Netflix China – Step By Step Guide to Access Netflix in China in 2019

Last updated: September 18, 2019
Obaid Chawla

Obaid Chawla

Netflix isn't banned in China but you cannot access it without a VPN either. In this guide, I will explain things through on this and tell you about best workarounds!

Netflix is the world’s most popular streaming site at the moment but Netflix is currently unavailable in China.

China has blocked a lot of foreign sites from being accessed in its country like Facebook and Twitter, but Netflix isn’t exactly banned in China.

Netflix is not available in China because of Netflix itself and not because of the Chinese’ internet firewall.

Netflix offers its service by country and it has not yet offered its service in mainland China as of yet.

Why Netflix has done this or when will this ban gets over should not be a matter of concern to you right now.

I will definitely give information on it in this guide, but if you are traveling to mainland China soon or if you live there, you first need to know how you can access Netflix in China without issues and continue watching your favorite shows while there.

The only way to watch Netflix in China is by using a VPN that not just works in China but can also bypass the Netflix VPN ban.

Zeroing down on such VPNs is a difficult task but I’ve made it easier for you by listing all of them down in this guide for you.

According to my analysis, Surfshark is the most recommended VPN for watching Netflix in China.

For an affordable price of $1.99/month (2 Year Deal), Surfshark can support Netflix unblocking from China with good speeds, incredible support and a wide variety of compatible client apps.

To know more on how to do this, read this comprehensive guide on how to unblock Netflix in China.

Why Netflix Isn’t Available In China

China has had a big history of banning websites and content that find their base in the Western World.

But as said earlier as well, Netflix is not among the list of banned sites in China.

Netflix has not yet featured its service for China yet like it has for other countries.

Netflix is a single streaming service but it offers different versions of its site for different countries.

For e.g. there is Netflix USA, Netflix UK, Netflix India, Netflix New Zealand among 190 countries overall where the service is available.

But this number doesn’t include countries like China.

And till yet, there has been no official announcement by Netflix to launch its service in China, so if you are looking to watch Netflix in China, for the time being, you will need to do it by using a VPN.

Why Netflix Isn’t Available In China

How to Watch Netflix In China

If you live in China currently or are traveling there in the upcoming days, the only possible way for you to watch Netflix in the mainland is by unblocking it through a VPN.

A top VPN will allow you to re-route your connection to a region where Netflix is officially available like the United States or France, thereby unblocking it anywhere in China.

Access US Netflix in CHINA via VPN

Just a VPN that can bypass the Chinese firewall is not enough to allow you access to Netflix in the mainland.

The VPN should also be capable of bypassing the Netflix VPN ban, which is a mechanism that bans VPN based connections so that users cannot jump digital fences and access content that’s not available to them in their country.

Access Netflix in CHINA via VPN

Only the Best VPNs can now guarantee you access to Netflix by getting past the VPN ban.

They can do this because they stay ahead of the VPN ban by constantly changing IPs for connecting to Netflix before the VPN ban can blacklist them.

Netflix US is the best version of Netflix as it has the most number of titles and movies of any Netflix library in the world. So if you want to watch Netflix in China, you might want to opt for unblocking Netflix US from China to get the best value.

Here are the steps you need to follow to access US Netflix in China via VPN,

  1. Subscribe to a Best VPN among the ones listed below by selecting a pricing plan. If you are in China, you will need to access the VPN’s Chinese redirection site. You can know more about it here.
  2. Obtain your personal user credentials i.e. VPN username and password
  3. Ask their support on what are the best servers for unblocking Netflix US
  4. Download and configure the dedicated VPN OS client on your device. If you are in China, you might not be able to download your provider’s Android or iOS from app stores. So for Android, you can ask the live chat for the .apk file and for iOS devices, you can ask them to guide you through manual setup
  5. Now, connect to any of the servers your VPN provider identified for you to unblock Netflix US
  6. Enjoy Netflix US from China!

3 Best VPN to Access Netflix in China

As you already know about the Netflix VPN ban that has made it difficult for most VPNs to bypass the geo-restrictions on Netflix.

So there are very few remaining VPNs that are powerful enough to circumvent this VPN ban on the site while also performing the task of protecting you from surveillance by Chinese authorities.

Here are the Top 3 VPNs that I recommend for accessing Netflix in China:

Surfshark – Cheapest VPN that can unblock Netflix in Mainland Reliably:

Surfshark is a new service but its one of the most powerful around. It has a dedicated Chinese redirection link that you can use to access its service in China and subscribe to it.

The provider can also easily bypass the VPN ban by Netflix from China and allow you to access the US version of the site easily. The security afforded by it is incredible as it has military-grade encryption and leak-free service.

For $1.99/month on its best plan, Surfshark is also the most affordable service that can allow you to unblock Netflix by going over the wall.

NordVPN – Extra Secure Service for Netflix Unblocking in China

Accessing an unavailable website or going over the wall of the Chinese firewall can land you in some serious trouble if you get caught in China. So to avoid any chances of that happening, you can use NordVPN’s incredible obfuscation or Double VPN technology to ensure that your connection remains protected while you stream Netflix in China.

The server count by NordVPN exceeds 5700 now with a big majority of them being located in countries with best Netflix libraries like Netflix USA, UK, and Japan. So for the most variety among Netflix libraries, NordVPN is a perfect choice.

It costs a bit higher than Surfshark at $3.49/month, but even then it’s not that expensive and can easily be considered.

ExpressVPN – Fastest VPN for Netflix HD Streaming in China

If you want to watch Netflix in China in HD quality, the only VPN that can support this demand is ExpressVPN.

This VPN is one of the fastest VPNs around, making it perfect for high quality streaming on Netflix, no matter how far away you are unblocking the site from, like in this case, China.

ExpressVPN offers more than 3000 servers so you don’t have to worry about accessing different versions of Netflix libraries from China. The provider even has a redirection site to allow users easy access to its service from China, just like NordVPN and Surfshark.

The only thing that you need to consider is that ExpressVPN will cost you $8.32/month which is much higher than what Surfshark and NordVPN cost, however for fast streaming speeds, consider this price as a premium you need to pay.


Surfshark remains our top recommended VPN for unblocking Netflix in China for just $1.99/month. Its reliable, secure and purposeful and can serve you well for this task.

The other two VPNs i.e. NordVPN and ExpressVPN are also good choices but you will need to consider what you exactly want before going for either of the two.

But be rest assured, after you get a VPN from among these, you will be among those who can watch premier Netflix content like Orange is the New Black or  Riverdale from Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai or any other place in mainland China comfortably.

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