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Last updated: January 19, 2023
William Sams

William Sams

..Since its introduction, Firestick has become a user favorite as it offers thousands of entertainment apps to choose from. From streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime to free music apps like YouTube and Spotify, there is nothing better suited to power home entertainment these days than a Firestick. And whats more is that you can even stream geo-restricted content on all of these apps if you use the Best VPN for firestick. For more information about the Best apps for Firestick, read this all-inclusive guide on the Best Firestick Apps by!

Best Firestick Apps for Movies and Shows in 2018:

Firestick is one of the best streaming devices in the market at the moment, Built by Amazon, the world’s largest ecommerce firm, it has become a force to reckon with in the world of home entertainment these days.

Using it is as easy as plug and play because the device is compatible with nearly all major TVs and Media devices. But the best part about this device is the number of Apps you can run on it.

Most other streaming sticks and devices like Roku and Chromecast, despite being similar, don’t offer users with such a wide array of options when it comes to apps as much as Firestick does.

And do you know what’s the biggest catch here is? That despite being officially covered by its own appstore, you can also easily download apps from Google Play Store with incredible ease, allowing you to increase your range of choice to a much wider spectrum.

In this guide, I will run you down through the best apps for each category on Firestick. So Lets start with the 8 best apps, both paid and free, for movies and shows in 2018 on Firestick:

best firestick apps


1. Netflix:

It’s a no brainer really. Netflix is the world’s most dominant streaming platform and already is head and shoulders above all other streaming services in terms of the content being offered. From the anthology series Black Mirror to the historic drama, The Crown, there is no dearth of content on Netflix, so this app is a must for your Firestick. Its paid, but its subscription is not costly at all.


Best Firestick Apps for Movies and Shows

2. Hulu:

Another up and coming streaming service, Hulu is a bit different from Netflix, in that, it does offer a streaming library, but it also offers live TV channels in its service packages. Its official app is available on the Firestick app store andits one of the top rate paid streaming apps on the platform.



kodi firestick app


3. Kodi:

Next up is Kodi, which is not particularly a streaming service in itself, but it facilitates streaming options for users in a far bigger quantity than conventional streaming providers. Offering hundreds of add-ons, this app can allow you to do anything, from watching movies to streaming live sports, Kodi never disappoints. The app is free but the third party add-ons usually are paid, if you want the best ones from among the lot.



showbox firestick app

4. Showbox:

A top rated free streaming app for Android Devices, Showbox offers a comprehensive portfolio of content to satiate a majority of user entertainment needs. The categories it covers are related to movies and TV shows. The app is not yet available officially on Firestick’s app store, but you can still download and install it either directly through its APK file or use the sideloading method to get it from Google Play Store.



Pluto-TV for firestick

5. Pluto TV:

Free online television streaming providers don’t get any better than Pluto TV. This is a premier service offering a whopping 100+ channels through its platform and is the perfect substitute if you are looking to go cord cutting anytime soon. On Pluto TV, there is no dearth of choices when it comes to channels. The service even plans to diversify its categories even more in the near future. It’s a free app and is officially available on the Firestick app store.


crackle firestick app 2018

6. Crackle:

One of the best free entertainment apps to be hosted on the Firestick app eco-system, Crackle has proven to be a sure hit with the device users as time has gone by. Developed by Sony, Crackle features top of the line entertainment content. This includes movies and TV shows of nearly all kinds of genres allowing users to access a wider content base.

It has a dedicated parental control feature which gives you control over what is available to watch on the app. This makes this an incredibly safe option for wholesome entertainment.

Its app is officially featured on the FireTV app store.

7. SlingTV:

If you are an ardent cord cutter, then you might have definitely come across the name SlingTV by now. Offering top of the line live channels and some great pricing plans to suit all kinds of budgets and needs, SlingTV has now cemented its place as one of the top online TV providers out there. Even UFC fights are easily available on the platform along with other such important entertainment events.

sling-tv firestick

SlingTV is a paid service and you can find its app easily on the FireTV app store.


crunchyroll for firestick apps

8. CrunchyRoll:

For all those anime fans out there, CrunchyRoll is the best service you can sign up for.

Japanese animated content dominates the entertainment options on this great app. But you always have the option of changing the language according to your preference. With over 15k+ hours of content available, CrunchyRoll should definitely be installed on your Firestick.

This is a paid service and comes with a 2 week trial plan.



Firestick Apps For Movies and TV: Author’s recommendation:

While I am definitely a big fan of all types of entertainment and I really admire all these great movie and TV apps that I have listed above for allowing me to satiate my desire for acquiring a wholesome entertainment experience, there is one app among them that tops the list definitely.

And that is Netflix.

Netflix is the number one streaming service at the moment and no other app or service comes even close to it. Offering incredible shows like Orange is the New Black, The Crown, Black Mirror, Stranger Things and more, the quality of the content on this app is on a whole another level as compared to the rest of the names mentioned on this list.

If I were to pick the only app to do with on my Firestick device, then it would undoubtedly be Netflix. Even the pricing plans of this service are extremely affordable for users with differing entertainment needs.

And, if you deploy the Best VPN for Netflix to unblock US Netflix library, then it would allow you to access a much bigger library of content on the site than you can do otherwise.

*In our testing we used NordVPN to successfully unblock Netflix US 


Best Firestick Apps for Music in 2018:

Music does sound a whole lot better when you can watch the video that accompanies a certain music piece on a large HD screen and this is what Firestick enables you to accomplish. The iPod generation has now been long gone and in today’s world, the screen is as important as the sound itself, so try and access a whole new way of getting entertained by music through these amazing, Best Firestick apps for Music in 2018:

Best Firestick Apps for Music

9. YouTube:

Who doesn’t know about YouTube? Its become an absolute essential if you want to binge watch videos of any kind and from any genre. But what most people ignore about this platform is its ability to offer the most complete set of musical library than you can access otherwise, and that too for free!

From Evanesence to Nelly Furtado and from Michael Jackson’s Greatest Hits to the head banging tracks of bands like ColdPlay and Linkin Park, YouTube has got it all and its app is easily available on the Firestick for free!

Some songs can be geo-restricted, so if you have a VPN for Firestick then you will never face any sort of restrictions on the service whatsoever. But I cant tell you how you can do away with all those nuisance ads that can suddenly pop up anywhere on the service at any time!

spotify app for firestick10. Spotify:

You must have been living under a rock for the past 5 years if you still haven’t heard of Spotify! This all-inclusive, incredibly maneuverable and wholesome music app is now the world’s number one music service in 2018!

Its app is easily available on the FireTV app store. But the fact that it allows you to sync all of your devices if they are on the same Wi-Fi Network makes it one hell of an option to opt for if you are a diehard music fan!

The best part about it is that it doesn’t bug you with any sorts of ads whatsoever. This makes it my preferred app to download and install for accessing songs and other music files on my Firestick!

Spotify is a free service but it requires you to sign up and make an account.

Best Firestick Apps for Sports in 2018:

Sports of all kinds are followed religiously across the world. From major football leagues to high level fights, there is nothing that can give a better adrenaline rush and make your day worthwhile than a riveting sporting contest between two highly competitive entities. And streaming has allowed you to never miss any favorite sporting event of yours ever!

Watching sports on HD screen through streaming has now been made a whole lot easier by your Amazon Firestick, but to ensure that you have the best access to all major sporting events, you need to figure out as to which apps will service you the best. So here are the three best Firestick apps for Sports in 2018!

Best Firestick Apps for Sports11. Mobdro:

If there ever was a wholesome free streaming service for sports then Mobdro has got to be it. Streaming live sporting events from across the world, Mobdro has been rising exponentially as the ultimate service for sports aficionados.

Mobdro works on the premise of securing the best live action from the world of sports on a consistent basis. The app keeps searching continuously for such streams. Once it finds such a stream, it services it to its subscribers. And boy does it do that job with perfection or what!

The app is not available on the Firestick app store. You have to either download it from its website or sideload it through the Downloader App. For more on how to do this, read our guide on the Best VPN for Firestick.

Mobdro also offers a premium version that makes the service ad free!

ESPN for firestick apps 201812. ESPN:

One of the most renowned names in the world of sporting entertainment, ESPN is the best paid sporting app that you can secure on your Amazon Firestick. With dedicated channels and streaming options for an immensely wide variety of sporting events from across the world, ESPN has a top tier service that continues to reign supreme.

And not just live sports streaming, ESPN offers the best pre and post-match analysis, special sporting documentaries, interviews and a whole lot more making it a highly comprehensive platform if you want to watch more than just the game!

ESPN is a paid service that comes with a free week trial plan. The app is officially featured on the Amazon app store and can be downloaded with incredible ease!

13. FuboTV:

Despite being an IPTV provider that caters to all genres, FuboTV also offers an incredible smattering of exclusive sports channels! It is a highly reliable option to deliver a wholesome TV experience on your Firestick!

fubotv for ufc firestick

FuboTV has been on the top of its game in recent months! The provider has streamed popular events like UFC 230, Fifa World Cup ‘18 among others.

This is a paid service and its official app is available on the FireTV app store!

PlutoTV is restricted in parts of the world, if you happen to be in one of those countries, consider using a VPN to unblock the service on your FireTV!

Best Firestick Apps for Internet Safety:

Among the many different apps mentioned above like Netflix, Hulu, FuboTV, ESPN and even a whole lot of others are geo-restricted, which means that they don’t stream their full or partial service outside certain geographical boundaries. But there is a way to circumvent these restrictions and that is through a VPN service!

And while there are hundreds of VPN services out there, not everyone amongst them is suitable to function with your Amazon Firestick as doing so requires a certain set of features which only a few providers can offer. To know more about such features and on VPNs suitable for this platform, read this comprehensive review on VPN for Firestick here.

Here, I am listing the Top 3 VPN apps for your Amazon Firestick device!

14. PureVPN:

If you are looking for a fast, reliable and more importantly, cheap VPN service for your Firestick, then PureVPN is the perfect service to cater to your needs. Offering one of the most widespread server infrastructures with servers in more than 160+ countries worldwide, Netflix US and BBC iPlayer unblocking capabilities, special features like split tunneling and a whole lot more, PureVPN is among the top services in the market at the moment!

Best Firestick Apps for Internet Safety

It has a dedicated Firestick app for increased user ease and its cheapest plan comes in at just $1.65/month!


15. ExpressVPN:

A highly well-received VPN service in the industry at the moment, ExpressVPN is as sturdy a VPN as they come. ExpressVPN has a great reputation for offering the most robust feature performance all device platforms. Its starred features include 2000+ features, dedicated app for Firestick, exclusive installation guides, live chat support and more!

ExpressVPN for Firestick

Its cheapest plan is now offering a 49% discount!  Through this, you can get the service for as low as $6.67/month in a 15-month special plan!


16. NordVPN:

With over 5000+ servers offered worldwide and impressive unblocking capabilities, NordVPN remains a top tier VPN service that has garnered the trust of users across the world. NordVPN offer some of the most impressive security features for its users including Double VPN and Onion over VPN. Therefore, it is a highly diverse service provider as compared to the rest on this list.

Nordvpn for firestick

The only downside to this VPN is that it doesn’t offer a dedicated Firestick app yet. If you want to use it on your Firestick, then you will need to install it through the sideloading method.

Its cheapest pricing plans offer the service to the user at just $3.49/month!


Firestick apps Reddit Reviews:

Sometimes you get mightily surprised and this was just one of those very occasions. When I turned over to Reddit to check user opinions on the best Firestick apps according to user preferences, I strangely found the site to be silent on the topic.

All I could find on this topic on Reddit were some selective threads on topics like Mobdro alternatives. Some comments have been culled from these threads and mentioned below:

Another somewhat relatable thread on the topic was one in which people were discussing sideloading methods. I have produced some comments from that thread here below:

Apart from this, I found nothing even remotely relatable to the topic on Reddit. So I guess you will have to be content with the analysis provided in this guide. You can also come up with your own suggestions on the topic in the comments thread below!

Dont forget to check out our latest reddit vpn guide.

Amazon Firestick apps FAQ:

What Kind of Channels Can You Get With FireStick?

Through Firestick apps.  you can access all kinds of Live TV, movie and sports channels among others

Is There a Monthly Fee for Firestick?

No, there is no monthly fee for Firestick. You will just need to pay one time to buy the device and thats it. However, you will have to pay for any subscription for a service you access through your Amazon Firestick

What Apps Are Available on Firestick?

Firestick offers all kinds of apps ranging from sports to music and from software to movie streaming sites. It also offers live TV apps, in free and paid categories.

What Are Jailbroken Firesticks?

Jailbroken Firesticks can sideload apps that are not featured on the FireTV’s official app store! All Firesticks and FireTV devices can be jailbroken, if you know how to do it right. The Sideloading method is the most preferred method to jailbreak Firesticks reliably.


The Amazon Firestick is the best streaming device out there undoubtedly! And that’s because it offers a lot more features and compatibility. than its contemporaries. From the best live TV channels apps to live sporting and music streaming apps, you can literally get any app to be installed and configured on your Firestick allowing you to incredibly increase the value that you secure out of this device!

The aforementioned app lists are just the top apps for each genre that I focused on in this list. But, that’s not it, as there are hundreds of other apps that offer a wide variety of services on Firestick.

Do check them out and if you find something interesting that can be featured in our lists above, then do please mention them in the comment thread below! I will be more than happy to engage with you on this topic and modify my lists if I find your app relevant enough!

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