Previously known as XBMC, Kodi is a powerful, open-source media player that is compatible on a variety of platforms and OS, including Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi, and Amazon Fire TV. Not only does it allow users to watch their favorite TV shows, movies, and music videos, but it also gives you the ability of enjoying Live TV on channels like ESPN, Fox Sports, and much more.

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5 Best Kodi Skins for Firestick

Thanks to its open-source nature, Kodi proves to be extremely customizable. With its massive collection of add-ons/wizards, you can personalize the media player based on your requirements. You can even download and install Best Kodi krypton “skins”, which switch up the fonts, outlook and colors of the krypton to bring about a unique and extraordinary appearance.

Now with the recently released Amazon Fire TV 4K, the availability of Kodi firestick Skins has also been increasing. With better hardware and technology, the AFTV has the competency of sporting graphically intensive themes – without getting into a lather. So without further ado, let us look at the best XBMC skins for Firestick below:


1.  Transparency Amazon Fire TV Skin

A fan-art skin with the main goal of promoting transparency and ease-of-use. This skin mimics the style of the earlier XBMC themes and displays large images of stylish media playing devices and modern living rooms. It even boasts a vertical menu system that allows users to utilize their own fan-arts. This option is best suited for those Amazon Fire TV users who adore artwork and imagine display.


Best Kodi Skins for Firestick


Besides providing extra capability for personalizing the look of your media collections and displaying multiple images for your files, Transparency also supports all Kodi features. The developer has already pre-configured and included all the different amenities the software offers.

 Transparency Amazon Fire TV Skin

2.  Titan Amazon Fire TV Skin

The Titan skin for AFTV is for those who require instant access to their media content. It streamlines the entire outlook of the software, promoting a less confused setting – thanks to lesser options and customizations. Titan has a similar look to Windows 10, boasting a tiled block appearance.


Titan Amazon Fire TV Skin

In its default settings, the skin only has icons on the home screen, categorized into two rows. One displays settings, add-ons and YouTube and the other shows on your media libraries. There is a power button located at the bottom center of the screen in a similar way of smartphones.


Titan Amazon Fire TV Skin 2017


3.  Nebula Amazon Fire TV Skin

If you are in search for a light themed skin for Kodi on Fire TV, the Nebula is definitely the right option. This remarkable and exceptional theme supports PlexBMC and offers the ability of creating custom shortcuts, add stunning artwork and provide a true Cinema experience. It boasts an easy-to-use and understand interface – thanks to its usage of thumbnails for every selection/category/setting.

Nebula Amazon Fire TV Skin


The look and feel is incredibly attractive. Thanks to the simple categorization and displaying options, finding a good movie or TV show to watch is extremely easy. This skin also supports additional widgets, Live TV/PVR, touch support, VideoExtras, TvTunes, and cdArt.


Nebula Amazon Fire TV Skin 2017


4.  Arctic: Zephyr Skin for Amazon Fire TV

This Kodi skin for Fire TV is beyond incredible. It is the third iteration of the Arctic theme from jurialmunkey. Boasting a neat and clean menu system with an intuitive and responsive feel, the skin is best suited for the Amazon Fire TV, offering quite the uncluttered and easy-to-use appeal. The media content information is located at the bottom of the screen.

Arctic: Zephyr Skin for Amazon Fire TV


You can instantly access hundreds of movies and TV shows in a single row with minimal navigation needed for moving through your content. Just like other Amazon kodi skins, it does not support desktop PC and prompts users to utilize the AFTV remote. Thanks to the ambient cloud-style background, this skin looks unique as compared to others.

Arctic: Zephyr Skin for Amazon Fire TV 2017


5.  fTV Skin by Hitcher

Leaving the best for last, the fTV Skin by hitcher is one of the most remarkable Kodi Skins available for Firestick. It stands out among other options by making your Kodi look exactly like the Fire TV interface! If you look at the screenshot below, it will be difficult to differentiate the AFTV’s interface with the skin.

You have quick access to frequently accessed add-ons under favorites. Thanks to simple controls, you can also gain instant access to the TV shows, apps, photos, videos, and music. Kudos to hitcher for perfectly assembling all details of the AFTV, down to the tiny nuances.

fTV Skin by Hitcher


To utilize the skin’s full potential, you will require a remote with standard buttons (menu, rewind, forward, fast, stop, pause, play, select, and directions). It does not support Touch or Mouse input. Foreign languages are also not available currently.


fTV Skin by Hitcher 2017


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Now that you are familiar with the five Best Kodi skins for Firestick Amazon, choosing one that best suits your needs and requirements will not be a problem. If you want more information regarding add-ons, acestream kodi, wizards, tricks, and tips, feel free to visit again and check our blog page.

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