Top 70+ Black Friday VPN Deals – Save Up To 96% [YES ITS TRUE]

Hamza Shahid October 18, 2018

Are you already out scavenging for Black Friday Deals? Don’t lie to us now! We all know that these days hold the reputation for fulfilling every bargain hunters’ dream 😉 Retailers around the world slash prices on a number of items, allowing you to get things that you need at incredibly cheap rates. This includes VPN services too! So, if you’re looking to boost your security and privacy year-round, check out these amazing 70 Black Friday VPN Deals, compiled into a single guide by (after putting in an entire two days’ worth of effort).

Surfshark: 2-Year Deal

SurfShark is offering a whopping 83% discount offer on it 2-Year plan, making the price cut down to $1.99 per month.

ExpressVPN: 12 Month + 3 Months Free Deal

ExpressVPN Black Friday is offering an exclusive 15-months plan for its customers, which allows users to leverage an amazing 49% discount on the per month pricing.

NordVPN: 2-Year Deal

NordVPN gives you a special 66% discount on the monthly pricing for a 2-year plan. This lowers the pricing from $286 all the way to $96.75.

PureVPN: 2-Year Deal

NordVPN gives you a special 66% discount on the monthly pricing for a 2-year plan. This lowers the pricing from $286 all the way to $96.75.

Trust.Zone: 2-Year Deal

Trust.Zone goes the extra mile in offering an amazing 2-years plan. You just have to enter the coupon code “2YEARSOFF” to reduce the monthly pricing from $6.99 to $3.33 per month.

IPVanish: 2-Year Deal

If you want to receive the best value from IPVanish, go for their 2-year deal. This allows you to receive a 69% discount, lowering the pricing from $10 all the way down to $3.74!

VyprVPN: Yearly Deal

Get the special VyprVPN Premium deal at an amazing price of $6.67 per month. You receive an amazing 51% off on the original pricing. The plan lasts for 12-months.

CactusVPN: Coupon Deal

CactusVPN offers multiple coupon specials, which give you the ability to leverage 51% on Yearly Plan, 23% on Quarterly Plan, and 10% on Monthly Plan

IVPN: Coupon Deal

Get 44% off the monthly subscription, to reduce the pricing from $15 all the way down to $8.33, which is billed $100 annually. Visit Site for more information

Ivacy: Coupon Deal

Ivacy manages to take away the cake for being the cheapest, offering you a 5-year plan at $60 only, which means you receive a massive 90% discount.

Private Internet Access: 2-Year Deal

Private Internet Access (PIA) gives users a special 2-year plan, which lowers the monthly costs to $2.91. This means, you only pay $69.95 for 24-months, receiving a 58% discount!

PrivateVPN: 12 Months+1 Month Free Deal

Leverage cheap pricing from PrivateVPN this Black Friday by opting for their 13-Months special, giving you a massive 64% discount, meaning you pay only $50!

Mullvad: Monthly Deal

Mullvad is a highly-secure VPN service that puts budget-friendliness in its mind. As such, it offers a special pricing of $5 per month, which you can avail anytime.

LeVPN: Yearly Deal

LeVPN is currently offering a yearly special that gives users the ability to receive an amazing 50% discount, lowering the monthly pricing from $9.95 to $4.95 only (billed $59 yearly).

ZoogVPN: Yearly Deal

Get up to 75% OFF with ZoogVPN on their yearly plan! It only costs around $35.99, one of the cheapest in the marketplace, reducing the per month costs to $2.99 only!

Windscribe: Yearly Deal

Windscribe doesn’t fail to disappoint in giving a special 1-year plan, which reduces the monthly costs to $4.08 only, meaning you pay $49 every 12-months.


Cyberghost: Yearly Deal

Save a massive 73% on CyberGhost’s 18-month plan! It reduces the monthly pricing from $12.99 to $3.5, which accounts to $42 paid annually.

StrongVPN: Yearly Deal

When signing up with StrongVPN, you can enter the “TAKEOFF20” coupon code. This will give you an amazing 20% discount, in addition to the 42% you save on getting the 12-months plan.




Get 35% off by opting for the 24-Months plan, which reduces the per month pricing from €5 all the way down to €3.25 /month, which means you pay €78 only!







VikingVPN is currently offering a yearly special that gives users the ability to receive an amazing 33% discount, lowering the monthly pricing from $14.95 to $9.99 only.







If you opt for the 12-Months plan, OVPN goes the extra mile in offering users an amazing 36% discount, which translates to $84 on a yearly basis.







VPNTraffic comes under the list of budget-friendly providers. It may not have many discounts, but the yearly plan is available for $35 only! You can check the deal out here.






A popular name among European users, ActiVPN does pretty well in offering a budget-friendly VPN deal, which costs only 3€ per month, billed one-time 39,99€







SaferVPN may not be a reputable name in the marketplace, but is certainly offering quite an amazing 1-Year deal, which gives you a remarkable 50% discount.







Though you can use Hide.Me for free with a 2GB Data Limit, there are special deals available which give you access to premium features for a 1-Year at only $4.99 per month.






With one of the most convenient and ease-to-use VPNs comes a great deal too, which gives you the service for €49.90 one-time charge for 12-months with access to 3 devices simultaneously.




Hotspot Shield


If you want to receive the best value from Hotspot Shield, opt for their  VPN Black Friday Sale, which gives you an impressive 53% off, totaling to €83.88 every 12-months!






A dedicated VPN for MAC Users to brag about, the MacSentry offers an amazing Annual Deal for its prospects. It reduces the costs from $9.99 all the way to $3.98 per month.






RapidVPN is an unlimited VPN subscription service, which offers different pricing, based on your location. You can check out all their Black Friday lifetime deals and decide the one that works for you!






BlackVPN offers something for every customer! There are Privacy, Global, and TV plans, which provide access to different locations for varied pricing. Check it out here.






Not to be confused with Tunnelblick or TunnelBear, this service offers customers an amazing 70% discount on the 12-months plan, which means you only pay $35.88 yearly!






SwitchVPN gives you freedom of unblocking and streaming from VoD services all over the world anonymously. Best offer for 1 year $69.95 @ $5.82/month.







BolehVPN allows users to reclaim their online anonymity and security with its great VPN product. It offers a Black Friday VPN annual deal at $79.99 with a 7-days free trial too!






Protect your online identity with TigerVPN that offers Black Friday special deals with a 77% discount. With the 3-year deal, you are billed €99 only for every 36-months!






ShadeYouVPN is another online privacy provider you can opt to attain online anonymity. The service is currently offering a 45% Black Friday Discount to its users, costing $25.99 only!






For VPN Black Friday Deals, CELO VPN is now offering a special discount on its annual plan, which reduces the monthly pricing to $5.50 – meaning you pay $66 for 12-months VPN access!






For Black Friday this year, TunnelBear is going the extra mile, reducing the costs of their Grizzly Plan to $5.00 per month, totaling to $60 only. Check it out here.







If you are looking for a VPN that offers you maximum security on porn sites, then VPNHub offers a special 50% discount on its yearly plan, which accounts to a one-time payment for $89.88.




Sahrzad VPN


Similar to many other providers, Sahrzad VPN offers an amazing deal on its yearly plan, giving you a 53% discount. You will only have to pay $89.99 per year!







If you are looking for cheap VPN prices on Black Friday, Proxy.SH offers plenty of different membership plans. There is even a Quick plan available for $2 for 3 days!





OverPlay VPN


The preferred choice for most looking to use a budget-friendly VPN service. OverPlay VPN is offering its annual plan at the cost of $99.99, giving you an amazing 17% discount for Black Friday!






If you want to stay anonymous online and leverage cheap rates at the same time, LiquidVPN is offering a special Black Friday deal at the cost of $106 only, which is still expensive, but not bad!




Kepard VPN


Ranking as one of the cheapest VPN products in the marketplace, Kepard takes the Black Friday deal game to a whole new level, offering annual access for only $35!





IronSocket VPN


In light of Black Friday, IronSocket VPN has decided to offer a special deal on its Yearly Plan, giving you a 40% discount. This means, you only pay $49.95 for 12-months!




Astrill VPN


Astrill VPN is another famous product that offers quite amazing deals in Holiday Seasons. For Black Friday, you can get the Yearly Plan at a 47% discount. Check the pricing here.




Betternet VPN


Betternet offers a good Black Friday special, allowing users to leverage an amazing discount of 75% on the monthly pricing. The end costs total to $35 ONLY for 12-months!




ZenMate VPN


Offering an amazing 40% discount on its per month pricing for this Black Friday, you can get access to ZenMate’s 1-Year duration for $71.99 only. Check out the plan here!




Liberty VPN


Liberty VPN is going all-out this Black Friday, offering a super special 70% discount on all plans. All you have to do is enter the coupon code “SUPER70SPE” to leverage the deal!






AceVPN might not be that reputable but it is definitely acing the Black Friday Deals market, offering a premium VPN service for as low as $3.89 per month!







CIENEN decides to take things a step higher by offering a RECURRING $19 discount on its yearly plan by entering promotion code “Nineteen”. This lowers the cost to $100 every 12-months!






Speedify stays true to its name, offering good performance and fast speeds, but it doesn’t back out from Black Friday deals too. Get the yearly package for $49.99 today!




Avast SecureLine VPN


Avast already enjoys a solid reputation in the marketplace of anti-viruses, but it has upped the game to DIGITAL security, offering SecureLine VPN for $59.99 this Black Friday.




Norton Wi-Fi Privacy VPN


Norton another hit name in the anti-virus market offers a special deal on its Wi-Fi Privacy VPN, giving users a massive $40 off on the yearly plan, meaning you pay $39.99 for 12-months!




Cryptostorm VPN


Cryptostorm is a top-choice for file sharing and those individuals who surf Dark Web. You can get a weekly plan this Black Friday for $1.86 or yearly at a low $52.





UnoTelly VPN


UnoTelly VPN may not be that popular but offers quite the amazing product. It is extremely secure and you can get the monthly DNS + VPN plan for $7.95 only!





WiTopia VPN


WiTopia offers a VPN product that goes by the name of “personalVPN”, which offers you amazing 3-year deals for as low as $5.83, $4.44, and $3.06! You can check them out here.






If you want a massive 70% discount this Black Friday, then look no further than Boxpn. You can get their yearly plan for as low as $2.99 per month, totaling to $35.88 for 12-months!






In addition to an amazing 14 Days trial for testing out the service, Anonymizer offers a special discount this Black Friday, which gives you the annual plan for $79.99!






GoTrusted may not have an established reputation but it is exceptional for streaming and unblocking. You can leverage the free 7-day trial, and then purchase the $7.49 monthly package!






In addition to a Free Trial, Unblock.US offers an amazing Black Friday special, which reduces the costs of the monthly to $4.99 per month and yearly to $49.90 only!





StreamVIA is quite a famous name in Europe, despite its high pricing. You can get a special deal this Black Friday though, which reduces the monthly rates to £4.99!






Wrapping Things Up

IF you are looking for best Black Friday VPN Deals, then we hope that our above listings prove helpful. It took us a considerable amount of time and energy, finding the best halloween vpn deals for our viewers. So, now we’re just going to doze off for a while and leave the selection process to you guys. Don’t forget to share the guide with your friends/family members. Have a lovely day!

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