Ares Wizard shut down leaves Kodi community mourning as today the most popular repository announces their shut down. The developers of Ares wizard have decided to hang it up after they received a notice from MPA and Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment with subject to Cease and Desist.

This week has been heavy for Kodi community due to the shutdown of multiple repositories like Smash Repo, Colossus and now Ares Wizard. However, the users have already started looking for Ares Wizard alternatives.

It seems as if the anti-piracy departments are on the hunt for such third-party add-ons because they are considered illegal. Developers involved in third-party add-on and repository development have themselves started to get out of this scene lately. So far, two of the well-known developers; Alpha ad Lucifer have already retired and now the bell has rung for Tekto too.

In last two years, Ares Wizard had earned a lot of respect but this is such an unfortunate blow for them. So, the developers have officially taken Ares Wizard down today.

Ares Project leader Tekto described:

“[This week] I was subject to a hand-delivered notice to cease-and-desist from MPA & ACE,”

“Given the notice, we obviously shut down the repo and wizard as requested.”

Courtesy: TorrentFreak

One thing to understand over here is that all of this chaos for the Kodi community didn’t start overnight. It has been in progress ever since European court of Justice and UK went against Kodi boxes, introduction of “DEA (Digital Economy Act)” and the formation of CAP. And so the Repository shut-down started to follow.


Ares Wizard Alternatives

Even though it’s official that they have taken Ares Wizard down today, there are still some alternatives you can use to enjoy your favorite Kodi add-ons. Take a look at these alternate repositories you can use:

  1. Superrepo
  2. Kodil Repository
  3. Noobs and Nerds Repository
  4. Supremacy Repository
  5. SportsDevil Repository


Heart of the Matter

This Ares Wizard shut down might be a turning point in this developing campaign lead by anti-piracy bodies. Tekto; part of the developing team of Ares Wizard claimed that they were sure they weren’t involved in any piracy action. Taking down repositories with such a quick pace means that all the other players in this game need to be very careful as they could also become prey of this hunt. Until then, Kodi users can download the above-stated repositories and enjoy their favorite add-ons but be smart enough to use a VPN service for protection.

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