19 Best VPN for Opera – Break Through Geo-Restrictions via Opera VPN

Last updated: June 23, 2022
Muhammad Hamza Shahid

Muhammad Hamza Shahid

Muhammad Hamza Shahid is an online privacy/security advocate at BestVPN.co, who loves sharing his expert knowledge regarding the latest trends in user privacy, cyber laws, and digital affairs. Apart from writing blogs/articles relating to anonymity, he also writes detailed VPN reviews.

Browsers are the default access gateways to the web making them indispensable to anyone who wishes to traverse the web. Opera offers one of the more popular and easy to use browsers, with a wide range of additional features, to offer a more streamlined experience. But, despite being immensely useful, your Opera Browser is not fully secure. Acquiring a good VPN from the list of VPNs is your only buffer between secure browsing and a data catastrophe.

To allow you to learn more about why you need the Best VPN for Opera, here is a comprehensive guide on the topic, containing detailed lists for the Top VPNs for the browser, news on Opera’s built-in VPN, related privacy concerns and more.

Best VPN for Opera


Opera Shutting Down its Built-in VPN Service

Built-in VPNs in any kind of web access software are of immense use always. Likewise, Opera, which is one of the more popular web browsers out there, was offering a built-in Free VPN service until recently. However, now it has taken the decision to shut down its VPN service, as a dedicated app on Android and iOS platforms.

The built-in VPN for the web browsers will still be there, but now as a separate extension. Despite Opera not giving any particular reasons as to why it took this step, many in the industry speculate that they did it to promote SurfEasy VPN and streamline their VPN offerings.

SurfEasy VPN is a popular service that offers more features than Opera’s built-in VPN and was acquired by Opera back in 2015.

Opera Browser VPN

Opera’s VPN service was free, but it did offer a premium paid version for $29.99 a year called Opera VPN Gold. This premium service offered better speeds and more servers. Now if you have an Opera VPN Gold subscription, you will be transferred automatically to a yearly subscription with SurfEasy Ultra plan. But because SurfEasy is still not a built-in VPN option, the browser is now low on compatible security options.

So, if you want to acquire a more secure, easy to use browser, here are some recommendations in this regard from our end.

  1. Google Chrome – The World’s Most Popular Browser with Multiple VPN extension compatibility options
  2. Mozilla Firefox – A Well received, a secure browser with available VPN add-ons

If you still want more focus on security, then have a look at browsers like Tor, Comodo Dragon & Yandex which are built for added protection.

Opera Browsers Privacy Concerns in 2020

Without VPN protection, nearly all popular browsers are vulnerable nowadays, be it Chrome, Firefox or what we are talking about here i.e. Opera. This is because modern day hackers have become vociferously capable of tracking anyone and everyone who are working on these kinds of browsers unprotected.

The only way to ward them off and keep them off your trails is to make it difficult to follow you and you can only do this through a Best VPN, which not only encrypts your data but follows it by providing a secure protocol for transportation of that data over the web, providing a layered protection system.

Opera might not have many chinks in its armor but the world is getting increasingly stifled with all the new surveillance campaigns and data hordes being managed by authorities and corporations alike.

Why Opera Browser VPN is Must for Every Netizen

Opera browser is now owned by a Chinese Consortium called Golden Brick Capital Private Equity. Given the fact that Opera Browser does store data to some extent and that the parent firm lies in China, your data can be exposed to Chinese authorities any time due to their stringent data retention laws.

An Opera browser VPN is the buffer you need to keep your sensitive data secure from such coercive threats. This new web world is not a safe enough place anymore for users to go ahead unprotected. You need to take care of your privacy yourself by acquiring an Opera browser VPN, before you too are left flummoxed, like millions when data leak scandals, similar to the Cambridge Analytica US Scandal emerge.

Best VPN for Opera

Best VPN for Opera 2020

As mentioned earlier in this review as well, any good hacker can easily break into your system through your Opera Browser if it’s unprotected. A VPN is your best bet to keep your privacy and anonymity protected, but not every VPN is suitable for the job you want to get done through it. The Best VPN for Opera Browser need to have a wide variety of features, offer a high number of servers, possess the best encryption standards and above all be trustworthy to never compromise on your online privacy.

Here is a rundown on the Best VPN for Opera browser in 2020:

Providers Price ($) Features Rating Discount Visit Provider
  1.  $12.95  
    Per Month
    • Headquartered in BVI (Safe Location)
    • 3,000+ Servers in over 90 Countries
    • Powerful AES 256-GCM Encryption
    • Unblocks Netflix/Supports Torrenting
    • Audited No Logs (PWC and Cure53)
    • Apps for Windows, Mac, iOS & Android
    5.0 Stars
    49% Discount
  2.  $12.95  
    Per Month
    • Headquartered in BVI (Safe Location)
    • 3,200+ Servers in 65 Countries
    • AES-256-CBC/GCM Encryption
    • Unblocks Netflix in 16+ Libraries
    • 7-Day Free Trial for iOS/Android
    • Unlimited Simultaneous Connections
    4.5 Stars
    81% Discount
  3.  $11.95  
    Per Month
    • Headquartered in Panama (Safe Location)
    • 5,083+ servers in 59 countries
    • 6 simultaneous Connections
    • Works with US/UK/JP Netflix
    • Great P2p/torrenting performance
    • Double VPN and Onion over VPN
    4.5 Stars
    68% Discount
  4.  $10.95  
    Per Month
    • Based in British Virgin Islands (Safe Jurisdiction)
    • 6,500+ Servers in 180+ Countries
    • Military-Grade AES 256-Bit Encryption
    • Split Tunneling and Dedicated IPs
    • DDoS Protection and Internet Kill Switch
    • Endorsed by Forbes/5-Stars on TrustPilot
    4.5 Stars
    70% Discount
  5.  $12.99  
    Per Month
    • 5,900+ Servers in 89 Countries
    • 45-Day Refund Guarantee and 7-day Trial
    • Secure Wi-Fi Feature for Public Security
    • Kill Switch and DNS/IP Leak Protection
    • Mozilla and Chrome Browser Add-Ons
    • Unblocks All Websites Seamlessly
    4.0 Stars
    79% Discount

ExpressVPN – Offers 148 Server Locations as an Opera Browser VPN

At times, you need more than just security online. With the rise in popularity of streaming services, you now must subscribe to only those VPNs that can unblock majority of geo-restricted content sites like Netflix US.

ExpressVPN is one of the Best VPN for Opera Browser in terms of providing unprecedented unblocking features. Whether you want to watch Amazon Prime US or use Popcorn Time, this VPN’s 148+ server locations will never let you down.

ExpressVPN for Opera Browser

The service is streamlined, suffers virtually zero breakdowns, offers fast speeds and doesn’t overburden your browser too much to affect its performance. With a subscription plan, you will get access to multiple compatible apps and a modernized internet security infrastructure that includes AES 256 encryption standards, multiple protocol support, and a strict zero logs policy. The plans, however, are priced a bit on the higher side with their best plan costing $99.95 for a yearly subscription.


  1. Diverse server infrastructure for best support as a VPN for Opera Browser
  2. Dedicated apps and Extensions for browsers
  3. Tough, Military Grade Encryption
  4. Multiple protocol support
  5. Zero Logs Policy

  1. No Dedicated P2P servers
  2. Plans are quite expensive and need to be mellowed down

Get ExpressVPN


NordVPN – Offers Easy Mobile app Support as a VPN for Opera Browser

This provider is one of the most sought-after services in the world of VPNs. If you are looking to settle for a VPN that offers all the right features and more for a reasonable price, then this is where your search needs to end. NordVPN puts the highest emphasis on the security front and offers double VPN, Onion over VPN and even dedicated IPs to handle varying privacy needs of its users.

NordVPN for Opera Browser

NordVPN is no slouch on the unblocking front either and is one of the few services known to bypass VPN bans on sites like Netflix US. If you are an Opera Browser user in China, then NordVPN will allow you to bypass stifling restrictions and the infamous Great Firewall to provide an unhindered user experience.

The only drawback of this service remains that you cannot directly access its live customer support. There is a support button on the website, but its a kind of an internal search engine that draws back answers from a guide and troubleshooting repository. A live support feature is what they need to add. NordVPN is compatible with all popular OS through its line of dedicated client apps for each platform. It uses AES-256 for encryption and offers multiple protocol support including OpenVPN and L2TP protocols.

There is an exciting limited time offer of getting a 3-year subscription for just $99.00 available with the provider that you can avail to enjoy the best of features at a fraction of the cost.


  1. Best Opera Browser VPN for Android OS
  2. Zero commitment 3 days Free Trial Period
  3. Double Encryption available
  4. 5,100 servers in 59+ countries
  5. Multiple Payment Methods
  6. OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPSec, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, and SSTP protocols
  7. SmartPlay feature for streaming sites

  1. Expensive monthly plan

Get NordVPN

TorGuard.net – Stealth Proxy Feature as an Opera Browser VPN

Just like the highly secure Tor Browser its named after, this VPN has one of the best privacy oriented features for users among all VPNs. With TorGuard, hackers would definitely have a difficult time breaking into your browser.

This will happen because this VPN offers an incredible Stealth VPN feature which can not just make your VPN appear like normal traffic thereby not allowing your ISP to single you out, it will also increase the layers of encryption around your data packets.

Torguard VPN for Opera

On top of this, they have the most responsive customer support which is always available with a prompt reply to any of your queries regarding problems, troubleshooting, client issues and more. Torguard offers unlimited speeds and bandwidth consumption, along with five simultaneous connections, 3000+ servers, and OpenVPN protocol support. The only thing they need to work on now is their confusing pricing plans in which each bundle offers a different set of features with different prices. If they streamline this part, then Torguard could improve its score even more.

They currently offer four kinds of plans but their best plan remains the “Anonymous VPN” plan which costs $9.99/month and includes all the right features. Torguard also provides a dedicated security bundle for email protection at $6.95/month.


  1. New Residential IP offer as an Opera Browser VPN
  2. Strong Encryption levels
  3. Stealth VPN Protection Feature
  4. 3000+ VPN Servers in 50 countries
  5. Dedicated IP Address

  1. Navigating the apps/website/ pricing plans can be confusing for newbies

Get TorGuard VPN

PrivateInternetAccess – In Built Capability to block ads and malware asana Opera Browser VPN

Private Internet Access or PIA is a simplistic yet powerful VPN service that has now become a user favorite. Its service never seems to die down irrespective of how much data bandwidth you use through it or how much speed you are running on currently making it a gritty VPN that you must have if you are streaming lover. Read updated private internet access review.

This VPN is one of the few services where you can rest assured that all the features that have promised to you will work brilliantly. Despite being located in the USA, which is not a favorite country for data privacy by any means, PIA has never suffered an embarrassing data logging scandal. This speaks volumes about the service’s integrity towards protecting all of its users in their route to the web.

Its offer 5 simultaneous connections, multiple client apps for each platform, dedicated P2P support, AES 256 encryption and multiple protocol support including L2TP and OpenVPN. But still, PIA lacks more mature security features like Double VPN and split tunnelling which is a bummer definitely. Their best plan, in terms of pricing, is the 2-year deal which costs just $69.95. PIA also offers yearly subscription at $39.95 billed once.


  1. Unblocks Netflix US and other streaming sites as an Opera VPN
  2. OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec supported
  3. P2P Support available
  4. Zero logs
  5. 5 Simultaneous connections
  6. Unlimited bandwidth

  1. The dedicated apps are a bit difficult to use for newbies

Get Private Internet Access

PureVPN – Offers exclusive Split Tunnelling Feature for Optimized Opera VPN support

While Opera Browser doesn’t offer much support in terms of offering compatible VPN add-ons like other browsers, PureVPN seems to work around that problem by providing an excellent Split Tunnelling feature which allows you to run only selective apps with your VPN while leaving others out. This can optimize your Opera Browsing like no other VPN can.

PureVPN for Opera Browser

Apart from this, PureVPN offers immaculate security feature like Double VPN and Onion over VPN. It also has AES 256 encryption and multiple protocol support for sponsoring maximum user ease. This VPN works best with unblocking services as well and can allow you to log on to Netflix US or any other similar service irrespective of where you are located currently in the world. And on top of all of that, this service isn’t expensive at all. Rather, its dirt cheapest vpn and at just $69 for a full 2-year subscription, no one can even come close to it in terms of providing the best value for money.

The only downturn with PureVPN is that it does keep limited logs of users, but you can trust the service not to compromise your information unless you indulge in any criminal activity.


  1. Use a wide range of features as an Opera Browser VPN in best prices
  2. DDoS Protection
  3. Dedicated Streaming support
  4. P2P and Torrent servers
  5. 750+servers in 141 countries
  6. VPN Hotspot
  7. Nat Firewall
  8. Multiple Protocol Support Including OpenVPN and L2Tp
  9. Allows Split Tunnelling

  1. Keeps Some Logs
  2. Free trial not available

Get PureVPN

Best VPN for Opera Free

Free Services have always been hot cake properties, irrespective of the industry, and the same holds true in the case of Free VPNs. Paid services might be a whole lot better in terms of performance, reliability and big feature packs, but the allure of free VPNs is just too hard to resist sometimes.

However, if you are not careful enough, a Free VPN can definitely turn out to be a risky acquisition. That’s because Free services have to make money somehow and many of them start indulging in shady practices like logging and selling user data and using their client apps to plant malware agents in order to make the cash bells ring.

This leaves a very restrictive window in terms of credible Free VPN services for users to choose from. But don’t worry, we have sorted it all out for you. Here is the list of the Best VPN for Opera Free including only the most credible providers with the most incredible features:

Windscribe – Offers 10 GB Data as an Opera Browser VPN

Free VPNs are rarely generous in their offerings and often while searching for a good Free VPN you will come across services which are quite stingy. Windscribe, on the other hand, does none of that and is as generous as a Free VPN can get.

Windscribe VPN for Opera Browser

You get 10 GB of bandwidth limit per month and you can even add an extra 5 GB to it if you tweet about the service. This VPN also offers an unprecedented 8 server locations and unlimited device connections.

If you are planning to use this VPN for lightweight browsing sessions on your Opera Browser, then Windscribe’s offer will definitely be enough to last the whole month. The only dud with the service is that it can be prone to frequent breakdowns, making it go offline for big durations at sometimes.


  1. Generous Free VPN plans for Opera Browser
  2. Unlimited device connections
  3. Features ad-blocker and firewall
  4. Supports P2P/Torrenting

  1. Open VPN protocol not available
  2. Breakdowns common

HotSpotShield – One of the Most Trusted VPNs for Opera Browser

Used by a whopping 550 million users worldwide, HotspotShield VPN needs no introduction. Even those who haven’t interacted much with the world of VPNs, have heard the name of this VPN due to its massive reach. Its been one of the best go-to choices of users for bypassing stifling restrictions by authorities.

Hotspot VPN for Opera Browser

But in recent times, HotspotShield has gone through many controversies undermining its credibility seriously. But, since those incidents, the provider has worked hard to rebuild its image and cement its place again as one of the best Free VPNs worldwide. It offers two different versions i.e. the Free VPN service and its paid counterpart Hotspot Shield Elite mode. The former comes with 500 MB of free data per day and offers only one server location in the US.


  1. 500 MB data cap per day for Opera browser
  2. US Server Location Provided
  3. Compatible Apps available

  1. Doesn’t offer more than one connection
  2. Suspect to frequent slip-ups in service

Tunnelbear – Keeps zero logs as an Opera Browser VPN

Providing a highly secure, trustworthy free VPN plan, Tunnelbear is one of our regular features on the list for Best VPNs. Its compatible apps work wonderfully well on all kinds of platforms and OS and they don’t slow or throttle your bandwidth down too much. For Opera Browser, this VPN enhances your browsing experience and allows you to stay ever more secure through an explicitly stated zero logs policy.

TunnelbearVPN for Opera Browser

It provides 500 MB of data cap limit per month with the free plan but you can always upgrade it to attain unlimited bandwidth usage by subscribing to a paid plan. With their best plan that comes in at $59.88 for a year’s worth of subscription, you can unblock geo-restricted streaming websites, access 20 server locations and keep yourself protected with their high encryption standards.


  1. Best Free VPN service for Opera browser
  2. 5 simultaneous device connections possible
  3. Powerful encryption
  4. Seamless and well-rounded User Interface

  1. Data limit is 500 MB/month
  2. Doesn’t support peer to peer or P2P

Top 6 Opera VPN Add-Ons 2020

In the above headings, you learnt about VPNs that are most suitable for activating outside/inside the Opera browser. However, the options mentioned may be somewhat expensive for many in the paid section, hence we thought we’d add another list for our fellow Opera-lovers. Below is a list of the Top 10 Opera VPN add-ons, based on their rating here. Make sure to check them out!

  1. ZenMate VPN
  2. Virtual Shield
  3. Privatix for Opera
  4. Hola Better Internet
  5. TunnelBear VPN
  6. WebRTC Control

How to Use Opera VPN

Opera Browser doesn’t provide much support in terms of a compatible extension for VPNs, in stark comparison to other browsers like Chrome and Mozilla who have loads of browser add-ons and extensions developed by VPN providers themselves.

So if you want to acquire VPN security for your Opera Browser, you need to get it through system compatible apps provided by VPNs themselves. Here’s how you can get through with that:

  1. Go to any Best VPN’s website and download the most compatible system client app after buying a subscription plan.
  2. Install it on your system.
  3. Enter your user credentials when prompted (i.e. enter your VPN username and password).
  4. Now select a server you wish to connect to and start the VPN service.
  5. You are now conducting all web activity on your Opera Browser courtesy your VPN.

Best VPN for Opera on Android

Android users are growing every day and because its one of the most targeted mobile OS by hackers, the need for protection increases manifold. If you are one of those who access the web through Opera Browser on Android, here are the best VPNs for Android that can definitely provide the exclusive security cover you need: Detail Guide “Best VPN for Android” for more valuable info.

  1. IPVanish VPN
  2. PrivateVPN
  3. CyberGhost VPN
  4. IvacyVPN
  5. AirVPN
  6. VPNUnlimited
  7. OpenVPN for Android
  8. VyprVPN
  9. MullvadVPN
  10. Betternet VPN


Best Android VPN for Opera

Opera Browser VPN Not Working

Opera, like any software, comes with its fair share of problems, errors, freezes, and crashes, however, there isn’t a problem to which there exist no solutions.

Here are the Top 3 errors you might go through on Opera with their verified, working solutions:

Opera browser not starting/working on Windows 10

If your Opera browser is not working on Windows 10 or above versions, then you need to check whether you have installed the latest version available or not.

To fix this, go to Opera Menu and click on About Opera. Here, you will see if there are any updates available. Let the update install and the problem would definitely be fixed. This solution can also work for other problems like freezes and crashes as well.

Opera is opening but it’s not going any further i.e. not loading pages

To go around this problem, either update your browser or simply stop all heavy plug-ins like Flash from running. The real problem is that these plug-ins can easily get malware infected and stop the browser from working.

For Crashes

Use both of the aforementioned solutions to go around this problem, but if this still persists, then you need to do away with your anti-virus software as soon as possible because these can often interfere with the operations of many programs, creating a conflict.

Opera Browser VPN Reviews

At BestVPN.co, we always believe that the opinion of actual users of a certain service matters the most and they should definitely be given weight in every review. In this review, we have now added a Quora user reviews section in addition to our regular Reddit review indicators to provide our users with a more holistic service:

Best VPN for Opera Reddit Review

Reddit exists as one of the largest online communities for gaining information about everything from technology, healthcare, lifestyle, and various other industries. Among these include best vpn reddit services, which are imperative for survival in this world where internet restrictions are increasing day-by-day. Below are a few reviews from customers on the best VPNs for Opera:

Here we can see a user talking about the reliability of the OpenVPN protocol and how you can set it up manually. He advises against the usage of Free VPN services. Though we agree with this point, there are still a few FREE names that go the extra mile (mentioned above). Lastly, he provides a link to a roundup of VPNs which includes the top names NordVPN, PureVPN, PIA, ExpressVPN, and TorGuard.

Another Redditor on the same thread asking for alternatives for Opera VPN, after the browser shut-down its in-app service. The VPN is the creation of MIT and CERN scientists. As such, you can feel relieved to receive great anonymity online for exploring the internet freely and uninterruptedly. Make sure to go with the premium plan though rather than the free.

Best VPN for Opera Twitter Review

Due to the lack of compatibility enabled by the browser for VPNs, there were not many direct recommendations for the Best Opera VPN on Twitter. Rather, many users were praising its built-in VPN service, which is currently defunct. Subsequently, our guide above is the most opt collection of system compatible VPN service for enhancing the browser’s security.

Best VPN for Opera Quora Review

On Quora, most users and industry experts, whose answers we went through in detail, were of the opinion that the built-in VPN by the Opera Browser is not a VPN in actuality. They labeled this VPN as more of a proxy service than a VPN. In one of the best answers we culled from the platform, it was mentioned that the Opera VPN was not a secure option for users and that all it did was re-route internet traffic from users through their company’s servers. Not suitable at all if you are a serious privacy aficionado.

Is Opera browser (with inbuilt VPN) a genuine VPN?

Best VPN for Opera FAQs

How do I turn on VPN on opera?

Opera Browser’s biggest disadvantage is that it doesn’t provide much in terms of innate compatibility with VPNs unlike other similarly popular browsers out there. To best enable a VPN on the browser, you need to download system compatible OS apps by VPN providers.

Is Opera browser safe to use?

Although it doesn’t apparently have any major security chinks as of now, but in the current era, any sophisticated hacker can easily broker into the browser and discern your IP, track your activities, siphon off with sensitive data and even use it as a route to plant malware.

How much does SurfEasy cost?

SurfEasy is a very inexpensive service. It currently offers 3 plans. The first one is absolutely free with a 500 MB data bandwidth limit per month. The paid plans start at $3.99/per month for an unlimited data package, while the other plan comes in at $6.49 per month with the same features as the former package plus an additional 12 countries and torrent protection. However, if you were a subscriber of the Opera Gold VPN, then you can get discounts on SurfEasy.


At BestVPN.co, we strive to ensure the strictest adherence to user privacy in all forms. Our aim is to build a repository of the best guides for all popular platforms on how to best secure them from all possible threats emanating from outside.

Promoting the use of VPNs is not our goal but a means to an end in the quest to make users feel protected and secure online all the time. We include the best possible research, available facts, honest provider reviews and mix it with our content guidelines to ensure the best quality always, but if there are any slip ups or if you don’t like any of our reporting standards, you can always reach out to us with your valuable criticism and help us become better.

We value our users the most and always open to their opinions. Waiting to interacting with you in the comments below.

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