Nvidia Shield TV is a 4K streaming box by Nvidia that runs on the Android Platform. It provides users with a wide range of advantages like streaming content, Google services integration and more. However, your Nvidia Shield TV console will not perform half as good as it can, without a VPN. From unblocking geo-restrictions to circumventing ISP speed throttling, VPNs are crucial for enhancing your experience on Nvidia Shield in a tremendous manner. So to make the choices easier and more streamlined, here is our exclusive guide on the Best VPN for Nvidia Shield TV  by BestVPN.co.

Best VPN for Nvidia Shield TV


What is Nvidia Shield TV?

There is a very interesting story behind the peculiar brand name “Nvidia”. When the initial three men behind this company first came together, they had no particular name in mind for the firm they were about to form. So, what they did was name every file “NV” for Next Version. This was based on their ideology of how graphical computing would be the next big thing in the industry.

When it was time to register a name for the company, they choose the Latin word “Invidia”. Invidia means envy, but they let go of the “I” at the start and name the firm “Nvidia”, which also matched with how they started the name of everything they built with NV. The firm ranks among the most innovative in Silicon Valley and has produced some  impressive products in recent times. Among this high tech, top gear products are their latest offering i.e. Nvidia Shield TV, which is, basically put, a 4K streaming box.

Nvidia Shield TV VPN

However, this is not just a regular streaming box, as it not only streams media like movies and videos, but also provides you with access to all kinds of Google services like Smart Home integration, voice control, tremendous online searchability, high compatibility, impressive user friendliness, game and media casting and above all, a superior Nvidia powered gaming on-demand feature.

Currently, Nvidia Shield TV is offering two pricing plans. In Plan A, you get the Shield TV with a dedicated remote control and a power adapter for $179.00. While in Plan B, you get everything offered in Plan A and an extra Shield Game Controller for $199.00.

Benefits of Using VPN on Nvidia Shield TV

As for all streaming boxes like Nvidia Shield TV, the biggest advantage of using a Best VPN is that you will be able to access all kinds of geo-restricted content. Nowadays, users want the latest in entertainment from around the globe, but sadly many popular streaming websites like Netflix and Hulu have placed geo-restrictions on their content libraries, spoiling the experience of the bare user.

Benefits of Using VPN on Nvidia Shield TV

VPNs provide you with the opportunity to re-route your internet traffic from a server located in the country of your choice, thereby unblocking most of the stifling geo-restrictions on content libraries across the world. Other than that, VPNs can also unblock geo-restricted apps which increases your selection on the Google Play Store.

Increased privacy and online anonymity are added advantages that you will also benefit from immensely. You can even bypass ISP imposed speed throttling by using a VPN. By using a VPN, your Nvidia Shield TV will perform better than ever, providing you with irreplaceable value as a dedicated streaming box.

Best VPN for Nvidia Shield TV – Recommended Apps for 2019

There are hundreds of VPN providers out there which you can subscribe to, but not all of them are suitable for Nvidia Shield TV. The right ones need to offer unrestricted bandwidth and a large number of servers to maximize the entertainment options, you can access through your Nvidia Shield TV.

Through features like these, the best in modern-day entertainment will be well within your grasp at all times, so its imperative that you don’t overlook these crucial factors before settling on a VPN. However, this is an immensely hard exercise to do on your end alone, so we’ve already done the job for you by picking the 5 Best VPN for Nvidia Shield.

Let’s go through some of the most formidable providers and their highlighted features in the dedicated Top VPN review:


Providers Price ($) Features Rating Discount Visit Provider
  1.  $12.95  
    Per Month
    • 3,000+ Servers in 94 Countries
    • AES 256-Bit Encryption
    • 24/ 7 Live Chat
    • No Logging Policy
    • 3 Simultaneous Connections
    • Apps for Windows, Mac, iOS & Android
    49% Off
  2. $9.99
    Per Month
    • Unlimited Speeds
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • 5 Multi Login Support
    • Supports OpenVPN/SSTP/L2TP/IPsec
    • Offer OpenConnect SSL
    • Offer its own Stealth Proxy
    • 3000+ Servers in 55+ Countries
    • 24/7 365 Support
    No Offer
  3.  $10  
    Per Month
    • PPTP, L2TP/IPSec & OpenVPN protocols
    • 25,000+ IPs & 225+ servers in 60+ countries
    • 5 Multi logins
    • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee
    • Upto 256bit encryption
    69% Off
  4.  $10.95  
    Per Month
    • 2,000+ Servers in 140+ Countries
    • AES 256-Bit Encryption
    • 24/7 Live Chat
    • No Logging Policy
    • 5 Simultaneous Connections
    • Apps for Windows, Mac, iOS & Android
  5.  $11.95  
    Per Month
    • 5,074 Servers in 59 Countries
    • AES 256-Bit Encryption
    • 24/7 Live Chat
    • No Logging Policy
    • 6 Simultaneous Connections
    • Apps for Windows, Mac, iOS & Android


ExpressVPN – Best All-Round VPN for Nvidia Shield TV

Not every service can claim the title of being the best VPN for Nvidia Shield TV. But ExpressVPN is not among those. The market leader in the world of VPNs, this provider has got it all. An explicitly stated zero logs policy for maximum user protection, multiple protocol support including OpenVPN, military-grade AES-256 encryption standards, 2000+ servers and more.

ExpressVPN for Nvidia Shield TV

If you want to pursue unblocking potential in a VPN, then ExpressVPN is where your safest bet can be. From Netflix to Hulu, it unblocks every service and is seldom thwarted by those menacing firewalls and restrictions out there. ExpressVPN also offers great compatibility and has a dedicated Android app to make it easier to run on Nvidia Shield TV. You can even install it through the side-loading method by accessing their APK files.

They are a bit expensive at $99.95 for a year’s worth of subscription, but considering the great number of features and the functioning capability of those very features it has on offer, it’s a service that knows how to justify its price tag.


  1. Robust Security and Unblocking Features as VPN for Nvidia Shield TV
  2. Dedicated Apps and Extensions for browsers
  3. Tough, Military Grade Encryption
  4. Multiple Protocol Support
  5. Zero Logs Policy


  1. No Dedicated P2P servers
  2. Plans are Expensive

Get ExpressVPN


TorGuard – Offers more than 3000 Servers as Nvidia Shield TV VPN

Many people misleadingly assume that this service is best for protecting user security, but not so much for unblocking geo-restrictions on content. TorGuard is, undoubtedly, a safe Nvidia Shield TV VPN service, but it is no slouch on the entertainment front either.

Torguard VPN for Nvidia Shield TV

With TorGuard on your back, you can get past the most stringent of ISP restrictions on bandwidth usage and also blaze through all those VPN blocking firewalls in place by top streaming sites.

You can even run 5 devices simultaneously with a single connection and get access to an incredibly efficient customer service that manages to solve all your queries. They also have multiple protocol support, industry grade encryption standard and more.

TorGuard’s best pricing plan costs $99.99 for a full two-year subscription. You can even use the promo code “TGLIFETIME50” at checkout to get an incredible 50% discount.


  1. 3000+ VPN Servers in 50 countries as Nvidia Shield VPN
  2. Strong Encryption Levels
  3. Stealth VPN Protection Feature
  4. Dedicated IP Address

  1. Poor Website/App Navigation
  2. Confusing Feature Packs

Get TorGuard VPN


IPVanish – Dedicated Unblocking services for Nvidia Shield TV

Although we really like the interesting choice of a brand name by this provider, this service has a lot more to offer than just IP re-shuffling or re-routing for internet users.

IPVanish VPN for Nvidia Shield TV

If you want to access Netflix US or Amazon Prime US on your Nvidia Shield, IPVanish offers dedicated US servers to ease you through without any difficulties. But it not limited to just the US as the provider has 1000+ servers in 60+ countries, covering nearly all major entertainment destinations worldwide.

The compatibility options are also streamlined well enough to provide adequate support to your Nvidia Shield TV through the dedicated Android app. On the security front, it offers AES 256 military grade encryption, a zero log policy, multiple protocol support and an unflinching commitment to user privacy.

Their best plan costs a measly $77.99 for a 12-month subscription plan, making it an incredibly well-suited candidate to couple with your Shield TV.


  1. OpenVPN and L2TP/IPsec VPN Protocols
  2. Unblocks Geo-Restricted Content
  3. Unlimited Bandwidth Available
  4. Zero Logs Provider
  5. 40,000+ Shared IP Addresses

  1. Poor Customer Support
  2. Lacks Free Trial

Get IPVanish


PureVPN – Inexpensive VPN Service for Nvidia Shield TV

If you are not of those who can spend a lot on a VPN, but also are not willing to compromise on any top class features, then PureVPN is where you can meet your perfect match. It offers 750+ servers in over 160 countries worldwide, providing one of the most expansive server networks in the world.

PureVPN also provides multiple options to setup VPN on Nvidia Shield. Apart from the dedicated Android app, you can also set up VPN through sideloading by APK files and can also run the VPN through the router.

PureVPN for Nvidia Shield TV

DDoS Protection, Double VPN, Split Tunneling, AES 256 encryption are some of the other incredible features that you will get exclusive access to with the paid plans. This Nvidia Shield TV VPN is one of the cheapest vpn you will find out there and a full two-year plan here costs just $69.12. Things don’t get better than PureVPN.


  1. Best Pricing Plans with Top features as a Nvidia Shield VPN
  2. DDoS Protection Feature
  3. 750+servers in 141 countries
  4. VPN Hotspot and NAT Firewall
  5. Multiple Protocol Support
  6. Allows Split Tunnelling

  1. Logs Some User Activity
  2. Free Trial Unavailable

Get PureVPN


NordVPN – SmartPlay Feature as a VPN for Nvidia Shield TV

While in other Nvidia Shield TV VPN, you would need to get information on which servers support streaming sites and are meant for unblocking geo-restricted content. But here at NordVPN, every server is equally capable of powering the best performance, in terms of unblocking streaming sites and optimizing the media viewing experience.

NordVPN for Nvidia Shield TV

It has recently increased its server count and now offers 4364 servers in 62 countries for the most resounding access to entertainment options from across the globe. But things don’t end here as you will also secure access to dedicated P2P support, Onion over VPN, Double VPN, 6 simultaneous connections and a whole lot more. Currently, they are offering a mind-boggling deal that costs just $99.99 for a full blown 3 3-year subscription plan.


  1. SmartPlay feature for streaming sites as Nvidia Shield VPN
  2. Tor with VPN
  3. Free Trial Period
  4. Double Encryption available
  5. 3359 servers in 60+ countries
  6. Multiple Payment Methods
  7. OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPSec, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, and SSTP protocols


  1. Expensive monthly plan (Not good for short-term users)

Get NordVPN


Best VPN for Nvidia Shield TV Free

While Free VPN services cannot the kind of robust features needed to run a VPN in the right manner on Nvidia Shield TV, there are some services out there that offer a Free version of their service that you can check out if you want to use complicated services like Popcorn Time on your Nvidia Shield TV.

Nearly all Free VPNs have very stifling bandwidth limits, making the option of using them for streaming quite absurd. On the other hand, Free Providers can be shady as well, so finding a trustworthy service in the Free domain is incredibly hard, but here  is a rundown on the three of the most credible services in the Free VPN domain for use with Nvidia Shield TV:

TunnelBear – Protection Guaranteed for Nvidia Shield TVs

While the data cap of 500 MB/month in the free plan by TunnelBear might turn off many people, but this free provider more than makes up for this stinginess in bandwidth with incredible commitment to security and privacy.

Best VPN for Nvidia Shield TV Free

It has an explicitly stated zero logs policy, top of the line encryption standards and multiple protocol support to offer worthwhile protection for Nvidia Shield users. If you use the free version and become satisfied with the performance then you can move over to the paid plans which will not just upgrade you to an unlimited bandwidth limit but will also offer 20 server locations, allowing the VPN to provide incredible unblocking abilities.


  1. Trustworthy Free Service for Popcorn Time on Nvidia Shield TV
  2. Simultaneous Connections on 5 Devices
  3. Powerful OpenVPN 256-bit AES Encryption
  4. Intuitive and Interactive User-Interface

  1. Just 500 MB/ Month Data Cap
  2. P2P/Torrenting Not Enabled


Windscribe – Unblocks Geo-restricted Content as Nvidia Shield VPN

Free VPNs cannot, generally, unblock geo-restricted content because for that to happen they would have to offer many server locations and a high bandwidth limit, which is a scenario not financially feasible for free providers.

WindscribeVPN for Nvidia Shield TV

Windscribe is an exception in this domain because it not just offers a whopping 8 server locations in its free plan but also provides a 10 GB data cap to which you can add an additional 5 GB if you tweet about the service. For Nvidia Shield TV users, it offers unlimited connections, better security functionalities than other VPNs and improved support options. A must-try for Free VPN Enthusiasts!


  1. 8 server locations for unblocking geo-restricted content as Nvidia Shield VPN Free
  2. Unlimited device connections
  3. 10 GB data cap
  4. Supports P2P/Torrenting

  1. Doesn’t support Open VPN
  2. Breakdowns common


HotSpot Shield – Easy Installation & Setup for Nvidia Shield TV

Existing in the industry for quite a while now, HotspotShield is probably one of the most known VPN services in the world.


That’s because HotSpotShield’s Free VPN service is now highly reliable again. Yes it suffer from a few security hiccups in the past few years and fell out of favor with a lot of VPN enthusiasts like me, but now it seems that its patched up most of its issues and back to its super self again.

The speeds are good enough to not spoil your experience and for encryption HotSpotShield uses AES-256 cipher which cannot be broken through by any known means, even with supercomputers guzzling together in the hundreds.

Does it support NvidiaShield TV? Yes it does, to some extent. Generally, Free VPNs don’t offer extensive client support for such niched platforms and OS for obvious reasons but Hotspot Shield has a plethora of apps like its Android version which you can easily sideload on the device and run. However, with just 500 MB of data allowance each day, Free VPNs are as useless as a net during a flood for streaming devices.

I have just updated because most of you people still search for queries like Free VPN for Nvidia Shield TV and we have to offer content to you on that! Just Kidding 🙂

Free VPNs should never be used with streaming devices for one simple reason! They don’t work with them! Its as easy as that. What more do you want to know on this? Go for a paid provider if you really want benefit off of a VPN’s features.

How to Install a VPN on Nvidia Shield TV by Google Play

Nvidia Shield is built on the Android Platform which makes it a whole lot easier to download and install a majority of apps. The same holds true for VPN as well because many providers now offer dedicated Android apps, making the setup and installation of a VPN on Nvidia Shield run through like a breeze.

If the VPN provider you choose to subscribe to also provides a dedicated Android app, then here’s how you can easily install it on your Nvidia Shield TV:

  1. Go to your Best VPN’s website and purchase a pricing plan.
  2. Secure User credentials (Username and Password) by paying for a plan.
  3. Search for and Download the VPN’s dedicated Android app from the Google Play store or from the provider’s website.
  4. Install the downloaded file on your Nvidia Shield TV.
  5. Launch it from the Homepage.
  6. Now you just need to enter your user credentials when prompted in the app, choose the preferred server of your choice and you are ready to use the VPN on your Shield TV box.


How to Setup VPN on Nvidia Shield TV by Sideloading Methods/Without Google Play

Sometimes, the dedicated Android app from your VPN provider might fail to run on your Nvidia Shield TV directly. This happens because Android apps developed by providers are not specifically built for functioning with Streaming boxes, hence the discrepancy. However, you can still setup a VPN on your Shield TV through the sideloading method. It’s a long but an easy process which you won’t have much difficulty running through.

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Head over to a Best VPN website and settle for a pricing plan.
  2. Pay for the subscription which will then provide you with your dedicated user credentials.
  3. Now once this is done, download the app APK file from your provider through a laptop or other similarly compatible system. Nearly all providers have APK files and the best way to find where they are located is to ask the customer support directly.
  4. Extract the APK file onto a USB drive from your laptop or any other compatible system.
  5. Open your Nvidia Shield TV now and head over to Settings. Once here, go to Security and Restrictions and here, turn on “Unknown Sources” from its default “Off” mode. This is a specific permission you are giving to your device to let it install files from outside the Google Play ecosystem.
  6. If you are confronted with a warning, click OK and proceed forward.
  7. Now go to the Google Play store and search for ES File Explorer File Manager.
  8. Download this app and install it.
  9. Now your USB which contains the APK file of the VPN needs to be plugged into your Nvidia Shield TV.
  10. As soon as you plug your USB in, you will see a prompt asking you to give permission to access the USB drive through the ES File Explorer. Click on OK to open the drive.
  11. Once in the driver, click on Local on ES file explorer option and scroll for the folder where you stored the APK file. Once found, click on it and let it Install. Don’t deny it any permissions it requires to move forward.
  12. When the Installation is complete, you are now ready to run your VPN app on your Nvidia Shield TV.
  13. Enter user credentials in the app and select a server of your choice.
  14. Click connect and you are now using your Nvidia Shield with a stable VPN service.

Best VPN for Nvidia Sheild


How to Test if VPN Works on Nvidia Shield TV

Just like on any other Operating system, when you turn your VPN on, you actually need to verify that its actually working or not before you proceed further on your Nvidia Shield TV.

The process to do that is extremely simple and revolves around checking your IP address.

Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Open your Nvidia Shield TV and head over to the browser
  2. Once launched, open a website where you can check your original IP like whatsmyip.network
  3. You will now see your original IP. Note it down
  4. Now turn the VPN on by connecting to any of its servers and go back to the browser and visit whatsmyip.network to see whether or not the IP has changed
  5. If the IP has changed then that signifies that the VPN connection is now on

Do note here that, just the change in IP is not a sufficient enough evidence to rely on if you want to be sure whether your VPN connection is properly working or not.

I recommend that you repeat the same steps but just visit the site DNSleaktest.com to be extra sure that not only has the VPN changed your IP but it is also secure enough to protect your anonymity online.

DNS leaks can also prevent major streaming sites like Netflix and iPlayer to remain blocked.

NVIDIA Shield TV vs. Amazon Fire TV vs. Apple TV: Which 4K Streaming Box is better?

The biggest differentiator between Nvidia Shield TV and other 4K streaming boxes is that the former provides innate support to all Google services. For e.g. the number of apps on the Google Play store remains unmatched by any other app store. This factor alone makes Nvidia Shield TV sit high on the pedestal in the world of streaming boxes, but the advantages don’t stop there.

Here is a comparison guide between three popular 4K streaming boxes i.e. Nvidia Shield TV, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV, to provide you with a better perspective on the substantial difference in feature offerings:

FeatureNvidia Shield TVAmazon Fire TVApple TV
TV castingSupported (Chromecast 4K)Not SupportedNot Supported
KodiSupportedNot SupportedNot Supported
Play Console Games100+ Dedicated Games AvailableNot SupportedLimited Support (Fewer than a dozen games available)
Smart Home Hub SetupSupportedNot SupportedSupported
YouTubeSupportedNot SupportedNot Supported
Media StorageAvailable (Supports up to 500 GB of Storage space)Not AvailableNot Available
Headphone/set Jack supportAvailableAvailableAvailable


Nvidia Shield TV VPN Reddit

Dedicated users of a service are often its most credible and trustworthy critiques and that’s the primary reason that we include Reddit user reviews in our own best vpn reddit blog regularly.

For Nvidia Shield TV VPN, you can find multiple threads on Reddit with tens of comments containing the most recommended VPN services for use with the device. And not to anyone’s surprise, we found ExpressVPN among the comments. One user was of the opinion that this provider has the best service and doesn’t experience any hiccups when paired with Nvidia Shield TV.

Other users also preferred the services we have already listed like Torguard and Windscribe, as the Best VPN for Nvidia Shield TV giving further credibility to our full-scale reviews and recommendations above.

Other users also preferred the services we have already listed like Torguard and Windscribe, as the Best VPN for Nvidia Shield TV giving further credibility to our full-scale reviews and recommendations above.


Best VPN for Nvidia Shield TV FAQs

What If Your Provider Doesn’t Have an App?

If your VPN provider doesn’t have an app, then we have described how to set up a VPN easily on to your Nvidia Shield TV through sideloading options in a detailed guide above.

What are the best apps for the NVIDIA Shield?

Some of the must-have apps, except for the Android VPN apps, for Nvidia Shield TV are as follows:

  1. ES Explorer
  2. OpenVPN for Android
  3. WiFi Explorer Pro



With the ever-growing number of new devices users are being offered at the moment, its imperative that we, at BestVPN.co, keep up the pace with the recent developments and offer the best guides to assist our users in understanding their devices in a better manner.

Whether its Nvidia Shield TV or any other niche or popular device, our aim is to build lasting, dedicated repositories of knowledge on every aspect of their VPN support. However, we are always open to new opinions, criticisms and healthy debates. So, if you have anything you want to share with us, please comment below. Happy Reading!


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