Best New Zealand VPNs 2020: Safe & Secure 24 NZ Servers

Last updated: June 23, 2022
Muhammad Hamza Shahid

Muhammad Hamza Shahid

Want to remain anonymous on the internet? Need to access NZ restricted shows? Check out the best VPN for New Zealand!

New Zealand is a model country when it comes to internet freedom for its citizens. Users have free access to almost anything they wish to access on the internet.

However, the legislation meant to protect their privacy online is in need of a major update in line with changing technology. This puts New Zealanders’ online safety under serious threat.

By getting the best VPN in New Zealand, users can ensure their security, safety, and anonymity online whilst enjoying a smooth browsing experience.

Best VPN for New Zealand

List of VPNs to Access NZ (Kiwi) Content

  1. PureVPN: 12 Dedicated Servers | Best New Zealand VPN | Best Price: $1.99/mo .
  2. Surfshark: 1 New-Zealand Server  | Budget-Friendly Option | Best Price: $2.49/mo .
  3. ExpressVPN: 1 High-Speed Server | Top-Notch Security Features | Best Price: $6.67/mo .
  4. Ivacy VPN: 2 Perfect New Zealand Servers | Hassle-free access to torrents at $2.25/mo .
  5. CyberGhost: 10 Servers for New Zealand | Unblocking Sites at just $2.23/mo .

Why Use a VPN in New Zealand?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an online tool that secures a user’s internet connection ensuring that their online activity is safe from being tracked, either from advertisers or the government.

New Zealand constantly ranks as one of the best countries in the world when it comes to internet freedom. However, there is a visible lack of modern and robust legislation that deals with data protection and digital privacy.

Using VPNs would give you certainty about the safety of your online activity from advertisers, the government and other third-parties. Additionally, it can also give you access to any geo-restricted content on streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Disney Plus.

5 Best VPNs for NZ (Kiwis) Residents and Expats

Here are the top 5 VPN services for New Zealand based on price, servers, cross-compatibility, and other important features:

1. PureVPN: 2000 Servers in 140 Countries (12 NZ Servers)

Operating in British Virgin Islands, PureVPN can offer its users access to more than 2000 servers in 140+ countries. This includes a dozen dedicated servers based inside New Zealand, allowing them to access local geo-restricted content whenever they’re outside the country.

Another important feature that users would enjoy includes unblocking Netflix and other popular streaming sites such as BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Voot, Hulu, and Disney+.

Some of the other prominent features that users will definitely find important include split tunneling, dedicated IPs, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) Protection for torrents.


  • 5 simultaneous connections.
  • 30-Day money-back guarantee.


  • The user interface could be improved.

To learn more about PureVPN, read our detailed review here.

2. Surfshark: 1040 Servers in 61 Countries (1 NZ Server)

Based in the British Virgin Islands, it gives its users access to 1040+ servers spanning across more than 60 countries. Additionally, there are 2 dedicated New Zealander servers making it easier for expats to access local content from overseas.

Not only does it offer complete support for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux users, it supports unlimited devices giving you 24/7 protection online.


  • Support for unlimited devices.
  • Compatibility for Mac, Android, and iOS.
  • No-logs policy.


  • Customer service needs to improve.

To learn more about Surfshark, read our detailed review here.

3. ExpressVPN: 3000 Servers in 94 Countries (1 NZ Server)

ExpressVPN is regularly heralded for offering users the fastest speeds online while making sure they never have to compromise on online safety.

Based in the British Virgin Islands, users would have access to 3000+ servers in 160 locations spread across 94 countries. This includes the 1 dedicated servers inside New Zealand, to make access to local content such as Channel 61, Channel 9, and CTV2 easier.


  • 5 simultaneous connections.
  • Network Lock (Best automated kill switch).
  • Supports bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


  • The most expensive VPN option.

To learn more about ExpressVPN, read our detailed review here.

4. Ivacy VPN: 1000 Servers in 100 Countries (2 NZ Servers)

Operating out of Singapore, Ivacy can offer its users 1000+ servers in 100+ countries. The 2 dedicated servers in New Zealand allow you to enjoy local content that would not otherwise be available to expats outside New Zealand.

IvacyPrime app is undoubtedly the best feature that users can hope to use. It is a streamlined application that obfuscates your connection that can get you past even the Great Firewall of China.


  • 5 simultaneous connections.
  • IvacyPrime app for VoD unblocking.
  • Split tunneling for torrenting.


  • Tech support needs to improve.

To learn more about Ivacy, read our detailed review here.

5. CyberGhost: 6100 Servers in 90 Countries (10 NZ Servers)

Operating out of Romania, it enables users to unblock the most amount of content thanks to its 6000+ servers in 90+ countries. These include the 10 dedicated New Zealander servers. There is nothing on the internet that CyberGhost can’t unblock thanks to its collection of servers.

Its best features are the NoSpy data center (a dedicated server using dedicated uplink to strengthen the 256-bit encryption) and support for Nvidia Shield TV and gaming devices like Xbox One and PS4.


  • 7 simultaneous connections.
  • Gives users access to NVidia Shield TV and Firestick devices.
  • NoSpy data center with dedicated uplink.


  • Connections speeds can lag at times.

To learn more about CyberGhost, read our detailed review here.

What are The Privacy Laws in New Zealand?

In New Zealand, it is the Privacy Act 1993 that deals with all issues that pertain to online security. At the start of the boom, the Information Privacy Principles (IPPs) were also enacted to modernize the legislature.

These laws are meant to regulate how advertisers, government agencies and all other third-parties collect, use, disclose, retain, and store all information related to users’ online activities.

In 2018, the Privacy Amendment Bill was also introduced that gave users additional control over how their data was handled as well as establishing a Privacy Commissioner that would deal with reports of privacy breaches.

Is your online activity safe in New Zealand?

Unfortunately, the law from 1993 is still the main piece of legislation regarding data protection and online privacy. While the IPPs do add an additional layer of security, these laws have become obsolete.

Furthermore, the laws only deal with how these rules apply to companies inside New Zealand’s legal jurisdiction. There is ambiguity about how the law would deal with data breaches by companies that do not fall under New Zealand’s law.

Given this uncertain set of circumstances, it is highly recommended that users use a reliable VPN service to keep themselves safe and anonymous online without worries of being tracked by anyone.

How to Get a New Zealander IP Address?

A good and reliable VPN service will likely give you the option to choose from thousands of servers located in hundreds of different countries, this should include New Zealand.

You may want a New Zealand IP address to access local content that may be geo-locked.

To get a New Zealand IP address, follow these steps:

  1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN service, the recommended choice is PureVPN.
  2. Download and install the PureVPN app on the device of your choice.
  3. Enter your login credentials and select a New Zealand server.
  4. Make that you’ve selected the appropriate mode i.e. Internet freedom.
  5. Once connected, enjoy browsing and streaming all your favorite New Zealand content.

Best New Zealand VPN FAQs

What’s the best free VPN in New Zealand?

Users have the choice of hundreds of free VPNs to choose from on the internet.

However, these free services come with troubles that include speed throttling, high disconnection rates, and no guarantees about not keeping logs. Since New Zealand’s laws about online privacy and data privacy are in urgent need of modernization, users would be highly advised to opt for a reliable paid VPN service to maximize their security online.

Which is the best VPN for Netflix in New Zealand?

All VPNs give you the option to instantly access Netflix and all other popular streaming sites that might have geo-restricted content. We’d highly recommend PureVPN because of the incredible combination of features as well as how apt it is at unblocking streaming content.

Do I need a VPN in New Zealand?

Unlike a lot of other countries, there are no despotic regimes or draconian laws that enforce censorship in New Zealand. Users have fairly unrestricted access to the internet. However, the official laws about internet privacy ae obsolete. Using a VPN would ensure that users steer clear of any possibility of being tracked or monitored.


Users don’t need to be worried about facing extreme censorship online in New Zealand. However, the laws that deal with their own privacy online still need to be modernized.

That being said, PureVPN would be the best option for users to go for as it provides them the perfect balance between all the essential features.

Alternatively, Surfshark is another potent option that can give you access to a number of important features and keep you safe online while staying within a strict budget.

Comment below to let us know of your experience with these VPN providers.

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