8 Best VPN for School To Unblock Websites And Games

Last updated: May 15, 2019
Muhammad Hamza Shahid

Muhammad Hamza Shahid

Muhammad Hamza Shahid is an online privacy/security advocate at BestVPN.co, who loves sharing his expert knowledge regarding the latest trends in user privacy, cyber laws, and digital affairs. Apart from writing blogs/articles relating to anonymity, he also writes detailed VPN reviews.


In this highly progressive world, one cannot imagine living life and socializing without the internet. Even with those friends, whom you chill with at a certain party or get-together, communication eventually requires the use of social networks and messengers. And, this is exactly why the youngsters of today love and cherish technology, as, without it, there is no way to watch films, listen to music, or play games during breaks. Educational institutes obviously impose a restriction on using the internet for said purposes, but you can always use the Best VPN for School/College by BestVPN.Co to gain complete digital freedom! After all, it is…

Better to be Safe than Sorry

We know you already try your best looking for hacks to use social media or start playing your favorite online game. Instead of getting caught, is it not better to be safe than sorry? After all, we get those scholastic activities can get a little monotonous at times, and you cannot be in the mood to study always. Sometimes your brain just goes numb. So, there is no harm actually in having a little fun on the sidelines.

Better to be Safe than Sorry

School firewall blocks access to websites and social media? GOOD! Get yourself a VPN to secure your identity and then enjoy unblocking anything you want. Whether you want to catch up on your favorite Vlogs, send a message to your friend, check your social media, or engage in online gaming, VPNs are the ultimate solution to doing the things you love, but with extra caution and anonymity (wink).

How to Unblock League of Legends at Schools

Released on 27th October 2009, the “League of Legends” is a game that reeks of pure entertainment and fun. It exists as one of the most popular online games ever presented to the world with literally millions of players around the world, falling in love with its magical world, excellent storyline, and remarkable characters that bring life to the overall gaming experience.

How to Unblock League of Legends at Schools

However, since its popularity keeps on growing, schools are well-aware that kids may use the local Wi-Fi to engage in playing the game (similar to Town of Salem and others). At the same time, it can be really irritating to find yourself in the middle of a mission, only to disconnect due to lag issues. Well, if you want to stop this from happening, then it is time to get a VPN service!

Unblock League of Legend


Why Schools Block Websites, Social Media and Games?

If we be completely unbiased, it is a wise decision to impose restrictions on certain websites, social media, and games. After all, time spent in school hours should mean that students focus entirely on their studies. However, what most schools/colleges fail to realize is, that there are many legitimate resources online, which help students learn more and increase their skills.

Why Schools Block Websites, Social Media and Games

Yes, you can find hundreds/thousands of tutorial videos about each and every subject on YouTube. At the same time, the internet allows students to communicate with different group members during presentations and projects. So, while it may be wise to ensure students are subject to their “Acceptable Use” restrictions, we do still believe there is a need to lessen the harshness now.

school vpn apk

Entertainment aside, many blocked platforms contain a wealth of educational content. And even with the blocks, students will still look for other solutions that allow them to do what they want to do. So, it is better to give a free-hand, but be careful about suspicious websites, as you would not want the children in your school deviating too much from their studies!

Why Do You Need the Best VPN for Schools

There is no doubt that draconian restrictions can end up doing more bad than good. So rather than schools working on blocking information, they should foster and provide free access to students. However, since that will take some time, you can only rely on VPNs to give you complete online freedom. Here is how VPNs prove useful in schools:

  • Private Browsing – Schools/Colleges/Universities all log and monitor your activity when connected to their local network. This means the administrators and IT specialists in educational institutes know exactly what you are up to online. A VPN keeps your browsing anonymous and away from prying eyes, hence guaranteeing that nobody can monitor your online activity. Explore our guide on best vpn browser to understand which browser works the best on your VPN.
  • Improved Security – Though your educational institute’s Wi-Fi will probably be password protected. It is still not completely secure. In fact, malicious outsiders can launch a honeypot attack, which results in all data getting lost, hence allowing them to snoop on you or even hack your phone or webcam. VPNs boost security by encrypting all incoming/outgoing traffic!
  • Unblock Sites – Sadly, social media platforms, video streaming websites, and gaming apps are all blocked by many schools. While the reasons for the ban are understandable, there are some students who may need access to certain content urgently. This is where VPNs come in allowing users to shift their location, hence bypassing content restrictions and unblocking websites.

Best VPN For School


Best VPN for Schools in 2018

When it comes to finding the best VPNs for schools, it is imperative that you perform your due diligence. After all, you would not want the school admin to come knocking into your class and tell you that you have been using the internet for unauthorized purposes. So, the only way to be secure is to find the best VPNs for Schools that offer amazing reliability, support, performance, and server availability. Among the top reviewed and analyzed by BestVPN.co, include:

Providers Price ($) Features Rating Discount Visit Provider
  1.  $11.95  
    Per Month
    • Headquartered in BVI (Safe Location)
    • 1040+ Servers in 60+ Countries
    • AES-256-CBC/GCM Encryption
    • Unblocks Netflix in 16+ Libraries
    • 7-Day Free Trial for iOS/Android
    • Unlimited Simultaneous Connections
    5.0 Stars
    83% Discount
  2.  $10.95  
    Per Month
    • Based in Hong Kong (Safe Jurisdiction)
    • 2,000+ Servers in 140+ Countries
    • Military-Grade AES 256-Bit Encryption
    • Split Tunneling and Dedicated IPs
    • DDoS Protection and Internet Kill Switch
    • Endorsed by Forbes/5-Stars on TrustPilot
    5.0 Stars
    73% Discount
  3.  $12.95  
    Per Month
    • Headquartered in BVI (Safe Location)
    • 3,000+ Servers in over 90 Countries
    • Powerful AES 256-GCM Encryption
    • Unblocks Netflix/Supports Torrenting
    • Audited No Logs (PWC and Cure53)
    • Apps for Windows, Mac, iOS & Android
    4.5 Stars
    49% Discount
  4.  $9.95  
    Per Month
    • Based in Singapore (Safe Jurisdiction)
    • 1000+ Servers Across 100+ Locations
    • 256-bit Military-Grade Encryption
    • Split Tunneling/5 Multi-Logins
    • Works with US Netflix and BBC iPlayer
    • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
    4.5 Stars
    77% Discount
  5.  $11.95  
    Per Month
    • Headquartered in Panama (Safe Location)
    • 5600+ servers in 59 countries
    • 6 simultaneous Connections
    • Works with US/UK/JP Netflix
    • Great P2p/torrenting performance
    • Double VPN and Onion over VPN
    4.5 Stars
    70% Discount


NordVPN is a Panamanian-based provider, which means it is completely safe from the mandatory data retention laws of the 14 Eyes Alliance and other countries with strict internet laws. Using it means you leverage complete anonymity when in school. Features like DNS Leak protection, Automatic Kill switch, and Dynamic IPs, further boost your security. Best part of all: the VPN keeps ZERO LOGS!(Read NordVPN review for more)

Best VPN for Schools


  1. DoubleVPN for Maximum Protection.
  2. 4205 Servers in 62 Countries.
  3. P2P/Torrenting Enabled.
  4. DDoS Protection.
  5. Zero Logs Provider.


  1. Expensive Monthly Pricing.

Get NordVPN



Based in Switzerland, VyprVPN is another hit service that offers a privacy-focused product for complete anonymity when using your local school network. It offers a fleet of 700 ultra-fast servers, distributed around the world, which you can use for unblocking websites. You even have perks like the Chameleon protocol and NAT firewall, which helps to bypass throttling from ISPs, school firewalls and most of all it is ranked as the best vpn for streaming.

VyprVPN for School


  1. Chameleon Protocol for Privacy.
  2. DPI Protection and NAT Firewall.
  3. 3-Day Free Trial Available.
  4. Five Simultaneous Connections.
  5. Superb Speeds for Torrenting/Gaming/Streaming.


  1. Does Not Accept Cryptocurrency.

Get VyprVPN


Express VPN

ExpressVPN is a British Virgin Islands-provider, which has developed a huge reputation in the marketplace, for being incredibly anonymity-focused. It is a strict No Logs provider and this has been proved during Turkish Authorities case. In addition to this, the provider offers 24/7 live chat support, 1,500+ servers in 148 locations, and superb encryption with perfect forward secrecy!(read our comprehensive ExpressVPN review)

ExpressVPN for School


  • 1,500+ Servers in 148 Locations.
  • 256-Bit AES Encryption.
  • Intuitive Native Apps.
  • 30-Day Refund Policy.
  • Certified Logless Provider.


  1. Expensive Pricing.

Get ExpressVPN



CyberGhost is a Romanian-based provider of VPN services, which is famed for its easy-to-use cross-platform apps, attractive website design, strong OpenVPN encryption, and huge server database. It offers great security for keeping your identity secure in school, while bypassing geo-restrictions and content limitations easily. Best part of all: you have a 7-day free trial and 30-day refund available. Don’t forget to read our unbiased CyberGhost review.

CyberGhost for college


  1. Cross-Platform Support.
  2. 800+ Servers Worldwide.
  3. Zero Logging Policy.
  4. Chrome Extension Available.
  5. 5 Simultaneous Connections.


  1. Improvement in Speeds.

Get CyberGhost



Based in Hong Kong, PureVPN is an excellent provider for bypassing content restrictions while sitting at your school. Marked the best VPN for USA, it comes with major features that a VPN must have. The premium plan offers a huge list of advanced features for maximum security, which include Automatic Kill Switch, NAT Firewall, WebRTC/IPv6/IPv4 Leak Prevention, Split Tunneling, and SOCKS5 proxy. You even gain access to 790+ servers in 140+ countries. Don’t forget to check our detailed PureVPN review before signing up for it.

PureVPN for High Schools


  1. 790+ servers in 140+ countries.
  2. Best Budget-Friendly Provider.
  3. 5 Simultaneous Connections.
  4. Multi-Platform Support.
  5. Advanced Port Forwarding.


  1. Some Session Logging.

Get PureVPN


Free Best VPN for Schools Computers

Many school/college/university students may not have enough finances to spend on a VPN provider, especially considering that most have an expensive monthly plan with value only being available if you opt for their yearly-above packages. This is where FREE VPNs come in. Though you may not receive the same value, you do get quite a lot without paying a single penny. Among the best options, include:


Based in Canada, Windscribe is a reliable FREE VPN service, which offers you good features for unblocking sites and leveraging security when connecting to the local school Wi-Fi. It offers a 10GB bandwidth limit per month as standard, while giving you the ability of switching between eight different server locations. To start using the VPN, you need to make an account. Once you do, Tweeting about the VPN gives you an extra 5GB, and 1GB every time you invite a friend to sign up.

Free Best VPN for Schools Computers


  1. 10GB Bandwidth Limit.
  2. Chrome Browser Extension.
  3. Responsive Customer Support.
  4. Fast Speeds via IKEv2 Encryption.
  5. Easy-to-Use Native Apps.


  1. No Live Chat.


Hotspot Shield Free

Based in the US, Hotspot Shield is another great option for freebies. It offers cross-platform compatibility, along with a Google Chrome extension for quick unblocking too. You have a 750MB of data limit per day, which is not a lot, but good enough for simply checking out blocked websites. There is even a built-in Firewall and ad-blocker for giving you extra security and privacy online.

Hotspot Shield for Schools Computers


  1. 750MB Daily Allowance.
  2. Automatic Kill Switch.
  3. No DNS Leaks Detected.
  4. Chrome Extension.
  5. Split Tunneling Available.


  1. Slow Customer Support.



Hide.me offers both paid and free services, just like the names mentioned above. The only difference is that it gives you 2GB of data per month to play with. Other features you receive with the FREE plan include three server locations (Netherlands, Canada, and Singapore), connect to one device, apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and even Google Chrome.

Hide.me for Schools Computers


  1. Chrome Browser Extension.
  2. 35 Servers in 28 Countries.
  3. Automatic Wi-Fi Protection.
  4. Cross-Platform Apps.
  5. Zero Logs Provider.


  1. Poor Speeds.


What to Do If  School Wi-Fi Blocks VPN?

Most schools/colleges/universities use strong Firewalls that adopt Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) for analyzing the destination and type of every packet. This helps IT admins help determine who is accessing unrestricted websites via a VPN and then throttle, restrict, or block them entirely. To prevent this from happening, users should opt for providers that use the “Stealth VPN” technology.

This technology can scramble/disguise all incoming and outgoing VPN traffic into regular web traffic, hence cloaking your identity when subject to a Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). To activate the Stealth mode, consider running the OpenVPN Protocol on port 443. This will allow users to slip through DPI firewalls easily. Contact the support team of the provider you have signed up with for more info on the OpenVPN port 443 connection. If this does not work, consider using advanced obfuscation.

This process involves adding a double layer of encryption to your VPN network, which makes it virtually unblockable and as anonymous as things can get. Configuring OpenVPN to access Tor is one of the most prominent obfuscation techniques, but fortunately you do have services that offer built in VPN-Over-Tor support. Among the most prominent ones, include NordVPN, AirVPN, PrivateVPN, PIA, and TorVPN.


School Unblocker Tools

If you are looking for VPN alternatives to unblock websites, social media, and gaming in your school/university/college, then you need to learn about Tor and SchoolTunnel. Tor is a highly secure method for leveraging anonymity online, which encrypts your internet connection and making it pass through thousands of nodes around the world.

It plays an important role in network obfuscation too, making it possible to double the security of your connection with VPNs. As another option, you may want to try out SchoolTunnel, a dedicated service for unblocking access to any website at your educational institute. It is a proxy service, which even offers assistance for getting unrestricted access to social media and YouTube videos.


How to Unblock Websites at Schools

  1. Select a VPN provider from the list above.
  2. Download the relevant application for your device from their website.
  3. Once installed, open the VPN app.
  4. Find a server you want to connect to.
  5. Select the VPN protocol for connection.
  6. Enable “Automatic Kill Switch”.
  7. Hit the “Connect” button and enjoy unblocking websites!

Unblock Websites


How to Unblock Websites at School on Android & iOS Devices

  1. Select a VPN provider from the names mentioned above
  2. Sign-up for the VPN service by subscribing to any premium/free plan
  3. Now download the app on Android device from Google Play Store & on iOS device from iTunes
  4. Sign-in to the VPN app using your login credentials
  5. Connect to any VPN server worldwide & unblock websites at school


School Proxy vs. Best VPN for School

While both VPNs and proxies offer users the ability of unblocking websites seamlessly, there are some very serious differences between the two. For instance, proxies do not provide security and privacy for protecting your online identity, which means anyone can trace your IP address back to your device, hence it is not a liable solution to use for bypassing the content-restrictions in your school/college/university.

On the other hand, VPNs come equipped with a ton of encryption/ciphers, which boost the overall security of your network. At the same time, they add a tremendous list of advanced features, such as NAT Firewall, Automatic Kill Switch, Split Tunneling, DDoS Attack Preventing, DPI Protection, SOCKS5 proxy, and plenty more that are crucial for leveraging complete anonymity online!

Best VPN for School FAQs

When it comes to finding the best VPNs for school, you may come across plenty of options in the marketplace, along with a huge list of unanswered questions. Below we answer some of the most common ones for you.

What VPN to Use at School?

Based on the reliability, performance, support, server availability, and pricing, we have analyzed a huge list of VPN providers and mentioned the most prominent ones in the list above. Select any from NordVPN, ExpressVPN, VyprVPN, CyberGhost, and PureVPN.

How Do You Unblock Websites At School?

The process is incredibly simple and does not require any rocket science. To begin unblocking websites, all you have to do is sign up with a VPN service, download its native app for your device, switch servers to your preference, and hit the connect button!

Wrapping Things Up

We hope this guide helps you find the Best VPNs for School that allow you to unblock websites, social media, and gaming easily. Regardless, if you come across any issues, or have any recommendations to offer, please feel free to drop a comment below. Also, do not hesitate on sharing the guide with your school buddies, who are fed up of dealing with these irritating restrictions!

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