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Last updated: May 15, 2019
Muhammad Hamza Shahid

Muhammad Hamza Shahid

Muhammad Hamza Shahid is an online privacy/security advocate at, who loves sharing his expert knowledge regarding the latest trends in user privacy, cyber laws, and digital affairs. Apart from writing blogs/articles relating to anonymity, he also writes detailed VPN reviews.


With the increase in mandatory data retention laws and introduction of state led surveillance programs, online privacy of users have started to become ever more in danger of being invaded by the day. Many countries in Europe are now members of notorious treaties like the 14 Eyes Treaty, which means only the Best VPNs can now allow users to ensure their safety online. For finding the Best VPN Europe, here is our comprehensive review containing Top Paid and Free Providers, commentaries on data laws, VPN legality and more from


Data Retention Law and Urge of VPNs in Europe

The European Union’s current data privacy and retention laws are good for the general users and the authorities are continuously involved in doing their part in protecting users online. But there seems to be a few chinks in the armour that definitely need to be addressed.

As evidenced by the recent Facebook related Cambridge Analytica, embarrassing data leaks can definitely happen, because if you store data, even for safekeeping, it can and will be broken into.

Data Retention Law and Urge of VPNs in Europe

Many countries in the EU or Europe have wider data retention laws that make it mandatory for Internet service providers to retain user data as it passes through their servers.

Hackers of today are generally aware of such data agglomerations and are on the prowl for breaking into them continuously.

This makes it imperative for users to use the Top Europe VPN in a bid to protect their own data and not relying on the government or authorities to do it for themselves.


How to Protect Yourself from Government Surveillance Activities in Europe

A big problem in today’s world is the increasing amount of government surveillance that a normal person is subject to, especially in Europe. Gone are the days when Europe acted in favor its people and we could vouch for the fact that the country is doing more to safeguard individual data than any other place in the world.

How to Protect Yourself from Government Surveillance Activities in Europe

The Communication Intelligence Gathering Act passed in 2016 in Germany and the notorious Snooper’s Charter law passed in the UK, are a testament to the fact that Europe is getting closer towards matching the US in terms of giving unbridled power to the authorities to track each and every facet of a person’s life.

To protect yourself from such atrocious and stifling government surveillance, you need to get your online communication go through a protected tunnel while being encrypted, a purpose best served by a VPN. A Good enough Europe VPN will allow you to bypass these prying eyes when you use the internet safely.

If you keep going through your internet connection unguarded, then you are just inviting trouble towards yourself in the near foreseeable future.

Best VPN for Europe


Are VPNs Illegal in Europe

Currently, VPNs are not illegal in any European country. The only places where VPNs have been outlawed by the authorities are being run by totalitarian or authoritarian regimes for e.g. China, Iran, Turkey and Iraq.


Best VPN Europe 2018

In Europe, you need protection of the highest order online in order to protect you from intensive government surveillance programs. The biggest difference between data privacy in Europe and other regions lies in the fact that here, it’s the authorities and not the hackers that pose the biggest threat to sabotage and undue use of user data.

The Best VPN for Europe, therefore need to be extremely sophisticated in terms of their features to ward of these powerful threats and ultra-sensitive surveillance programs.

Here, we have compiled a curated list for exactly this purpose, consisting of Best VPNs for Europe in 2018 that can provide the extra security cover needed to keep you secure from unwarranted government surveillance programs.

Providers Price ($) Features Rating Discount Visit Provider
  1.  $12.95  
    Per Month
    • Headquartered in BVI (Safe Location)
    • 3,000+ Servers in over 90 Countries
    • Powerful AES 256-GCM Encryption
    • Unblocks Netflix/Supports Torrenting
    • Audited No Logs (PWC and Cure53)
    • Apps for Windows, Mac, iOS & Android
    5.0 Stars
    49% Discount
  2.  $12.95  
    Per Month
    • Headquartered in BVI (Safe Location)
    • 3,200+ Servers in 65 Countries
    • AES-256-CBC/GCM Encryption
    • Unblocks Netflix in 16+ Libraries
    • 7-Day Free Trial for iOS/Android
    • Unlimited Simultaneous Connections
    4.5 Stars
    81% Discount
  3.  $11.95  
    Per Month
    • Headquartered in Panama (Safe Location)
    • 5,083+ servers in 59 countries
    • 6 simultaneous Connections
    • Works with US/UK/JP Netflix
    • Great P2p/torrenting performance
    • Double VPN and Onion over VPN
    4.5 Stars
    68% Discount
  4.  $10.95  
    Per Month
    • Based in Hong Kong (Safe Jurisdiction)
    • 6,500+ Servers in 180+ Countries
    • Military-Grade AES 256-Bit Encryption
    • Split Tunneling and Dedicated IPs
    • DDoS Protection and Internet Kill Switch
    • Endorsed by Forbes/5-Stars on TrustPilot
    4.5 Stars
    70% Discount
  5.  $12.99  
    Per Month
    • 5,900+ Servers in 89 Countries
    • 45-Day Refund Guarantee and 7-day Trial
    • Secure Wi-Fi Feature for Public Security
    • Kill Switch and DNS/IP Leak Protection
    • Mozilla and Chrome Browser Add-Ons
    • Unblocks All Websites Seamlessly
    4.0 Stars
    79% Discount

PureVPN – Most Affordable European VPN with Double VPN Protection

Despite getting some bad press recently, PureVPN offers advanced features that solidify your security like Double VPN, Onion over VPN, DNS leak protection, DDoS protection and more to ensure that you have the means to neutralize even the biggest of threats.

Best VPN Europe

With a PureVPN subscription, you get 750+ servers in a whopping 140 countries, device compatible apps, military-grade encryption and more for just $69.12 billed once if you go for the 24-month plan. The yearly plan costs $59.12, making it a highly affordable Best VPN for Europe.


  1. High number of server locations in Major European Countries.
  2. DDoS Protection
  3. Dedicated Streaming support
  4. P2P and Torrent servers
  5. 750+servers in 141 countries
  6. VPN Hotspot
  7. Nat Firewall
  8. Multiple Protocol Support Including OpenVPN and L2Tp
  9. Allows Split Tunnelling

  1. Logs some user activity, but restrictively
  2. Free trial not available

Get PureVPN


TorGuard – Highly Secure with Anonymous Email Protection for Europe

This VPN makes it mark as one of the safest bets for protecting your privacy in Europe with encrypted email service along with great VPN features. TorGuard offers a stealth proxy that masks you data to appear like other common internet data, making it difficult for snoopers to single it out easily as a Best VPN for Europe.

Torguard for Europe

On top of this you get 5 simultaneous connections, unlimited bandwidth responsive customer support and 3000+ servers. The Anonymous VPN plan costs $9.99/ month while the Anonymous Email plan costs $6.95/month.


  1. Enhances security to protect users from surveillance programs as a VPN for Europe
  2. Strong Encryption levels
  3. Stealth VPN Protection Feature
  4. 3000+ VPN Servers in 50 countries
  5. Dedicated IP Address

  1. The Website and app can be difficult to navigate
  2. Feature packs can be confusing

Get TorGuard VPN


PrivateVPN – Zips through Geo-Restrictions on Content in Europe

For bypassing copyright trolls in Europe, you need PrivateVPN. It fires through geo-restrictions and makes all kinds of content available to you in any country of Europe. Its also P2P and torrenting friendly powered by a server network encompassing 52 countries.

PrivateVPN for Europe

PrivateVPN’s supported protocols are among the best available and it has a zero logging policy in place, making it unarguably one of our top Euro VPN in terms of doing ever more to ensure unbridled user freedom.

The prices are not too high to make it unappealing to the general customer with their best plan that offers a subscription for 13 months costing just $50.40. There is also a 3-month plan available that comes in at $15.75 billed once.


  1. Powerful unblocking of geo-restricted content as a VPN for Europe
  2. 30 Day Free Trial
  3. Zero Speed Throttling
  4. 56 server locations
  5. 2048 bit encryption with AES 256
  6. Protocols include Open VPN, PPTP, L2TP, Ikev2 & IPSec
  7. Ipv6 Leak Protection

  1. Doesn’t feature any long term affordable plans
  2. UX not friendly enough on native apps

Get PrivateVPN


IpVanishVPN – Safest Bet against ISP spying as a VPN in Europe

The name might sound peculiar but the service is extraordinarily powerful. IPVanish has been around for many years now and till now, there has been no known case that has come to the fore which alleges that the provider leaked user data to the authorities.

ipvanish for europe

Apart from this, IpVanish provides SOCKS5 web proxy, 1000+ servers, data packet protection with added cover of a 256 grade military encryption standard. Perfect choice for a Euro VPN, it’s a bit expensive that other similar services, costing $77.99 for a year’s worth f subscription.


  1. Holistic Online Security Guaranteed as a VPN for Europe
  2. OpenVPN and L2TP/IPsec VPN protocols
  3. Unblocks Geo-restricted content
  4. Unlimited bandwidth available
  5. Zero logs policy
  6. 40,000+ shared IP addresses

  1. The customer support team is not agile enough to facilitate consumer queries
  2. No free trial

Get IPVanish


ExpressVPN – Would never turn your log to authorities as a VPN for Europe

When the Turkish authorities wanted ExpressVPN to turn over their logs, in a well document case, the provider refused to divulge, denying that it ever keeps data logs. No other thing could better justify it as the Best all round Europe VPN to defer government surveillance programs in Europe.

EpressVPN for Europe

But that’s not it, Express VPN can unblock Netflix US, provide you with 148 server locations, ensure privacy with AES 256 grade military encryption and provide split tunneling for selective data protection.

The price tag for getting a year’s worth of subscription for $99.99 for ExpressVPN might seem a bit high to most users, but considering its robustness and compatibility for devices, the high cost seems duly justified.


  1. Best All Round Provider as a VPN for Europe
  2. Dedicated apps and Extensions for Browsers
  3. Tough, Military Grade Encryption
  4. Multiple protocol support
  5. Zero Logs Policy

  1. No Dedicated P2P servers
  2. Plans are Expensive

Get ExpressVPN


Best VPN Europe Free

Its immensely difficult to find a trustworthy and incredibly secure Free VPN in today’s world, where most of the free providers are using their services as a facade to indulge in data pilferage activities of all kinds. The recent rise in Free VPN apps, especially in the Android domain, is a testament to exactly this very fact.

However, still there are some extremely credible free services on offer in market that can provide you with a secure connection. Sure, they have their limitations but they can certainly be useful if you want to protect your anonymity online in Europe.

After reviewing hundreds of Free Europe VPN services out there, we have finally settled on the 5 Best Free VPN services for Europe that have the right features, are secure and provide a good amount of data bandwidth for ease of use. Here’s the list for the’s Best Free VPN services for Europe in 2018:


Tunnelbear – Offers a high amount of servers in Europe as a Best Free VPN

The best Free Europe VPN as per user friendliness and security, Tunnelbear is our top pick for a VPN recommendation for European users. This service has a gritty security policy that has been mandate by an independent security audit, allowing users to fully trust whatever the VPN has to offer.

Best VPN Europe Free

Offering top grade encryption and a strict zero logs policy, Tunnelbear recently made its service even more secure by removing its requirement for a first name while singing up. It currently offers a wide repertoire of device compatible apps for every platform that are so easy to use that even novices and first timers would have no difficulty in connecting and using the service.

Tunnelbear has a high agglomeration of servers in Europe allowing faster speeds for users living there and reduced ping times.

The 500 MB data limit/month however won’t allow you to use the service for extended periods of time, so if you want more of bandwidth, you can always get 1 GB of extra data by just tweeting about the service or switching to their paid plans.


  1. One of the most secure Free VPNs in Europe
  2. 5 devices can be simultaneously connected
  3. Powerful encryption.
  4. User Interface is incredibly easy to use


  1. Just 500 MB/ month data cap
  2. Doesn’t support peer to peer or P2P.

WindscribeVPN – Comes with a Built in Ad Blocker and Firewall

This service just keeps on getting better by the day. Windscribe’s Free VPN service already offered a fantastic data bandwidth limit of 10 GB/month, but now you can even add 5 GB of bandwidth to it if you tweet about the service.

Windscribe for Europe

However, the generosity doesn’t add there as if you recommend this service to a friend and h/she buys the premium plan, your account will be similarly upgraded.

If these reasons are still not enough, it recently launched its Android app, allowing for greater device compatibility. Windscribe offers 8 server locations for users as a Europe VPN in its free plan, making it highly useful towards unblocking geo-restricted content in many areas. Unlimited device connections are an added plus. Definitely worth a download!


  1. Built in Adblocker for stress free experience as a VPN Free for Europe
  2. Unlimited device connections
  3. 10 GB data cap
  4. Supports P2P/Torrenting


  1. Doesn’t support Open VPN
  2. Breakdowns common

Hide.Me – No Throttling of Speeds for its Free Users as a VPN for Europe

Many Free service out there throttle speeds for their free users while prioritizing their paid users, but Hide.Me doesn’t discriminate in this regard and this feature is by far its biggest plus. VPN for Europe

It currently offers 3 server locations in its free plan which includes Canada, Singapore and the Netherlands, so if you are using it from Europe, the Netherlands server would guarantee a worthy performance. Apart from device compatible apps for nearly all platforms, users will get access to a friendly, highly responsive and technically competent customer support team that is always there to resolve any issues you might encounter.

The only downsides to this service remain its 2 GB/ month data limit and one device connection allowance for each user.


  1. Prioritizes free users to ensure faster speeds as a VPN for Europe
  2. Incredible encryption standards
  3. An explicitly stated, zero logs policy.

  1. Servers in just 3 countries
  2. Not suitable for unlocking geo-restricted content
  3. Only device connection available


Worst VPNs for Europe in 2018

Apart from the better VPN providers for the European region, there remain some names that you need to not just stay away from but recommend others to do the same as well. From selling data to spying, a Worst VPN can be even more damaging than no VPN at all.

Here at, we always try to prioritize user safety online and going by this vision, its imperative that identify those services that need to be avoided by users at all costs.

Below is the list of the Worst VPNs for Europe that you should never sign up for if you take your data privacy seriously and are not intending to risk it anytime soon:

Onavo Protect

Facebook owned VPN that has been known to log user activity and send it to Facebook for further processing and integrating into its data empire. It even prompts extensive app permissions, which, once given, will spell doom to all of your personal data.


Don’t be fooled by the marketing lingo on its dubious website. This VPN promises all the good things that a VPN stands for like keeping no logs, high encryption standards and more, but in reality it wont work most of the time. The connection speeds are too low and the app performance is incredibly crappy, so its better to stay away from it.


A VPN that explicitly states that it can and will share your user data with third parties is no VPN, but a scam running to rip off unsuspecting and naive horde of users looking for some online security. SurfEasy is notorious for planting tracking codes in its software for making the tracking and transfer of user data easier. Dont go for this VPN if you take your privacy seriously.


Best VPN Europe Countries and Regions Overview

The countries with the biggest troves of data are the ones that get targeted the most by hackers and malware attackers alike. Notable European countries experience more than their fair share of hacking attempts each year, so its imperative to provide them with recommendations for extra secure VPNs for best native performance.
Here is a country-wise breakdown on the Best VPN providers for individual European countries


Best VPN for Germany

There are a wide variety of reasons for you to start using a VPN in Germany as soon as possible. Germany is a member of 14 Eyes treaty and also allows its authorities and intelligence agencies sweeping control over data retention of users. On the other side, much of the content on YouTube is censored Germany, so its high time that you consider deploying a Best VPN in Germany for your online safety.

Here are the Top 3 Recommended VPNs for Germany by

  1. ExpressVPN – Offers Top Grade Features and helps in Unblocking geo-restricted content in Germany
  2. NordVPN – Has Double Encryption for extra security as a VPN for Germany
  3. PureVPN – Provides affordable plans with Onion over VPN feature as Best VPN for Germany


Best VPN for France

A UN committee labelled France’s data retention and surveillance laws “overly broad for Intrusive surveillance”, underlining the stifling online environment for users in the country.

Apart from this, France is a member of the 14 Eyes Treat just as Germany, making it a highly precarious country for users to go unprotected online.

Below is the list for our Best Recommendations for VPNs for France:

  1. IPVanish – Incredible P2P and torrenting support as a VPN for France
  2. PrivateInternetAccess – High Encryption standards and content unblocking services as a VPN for France
  3. NordVPN – Provides enhanced security control features as a VPN for France


Best VPN Europe Reddit

PrivateInternetAccess, just like everywhere else on Reddit, remains a user favorite on this VPN demarcation as well. In a mega thread on Reddit for the Best European VPN services, PIA remained unmatched in the number of user recommending it to others. For the users, who are still confused which VPN to use in Europe, can also check the best reddit vpn for more redditor’s recommendations.

Users were of the opinion that among the myriad of VPNs that they tried, PIA gave the highest speeds. This user is from Germany and PIA worked just fine there:

Other users were much more inclined towards popular and trustworthy services like Torguard VPN and note that the provider was useful for unblocking streaming services like Netflix and eased the use of torrenting based sites like Popcorn Time.

Best VPN for Europe FAQs

Can you Block a VPN in Nordic Region?

VPN blocking is a common phenomenon in most restrictive and authoritarian countries like China and Iran and it happens through a process known as Deep Packet Inspection. This protocol is also being actively used by online streaming service like Netflix to single out and block VPN usage on their sites.

Is it Legal and Safe to use VPN in France?

Yes, it is entirely safe and legal to deploy, use and recommend a VPN in France for promoting yours and other’s online anonymity.

Is it Legal and Safe to use VPN in Germany?

The German government and local polity is open enough to legalize the use of VPNs and considering the high number of surveillance programs being run in the current era, its high time that you should start using a Best European VPN for Germany to protect yourself online.

Best VPN for Europe



Despite the new legion of laws being passed by European authorities in favor of protecting user privacy after the Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal emerged, there still needs much to be done in order to fully secure the online domain from data pilferage of all kinds.

Users are still left vulnerable with private firms and government organizations trying to store exorbitant amounts of user data. Our best bet yet, out of this mess, remains the use of the Best European VPN and safe internet practices, without which, the chances of your data being used against you will always remain very high indeed.

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