majority of the famous sites for torrents have been shut done. KAT, however, just like its name, the site keeps kicking their a** quite savagely, reappearing on new domains – each time one gets taken down!

KAT Torrents was shut down after Apple Inc. lodged a complained against its owner Artem Vaulin. He was accused of distributing pirated content worth over $1 billion, through a Chicago based server. Apple demanded Artem Vaulin’s Canadian ISP (that hosted KAT’s Chicago server) to hand over the personal information of the user that downloaded an iTunes music album. Ever since then, numerous “clone” websites have taken over the internet. But these sites geo-restricted in major parts of world, which may require to connect through a working VPN for downloading torrents.

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Here are some of the best torrent sites

1.      Extra Torrent

Torrent websites often fall victim of irritating copyright infringement laws, which result in the blocking of hit platforms like, ExtraTorrent. However, even after shutting it down, the Torrentz alternative quickly launched on another domain. Before anyone could guess, the site already generated a steady user-base with many downloading/sharing torrenting regularly. It is home to the popular ETTV and ETRG release groups, which means you can use it for watching HD movies and TV shows anytime, along with downloading programs, music, documents, anime, etc.

extra torrent

2.      RARBG

Launched in 2008 as a Bulgarian-tracker website, RARBG now stands as a strong Torrent alternative that has managed to generate a huge fan base worldwide. It also made its appearance in the top ten sites of 2015 with many using the website for P2P/Torrenting of a wide range of content. If the above solutions shut down, RARBG is a good choice for downloading everything from books, comics, TV shows, software, games, movies, and music. You can even signup and become a part of the RARBG community.


3.      1337X

There are no limitations in the choices available for Torrent alternatives. 1337x is another example of a hit torrent website that keeps on making its way back on the internet, despite being blocked from search engines. The site is now running on a new domain for users to enjoy downloading/sharing torrents. Thanks to its easy-to-use and simple page design, searching for torrents is a piece of cake. This has resulted in the website gaining quite the popularity among torrent lovers.


4.      Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is your number one solution for downloading torrents for movies/TV shows while allowing users to stream the content simultaneously. It is a multi-platform, free software BitTorrent client, which uses a media player for running content of several torrent websites. The interface of the platform is exceptionally neat and clean. Movies and TV shows are laid out in thumbnails and film titles in a similar manner to Netflix.

popcorn time

5.       Lime Torrents

LimeTorrents is yet another torrent website making waves in the domain of torrenting recently. According to a number of critics, it looks like the copy of LimeWire however it provides a simpler attractive user interface & website navigation.  Torrents have proper statistics offering seeds, peers, health and download stats in real time.

Lime Torrents follows a similar interface to that of KickAssTorrents including a categorized search, quick browse menu and a very familiar trending torrents list on the homepage like KAT. The website also offers a dedicated trending page, a brilliant FAQ, latest torrent news, a search cloud feature and an exclusive section for torrent clients.

lime torrents

6.       EZTV

If you are a true season shows fanatic then EZTV is the place for you. EZTV is a recent addition to torrenting websites offering a huge library of TV shows allowing you to discover favorite TV shows on a daily basis. The website not only provides high-quality torrents with considerable seeds but also recommends using privacy tools to avoid infringement notices & legal action.


EZTV also offers members a categorized list of season shows, a dedicated forum, well-maintained FAQ and a huge community of torrent seeders & leechers. The availability of torrents is very good, with lots of seeds available for most shows plus torrents are always with great health.

7.      Torrent Reactor

There is no comparable now that KickAssTorrents, ExtraTorrent, and TPB are all banned. Torrent Reactor is an ideal place to find the latest and most trending torrents with good health. Torrent Reactor is a brilliant source to download movies and TV shows but beware of adware & spyware.

8.      Torrent Project

torrent project

Torrent Project is a fairly new indexing service, but this newbie is not here to settle in the little leagues. Powered by a huge library of 9.8 million torrents, Torrent Project has fast become the envy of copyright trolls. TorrentProject does not host torrents from its own servers, rather acts like a search engine that queries results from other torrent indexing services like TPB, KAT, SumoTorrents, Torrent Reactor, and others. Ranked number 8 in our best torrent alternatives list.

Pirate Bay Mirrors/Alternatives

pirate bay mirror

If the main website is down, you can always rely on clone domains for downloading torrents. Though some may give a little trouble and load incredibly slow, most of them offer the same level of compatibility and functionality as the original site. If you want to get started with P2P/Torrenting immediately, then here is a list of the best Pirate Bay clones and mirror websites:

  1. ThePirateBayOnline

KickassTorrents Alternatives

here are some alternative sites to KAT:

  4. (aka

Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives

  1. ISOhunt
  2. Rarbg
  3. 1337x
  4. YTS (Download torrents in 720p and 1080p only)
  5. Zooqle
  6. EZTV
  7. Torrent Reactor
  8. Torrent Project
  9. The Pirate Bay

Best TorrentHound Alternatives

Best NYAA Alternatives to Watch Anime

The legendary NYAA torrents website was taken down by on 1st May 2017 after putting up a 7-year fight with Japanese copyright trolls. NYAA was a central BitTorrent hub for South East Asian entertainment, primarily Anime & South Korean movies

Best NYAA Alternatives List

  2. Pantsu NYAA
  5. RUTracker
  6. Anime-Sharing
  7. Tokyo Toshokan

Best Game Torrent Sites

Miss downloading free games from your favorite torrent site? Though you may have to go through a little hassle with the “installation”, since you are going pirate rather than purchasing, the extra effort is worth it at the end. So, without further ado, here is a list of the Best Game Torrent Sites:

  1. GazelleGames
  2. Download Games Torrents
  3. ISO Hunt
  4. SeedPeer
  5. PCGames-Download
  6. TorrentsGames
  7. TorrentBees
  8. CroTorrents
  9. Games Torrents
  10. TorrentSnack Games
  11. Ocean of Games
  12. FitGirl Repacks

The Importance of Using VPN Online

For those of you guessing how the FBI was able to get their hands on one of the most wanted and secretive people on the planet, you might find this interesting. Artem Vaulin, the owner and administrator of KickassTorrents, made a simple HUMAN ERROR! He made a small purchase on Apple iTunes with an IP address used for managing his website and had listed on Facebook.

Little did he know, this one mistake would end up ruing his entire life, as the ISP and Facebook went on to confirm the personal details linked to the IP address with the FBI. Soon enough, he was charged with a four-count U.S. criminal indictment for money laundering and illegally distributing movies and music worth $1 billion, which does not count the tens and millions generated from ad revenue.

Though Vaulin is out of jail currently, after some tough years (released on $108,000 bail), he is unable to leave the country ever. All of this could be avoided if only Vaulin had thought about using a VPN service to mask his IP address and get rid of suspecting FBI investigators. If this does not prove how important VPNs are for torrenting, then we do not know what will!

A lot of torrent sites listed in this guide or elsewhere will be blocked in your region. In order to gain access to those torrent sites, Surfshark VPN comes in handy with unlimited multi-connections, Private DNS leak, Kill switch feature at only $1.99/mo.
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Torrenting allows you to access your required media files catering to nearly all genres ranging from movies to games and from software to music, so it’s imperative that instead of shunning this activity altogether due to closure of some valuable Torrenting sites like Torrenthound, you know more about the best alternatives to these sites in order to keep your Torrenting game stronger than ever!

This guide was about the best Torrenthound alternatives and consisted of what are the best ones among the hundreds that exist out there. However, keep two things in mind here, first that you definitely need the dedicated VPN to secure you while Torrenting and secondly that Torrenting is a bit different on each device and you can see this evidently in our Torrents on iOS guide, so try to be more platform specific in order to gain the best results.

If you have had problems with any of the alternatives listed here, do mention it in the comment thread below, I would be more than happy to oblige in changing the guide after checking the validity of the problem. Let’s strive to build a more powerful, safer, reliable and legal world of Torrenting.


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