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Last updated: January 19, 2023
William Sams

William Sams


As the world becomes ever more populated with internet connected devices, you definitely need to learn more about the router modems that power their connectivity and make their capabilities possible to use.

Modems and routers are different devices but now you can also access them as a single device known as Modem Routers which combine the functionality of both. These devices have amazing capabilities and you can amplify them even further by using Best VPN.


If you want to know more on how this is done and what advantages a VPN accrues on a Modem Router, then read this comprehensive guide on Modem Router VPN.


What is a Modem?

Most people are definitely confused with this device and ask what is a Modem? Well, a Modem is connectivity device/periphery that performs the function of modulation and demodulation of data.

To more simply answer the question as to what is a modem exactly, it encodes your digital information so that it is a whole lot easier for it to be transmitted as a lightweight signal over long distances. It also decodes the information on arrival so that the data can be retrieved in its original form.


This transfer is necessary because a computer only understands digital signals while the signal is transferred over the internet in Analogue form. A modem streamlines this process by acting as an agent where this transfer in the form of the signal occurs when necessary.

What is a Router?

If you still don’t know what is a router then let us define it for you. A Router basically does what its name suggests i.e. it routes data packets coming from the internet to different devices existing in your home/office. There are basically two different types of routers, the small home/office router and the business router. Small home and office routers are what is commonly used so we will stick to discussing it here.


The more common understanding on what is a router is that its an access point that you need only when you have more than a single device. A modem is all you need to get an internet vpn connection through to a single device. When the number of devices increases from one, a router is needed in order to disperse the internet connectivity to those extra devices.

Modem Router Specs

In older days, modem and router came as two separate devices but since its now possible to amalgamate them into a single physical product which offers the functionalities of both the devices, Modem Routers have become increasingly common among internet users.

You will now rarely find modems and router as two separate devices in a lot of homes and offices so instead of asking questions like what is a router, you need to understand that now routers come in-built within modems.

Why you Need VPN on Router Modem?

VPNs provide online anonymity and guarantee user data privacy and they are fast becoming indispensable to all those users who wish to connect to the internet in a safer manner.

Modern day VPNs encrypt your data packets and pass them through a secure protocol to ensure that no one can snoop in your private data packets and they remain protected from the prying eyes of government authorities, hackers, ISPs, data thieves among other online threats.

And perhaps VPNs are best suited to Router Modems because if you install and VPN on this device, all of your devices are automatically routed through a safe and highly secure connection thereby eliminating the need for configuring VPNs on each individual device separately.


VPNs offer many added advantages nowadays, apart from security, they are coming in increasingly handy to allow users to access geo-restricted streaming sites for e.g. by using a VPN you can access Netflix US even when you are situated currently in Japan.

Modem Router VPN

Not every VPN is good enough for your modem router as it has to provide the right functionality that matches the requirements of your modem router device. These functionality features include support for unlimited bandwidth, multiple simultaneous connections, best encryption standards, zero logging policy, great support among others. The Top 3 VPNs that provide exactly these features and more are:

ExpressVPN – Perfect Choice for Modem Router

An established name in the industry, ExpressVPN is a perfect choice for your modem router as it offers more than 2000 Global servers, fast live chat support, military grade encryption, dedicated router support guides and a whole lot more.


Their best plan currently costs $99.95 for a year’s worth of subscription including a 30 trial period.

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Offering above 4000 servers as a Modem Router VPN, NordVPN has extraordinary credentials as a safe VPN. It provides extra security elements through the provision of features like Double VPN, Onion over VPN among others. For Router Modems, it has easy installation guides that you access from its troubleshooting repositories or by contacting its live chat support.


A three year subscription with this provider costs $79.00 billed once. Check its netflix compatibility in this nordvpn netflix blog.


One of the best Modem Router VPNs for streaming and unblocking geo-restricted content, PIA can provide exceedingly secure connectivity to your multiple devices. It offers dedicated torrent download support, opportunity to bypass bandwidth throttling, malware and ad blocker, multiple VPN gateways etc.


It has 3597 servers in 30 countries in a well spread out server infrastructure network.

Prices start at $6.95/month and the 24 month plan costs $69.95 billed once.

Modem Router Difference

Just as mentioned earlier, a modem is a device that modulates and demodulate signals from digital to analogue and vice versa to allow for a much smoother transfer of signals between the internet and the device accessing it. On the other hand, a router is just used to disperse the incoming internet connectivity to multiple devices. It acts as a physical access point. The Modem Router difference is a bit confusing for most so we hope that this clarifies it to them.


But now people are not confused with the questions like what is a router or what is a modem but what is a modem router? So to explain it to them easily, a Modem Router now also come as single physical devices with the inbuilt capabilities of both of these devices making it far more easier for users to deploy them and benefit from them.

A Modem Router as a single device reduces the clutter and ends complications that might arise when these two devices might be used separately to enable internet connectivity to and between devices.

What is a Wireless Router?

A wireless router is just what its name suggests. All it does is that it powers the possibility to connect devices to the internet through itself wirelessly. Its best suited for modern day portable devices like smartphones, tablets etc. providing incredible ease of access and tremendous mobility.


Modem Router VPN Connection

Setting up a VPN on your Modem Router is a bit of a complex process as there are a lot of varieties and types of Modem Routers available in the market, with each of them having a different configuration and thereby requiring an entirely unique setup process to successfully configure a VPN on it.

ExpressVPN is one such provider that offers dedicated setup guides for each type of router to make it easier to configure their VPN on any Modem Router. To know about this process more you can view our VPN connection guide.

Optical line Modem

This is a different type of modem that decodes and encodes optical signals into electronic signals and vice versa and it is very different and complex as compared to the more prevalent ones that use copper wire media like DSL, dial up modems etc.

An Optical line modem makes it possible to reach internet speeds unattainable through other, more conventional modems but they are not deployed as popularly as conventional modems in home and smaller office environments. Mostly large organizations and military organizations use Optical line and therefore optical line modems.

Bypass Internet Throttling on Router Using VPN

Internet throttling is a big turn off to many internet users because its downgrades speeds and thereby spoils the overall experience by disallowing the internet user from indulging in data intensive activities like Torrenting and streaming.

Most of the internet throttling is controlled by ISPs or Internet service providers but you can bypass this quite easily by using a Router VPN. This is possible because, when you use a VPN, it becomes almost next to impossible for your ISP to inspect your data packet in order to check the kind of load its carrying thereby allowing you to break through the restrictions on speed.

If you too are experiencing this issue then here is how you can bypass internet throttling on Router using VPN:

  1. Sign up a with a Best Router VPN Provider like ExpressVPN
  2. Obtain user credentials i.e. VPN username and password
  3. Setup the VPN on your router (Depending on your router, the setup guides can differ and there is no uniformity, so its best to go over to ExpressVPN’s site and select your router to allow yourself to be guided through the proper setup steps
  4. Once the VPN is configured on your Router, enjoy full speed interent on your Router!


Modern day routers are marvels of technological prowess as they allow you to combine the capabilities of modems and routers into a single device. The advantages don’t end there as they also provide a lot more power to guarantee faster speeds and can support multiple devices by providing them with uninterrupted internet connectivity with relative ease.

If you want to make the most of your Modem Router, make sure that you are using a VPN on it, so that you can bypass bandwidth throttling, unblock geo-restricted streaming sites, protect your sensitive data on multiple devices, and above all, guarantee your anonymity and privacy online.

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