Based in Panama, NordVPN is a highly reputable service in the VPN domain. Providing excellent security features along with a much more resourceful privacy arsenal in its service. But NordVPN is also powering its game up in the arena of streaming by providing exemplary unblocking services for Netflix US as a Best VPN. By using this VPN, you can gain more value out of your Netflix subscription through accessing a larger media library than you could otherwise. Want to know more? Then read our comprehensive guide on NordVPN Netflix which includes information on dedicated servers for unblocking Netflix US, how it fares against other best VPN for Netflix,  supported devices, speed performance and a whole lot more by! Just Wait for a Sec: Read NordVPN Review in detail

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Does NordVPN Netflix Really Works In 2019?

Netflix is perhaps the best streaming service that exists on the online domain right now and the reason behind its soaring popularity is its vast and highly original media library that contains some of the most highly rated TV shows and movies in recent years.

However, if you live outside the US, you won’t be able to access much of the great content on the site because of the geo-restrictions that are in place on it. For those of you who are unaware about this issue, Netflix isn’t the same across the world as it furnishes different media libraries from region to region due to issues pertaining to copyright laws which bar Netflix from showing content in a region where the copyright doesn’t allow it to.

If you believe the issue is small or negligible, you need to think again definitely! A big chunk of media files could be missing from your Netflix subscription just because you live in say Japan or the Netherlands and not the US. People are flocking towards VPNs to get past this problem by accessing Netflix US through dedicated US VPN Netflix servers.

But Netflix initiated a VPN ban in the past few years to counter this issue of people trying to circumvent its geo-restrictions, resulting in a majority of VPNs becoming powerless to assist people in accessing Netflix US.

Now only some notable VPN providers possess the impressive ability to get past the VPN ban on the site and move towards unblocking the geo-restrictions, in turn, allowing users to access Netflix US from anywhere in the world.

Among these notable VPNs, NordVPN is on the very top of the list because of its stunning reliability in getting past the VPN ban every time and powering a much more valuable and stellar user experience.

NordVPN offers dedicated servers for unblocking Netflix US and it has to do so because its impossible to go by any other way. More on that in the next heading.

How to Watch Your Favorite Shows on Netflix via NordVPN

NordVPN exists as one of the only few providers that provide unrestricted and hassle-free access to Netflix, without any buffering/streaming errors. In fact, we have tested the provider multiple times by checking different servers out, and each time we were able to stream on Netflix.

The provider boasts the largest server count in the industrialized country, and this is a great advantage in terms of streaming. Users have thousands of IP addresses available, which prevents Netflix from blocking you, as they cannot determine which IP belongs to a VPN service.

This gives NordVPN an upper hand over other names in the marketplace, as you can always trust the VPN for indulging in streaming or P2P/torrenting. We also face no trouble in accessing other VoDs like Amazon Prime and BBC iPlayer by connecting to UK servers.

So, how do you select a server that works with Netflix? We have provided a list of tested VPN servers and IP addresses from NordVPN. All you have to do is select one by going to a country, clicking on the three dots, and then finding the relevant server number.

How to Watch Your Favorite Shows on Netflix via NordVPN

As another option, you can even use the search function available on the latest version of the NordVPN Windows client. This enables you to simply enter the number of the server you want to connect to and receive instant access to that particular IP address, as shown in the screenshot below.

After you establish a connection, simply head to the Netflix website. You will notice a change in the overall categories and listing. This will grant you access to all blocked TV shows and movies in your country, without the hassle or worry.

TV Shows Getting New Seasons in January

Is there any Free/Trial Option to Watch Netflix through NordVPN?

NordVPN is one of those rare Top VPN providers that offer a zero commitment 3 day free trial with all features included.

Read our NordVPN torrenting blog.

This trial doesn’t require you to enter any payment details whatsoever, so you can easily check whether Netflix works with NordVPN or not.

NordVPN also offers a 30 day refund period in which you can ask for your money back, no questions asked so that’s an added plus definitely.

NordVPN Server List

Just as we mentioned earlier in this article, bypassing the Netflix VPN ban is a tricky thing and to do it effectively, Top VPNs offer dedicated servers. The best way to know which these servers are is to contact the customer support department of your provider.

When we contacted NordVPN customer service to know through which servers we would be able to unblock Netflix US with ease, they gave a very detailed response which is quoted here:


Our customers report that currently, Netflix is available in these regions using our service:

Netflix US works with any other server on desktop devices and US servers # 2352-2367, 2340-2347, 2332-2335, 2320-2327, 2312-2315, 2228-2307, 2216-2223, 2096-2203, 2052-2087, 2042-2045, 2010-2037, 1906-2005, 1862-1901, 1806-1857, 1754-1801, 1734-1749, 1709-1732, 1692-1707, 1676-1687, 1652-1659, 1640-1643, 1616-1635, 1580-1607, 1560-1575, 1520-1539, 1500-1515, 1492-1495, 1470-1487, 1422-1429, 1410-1417, 1402-1405, 1366-1373, 1358-1361, 1322-1346, 1297-1312, 1276-1283, 1260-1271, 1248-1255, 1236-1239, 1170-1195, 1146-1165, 2404-2411, 2452-2480, 1118-1141, 1054-1113, 1046-1049, 1027-1036, 1016-1020, 1008-1011, 976-999, 968-971, 956-959, 940-947, 932-935, 896-899, 856-883, 841-851, 829-836, 801-824, 769-780, 714-741, 707-710, 689-702, 679-684, 645-664, US621-640, 577-617 on mobile devices.

Netflix CA works with all CA servers on desktop devices and CA servers # 283-290, 295-314, 315-318 on mobile devices.

Netflix HK works with HK servers: # 15-18, 35, 38-43, 45-48, 53-60 on mobile devices.

Netflix NL works with all NL servers on desktop devices.

Netflix JP works with all JP servers on a desktop and mobile devices.

There’s an article, where we share the latest known information regarding the Netflix availability:

Please note that, due to multiple factors, NordVPN cannot guarantee 24/7 availability for all geo-restricted content. However, I can assure you that our techs are constantly working to provide secure access to as many websites as possible.”

NordVPN Netflix

The reply from NordVPN was comprehensive and provided us with more than answers than we even asked for. The reply notified us in detail, the servers for unblocking other geo-restricted versions of the site in major regions with high value content libraries like Netflix Hong Kong, Netflix Netherlands, Netflix Japan and even Netflix Canada.

The servers mentioned in the reply worked perfectly well for what they were supposed to do i.e. unblock Netflix US and other versions of Netflix service without any downturn in speed or quality of the service.

Here is Thor Ragnarok that only became available after we connected to Netflix US through Nord VPN:

Nordvpn netflix servers

Here is how the US Netflix library looked to us as we unblocked the site through bypassing the geo-restrictions.

NordVPN Netflix Speed

But one thing we need to inform you here is that you need at least a 10 Mbps internet connection in order to properly stream HD content from Netflix through a VPN. If you go below this required bandwidth speed, you will get a very grainy video quality, thereby spoiling your whole experience.

NordVPN Netflix Supported Devices

While NordVPN tells us that it does support Netflix unblocking on all kinds of desktop and mobile devices, we would recommend that you stick to desktop OS like Windows and Mac for this, because going through mobile to bypass the geo-restrictions falls flat most of the time.

NordVPN Netflix Supported Devices

Modern day smartphones often have DNS connection problems and they resort to their original DNS locations by default when you use a VPN and try to get past the Netflix VPN ban. This can give you an error, making you unable to access Netflix US on mobile OS. Even if you do gain access, it will keep on running in to constant interruptions and problems.

NordVPN Netflix Speed

NordVPN is extremely lightweight and it doesn’t throttle speeds to a very high extent, allowing you to stream HD quality shows and movies from Netflix US without any major problems.

But there is one thing that you need to keep in mind while using NordVPN to unblock Netflix US, please ensure that your internet bandwidth speeds are equal or in excess of 10 Mbps. Slower speeds than this can ruin your experience while using a VPN on Netflix.

For Ultra-HD streaming on Netflix via NordVPN, go for an internet bandwidth connection that gives speeds within the range of 15-20 Mbps.

Nord VPN Netflix Not Working/Errors

If you are looking towards accessing Netflix US by circumventing the geo-restrictions, please be calm and composed as a rule of thumb because this process can get in to problems sometimes, but don’t worry as they all are easily solvable.

NordVPN Netflix Not Working/Errors

Mostly, these errors emanate from some glitch present in the VPN client app or in some conflict between the device and the App, restricting or creating a problematic communication channel. But there is nothing the good old “Re-start you device” option cant do. For most of the problems, please restart your phone or desktop. If the problem still persists, close down your app and restart it again. Now, if it doesn’t go down, delete the VPN client and re-install it.

8 out of 10 problems can be solved this easily. For the rest of the problems by either clearing your browser cache (You can do it pretty easily by clicking here) or by visiting our ExpressVPN Netflix guide, which has a lot more errors explained in a much more easier manner.

NordVPN Netflix Reddit

NordVPN has mostly positive reviews as a premier VPN service overall on Reddit, which is highly surprising because on Reddit, users come in hordes to rant about similar services and these rants are not light by any means of the word. Users can come down pretty hard when a service has even the slightest of glitches, but NordVPN has done a commendable job of keeping its user’s satisfied by powering the best vpn reddit service with a well backed feature pack that performs excellently well.

On NordVPN Netflix, one user commented on Reddit that this service worked perfectly well with unblocking Netflix and it rarely fails to get through.

Another user commented on a Reddit thread that h/she uses NordVPN to connect to Netflix US and Netflix Canada and both of them are working fine. Other users on the thread highlighted the point that you need to stay updated with the newest servers to keep your unblocking option functioning properly as older servers often get penalized by Netflix and thereby blocked eventually.


NordVPN Netflix For Australian Region

While its highly unlikely that someone goes for Netflix Australia when looking to access a much better library of Netflix as many of the most popular shows are not present in this region, if you still want to unblock it, you can connect to any NordVPN Australian server and start streaming, but do it only on desktop devices as mobile unblocking is a bit glitchy in that region.

NordVPN Netflix Reddit


How To Use NordVPN Netflix From Norway

If you are looking to unblock Netflix US through NordVPN from Norway, all you need to do is to connect to one of the servers in US mentioned above to bypass the geo-restrictions in an easy manner. But do make sure that your connection speeds are high because Norway and US have a considerable distance between them thereby slower connections will create some major problems here.

How To Use NordVPN Netflix From Norway


Does NordVPN Servers Are Accessible From Sweden?

The answer for this is YES Absolutely! Sweden users can access Netflix of any region while using a valid NordVPN subscription. All they need to do simply is to connect to the NordVPN servers mentioned above for each region and enjoy the best that Netflix has on offer.


NordVPN Unblocks Netflix From Netherlands

NordVPN’s support told us that all of its servers in the Netherlands work perfectly fine in unblocking Netflix NL and we found this claim to hold true to our tests.

NordVPN Unblocks Netflix From Netherlands

If you are looking to access Netflix US from Netherlands, just simply connect to a Nord VPN Netflix US server and start streaming right away.


NordVPN Netflix App For Canada

NordVPN Netflix App For Canada

Canadians have a major advantage in unblocking Netflix US especially because of the close proximity between these two countries lowers the lag and enhances speed performance. As for the NordVPN Netflix VPN app for Canada, the Windows and Mac apps work perfectly fine here but a major surprise here is that even the smartphone VPN clients work fluidly within the country to ensure seamless access on handheld devices.


Nordvpn Netflix France

Just like the Netflix libraries in all parts of the world, the Netflix France library is also geo-restricted with some content specifically meant to be streamed only in the country.

This problem is frustrating for many French expats or people who would like a TV show from France on Netflix their friend from Paris told them about.

However, the problem is frustrating only until you get a VPN that can unblock the France library for you. And in that regard, NordVPN is one of the best choices out there.

Here’s how you can unblock Netflix France by using NordVPN:

  1. Subscribe to NordVPN by paying for their pricing plan
  2. Obtain user credentials and download their app client
  3. Log in to the client app and connect to a French server compatible with Netflix
  4. Enjoy Netflix France unabated!


NordVPN for Netflix Frequently Asked Questions


Why NordVPN for Netflix UK not Working

Netflix continuously bans servers even those belonging those to the best VPN providers in order to keep its VPN ban going strong. If such a thing has happened to you and Netflix UK is not being unblocked, you might need to contact NordVPN’s live chat support to know more on exactly which UK servers currently support Netflix streaming.


Is NordVPN for Netflix Available in China

We haven’t tested it out for ourselves due to obvious reasons, but from what we’ve actually heard by real-time users, Netflix can be unblocked in China using NordVPN.


NordVPN is a top provider in the VPN industry and it pairs excellently well with not just Netflix US but other geo-restricted streaming sites across the world. If you follow the steps right and keep yourself constantly updated with the newer servers as the older ones are phased out, you will surely be able to unblock Netflix from any region across the world with just a push of a button!

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