11 Best Torrentz Alternatives and Torrentz.com Mirrors/Clones

Hamza Shahid June 24, 2018

One of the biggest Torrent Meta search engines, torrentz.eu has been blocked and is no longer delivering torrent searches for fans. There is still no news on why the renowned torrent search engine and archiving website suspended its services, except for an update by TorrentFreak.

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According to website status check isitdownrightnow.com, Torrentz has been down since the past 10 hours: (Don’t worry, we will list all the torrentz alternatives below). We have also updated kickass torrent alternatives blog.


is torrentz down?



Remember! New Torrent websites & alternatives to Torrentz or its clones pop up, the risk of getting tracked by malicious trackers also becomes greater. ISPs, copyright claimers and big studios all push fake torrents through such websites to track people downloading these torrents and then send them legal and copyright threats after tracing their identity. Therefore, Using a Torrent VPN is vital for anyone, who wishes to stay secure & anonymous while downloading torrents.


Top 11 Best Torrentz Alternatives/Clones

Keep in mind that as new Torrent websites and alternatives to Torrentz or its clones pop up, the risk of getting tracked by malicious trackers also becomes greater. ISPs, copyright claimers and big studios all push fake torrents through such websites to track people downloading these torrents and then send them legal and copyright threats after tracing their identityTo ensure safe browsing and downloading from all torrent websites, get a Torrent supported Best VPN service to hide and protect your IP and identity from them.


Our Recommended Torrentz Alternative This Month Is:


As copyright clowns constantly crackdown on domains that host the archived Torrentz.eu library, various Torrentz mirrors are identified and closed down. To ensure you get access to all your favorite torrents, we routinely update links of Torrentz alternative. Our recommended mirror/clone after proper testing and user feedback is https://torrentz2.eu. But we recommend you to use our recommended VPN to protect your Identity & avoid Copyright Notice.


torrentz alternatives clones mirror


The website offers the complete Torrentz library of older indexed torrents while new ones are added constantly. You may want to use a VPN for Torrentz if you are based in the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia due to their strict copyright infringement policies.


Other Torrentz Alternative Mirrors/Clones


  1. KAT Clones & Mirrors

kickasstorrentsan.com & kickasstorrents.to are two clones of KickAssTorrent’s original website. While the actual website is now blocked, the two mirrors are working perfectly in all regions of the world.

KEEP IN MIND: These clones are not trustworthy and might be pushing malware. Use them at your own risk!

Rated as number 1 torrentz alternative, http://KAT.AM is being hyped up as the official server backup of KickAss Torrent’s original library. To test the availability of the website we tested the domain using 2 different VPN services across 6 regions including USA, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Singapore and Australia. Currently, the backup websites are still accessible providing the complete KAT library. If your ISP restricts you from accessing the clone domains, simply access them with a VPN service.

Secure your torrents


  1. The Pirate Bay

Since its revival, The Pirate Bay is now back in all its glory providing a huge selection of torrents. TPB is great alternative to Torrentz.com, and is also biggest contributors to the torrent search engine. TPB is although known to host malware so always ensure you have your system firewall on.


  1. IsoHunt

IsoHunt has gone through some dark phases just like Torrentz.eu and Kick Ass are going through right now. It is one of the largest torrent libraries in existence and also offers a dedicated forum, blog and access to the latest torrents as soon as they are available on the internet.

IsoHunt is a perfect alternative to Torrentz.com and is the editor’s choice website to use. You can also get immense help and support from the IsoHunt community, but require you to register.


  1. Torlock


Rated as number 4 torrentz alternative, Torlock is a recently founded torrent indexing service currently with 3,721,366 torrents listed on the website. Claiming to be the The No Fakes Torrent Site”, Torlock comes with a proper categorized menu with torrents sorted in 11 categories including movies, TV shows, software, e-books, games and more. With that being said, we recommend you to always use a VPN to protect your identity while you enjoy faster torrent downloads!


torlock torrentz alternative final


Torlock also offers a news section for latest updates on copyright infringement, piracy, new torrents and other industry developments. The fresh section is available to provide you latest torrents across all categories, so do remember to check it out for latest games, TV shows and movie torrents. Top 100 is a very good place to get the most trending torrents from Torlock’s library. You can find HD movies, final versions of games and trending music albums in the Top 100 section.

Torlock is a great upcoming alternative for Torrentz with mostly new torrents being indexed on the website.


  1. Torrent Project


Powered by a massive library of 9,815,199 indexed torrents, Torrent Project is a torrent meta-search engine like Google. Still in its beta-test mode, Torrent Project employs constantly active bots to keep its database up to date. Since the website is still in its development phase there is still massive room for improvement for the user interface which I will grade as “poor” this time round.


number 5 torrentz alternative is torrent project


Regardless of the interface, Torrent Project offers proper categories for audio, video, e-books, images, mobile, games and applications. Now do remember that Torrent Project complies with both 17 U.S.C. § 512, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) and the Directive 2001/29/EC European Parliament. Torrent Project collects, searches and verifies data from the BitTorrent DHT network, ThePirateBay and 300 other torrent indexing services.

A brilliant alternative for Torrentz for its ability to search through billions of torrents in one click.


  1. Magnetico


I came across Magnetico while downloading a Kodi add-on and was surprised to read its description. Magnetico is neither a website, indexing service nor a torrent search engine, it is rather an autonomous (self-hosted) BitTorrent DHT search engine suite created by Turkish developer Bora M. Alper. Magnetico consists of two modules:


  1. Magneticod – An autonomous BitTorrent DHT crawler and metadata fetching service.
  2. Magneticow – A lightweight web interface for Magnetico users.


Since it’s easy to shut down a torrent website or search engine, Magnetico combines Magneticod & Magneticow to crawl BitTorrent’s Distributed Hash Table (DHT) and generates an index on your devices. This indexes a huge list of torrents most of which you won’t see coming up in your Google search results. When Magnetico crawls the BitTorrent DHT it uses a temporary fake BitTorrent peer to fetch the list of torrents available at DHT on your device rather on a website.


magnetico torrentz alternative


Oh and I completely forgot to mention, Magnetico is designed only for Linux OS, since it requires you to install using a command line.Hopefully there will be clients for Windows available soon.


  1. Torrent Hound


Torrent Hound does not host a huge library of torrents but carries most famous ones that are trending users are searching for. Although older torrents are available, the site seriously lacks seeder to download files through. Irrespective of the fact that there are few seeders, Torrent Hound is a great place to look for your favorite torrents, it is also a contributor to the Torrentz.com library.

TorrentHound provides live statistics of its hosted torrents and user downloads and provides a customized torrent client to help users securely and easily download torrents.

Netizens visiting the torrentz.eu website are experiencing the following message:


torrenthound is down now


The message clearly indicates that the highly acclaimed search engine doesn’t work anymore, referring to the website as “was”. If you conduct a query search in the bar, a new browser window pops open displaying this sad farewell message.

TorrentFreak confirmed that it was contacted by the administrators of Torrentz.com with the publisher stating that another major Torrent website is shutting down. Torrentz.com never hosted torrent files directly but instead provided links to other torrent sites like The Pirate Bay, KickAssTorrents Mirrors, Extra Torrent and others.

The saga has come in the wake of Kick Ass Torrent owner Artem Vaulin’s arrest, shrouding the shutdown of Torrentz in clear doubt and the smell of treachery.


8. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is your number one solution for downloading torrents for movies/TV shows, while allowing users to stream the content simultaneously. It is a multi-platform, free software BitTorrent client, which uses a media player for running content of several torrent websites. The interface of the platform is exceptionally neat and clean. Movies and TV shows are laid out in thumbnails and film titles in a similar manner to Netflix.

Popcorn Time


9. YourBittorrent

YourBittorrent is a great alternative for Torrentz. Although it is not a Torrent search engine, it has its own database of file sharing. Founded in 2003, the site offers torrents for all kinds of content, which includes movies, TV shows, software, games, music, cracks, and other times, which are under copyright and thus illegal to distribute publicly. The website regularly updates its torrent lists and illegal trackers are removed instantly to avoid legal issues.

Your Bittorent


10. Demonoid

Another popular BitTorrent tracker that offers the ability to download a diverse range of torrents is Demonoid. While it is not a Torrent search engine, it is quite similar to other options on the list like thepiratebay.org, Torrent Project, and KAT. The site has undergone intermittent periods of downtime but has now finally moved to a secure domain. From movies, TV shows, games, software, you can download plenty of torrents for your entertainment and convenience.



11. Seedpeer

Seedpeer is another torrent website blocked from search engines, due to releasing copyright material. However, the developers of the site have now shifted the website to a new domain, allowing users to download torrents from the website. Thanks to its easy-to-use and simple page design, searching for torrents is a piece of cake.



12. ExtraTorrent

Torrent websites are often fall victim of irritating copyright infringement laws, which result in the blocking of hit platforms like, ExtraTorrent. However, even after shutting it down, the Torrentz alternative quickly launched on another domain. Before anyone could guess, the site already generated a steady user-base with many downloading/sharing torrenting regularly. It is home to the popular ETTV and ETRG release groups, which means you can use it for watching HD movies and TV shows anytime, along with downloading programs, music, documents, anime, etc.



Launched in 2008 as a Bulgarian-tracker website, RARBG now stands as a strong Torrentz alternative that has managed to generate a huge fan base worldwide. It also made its appearance in the top ten sites of 2015 with many using the website for P2P/Torrenting of a wide range of content. If the above solutions shut down, RARBG is a good choice for downloading everything from books, comics, TV shows, software, games, movies, and music. You can even signup and become a part of the RARBG community.

RARBG Torrentz alternative

14: 1337X

There are no limitations in the choices available for Torrentz alternatives. 1337x is another example of a hit torrent website that keeps on making its way back on the internet, despite being blocked from search engines. The site is now running on a new domain for users to enjoy downloading/sharing torrents. Thanks to its easy-to-use and simple page design, searching for torrents is a piece of cake. This has resulted in the website gaining quite the popularity among torrent lovers.

1337X Torrentz alternative

Torrentz Alternative That Don’t Work Any More


As copyright infringement gets supports from governments around the world, there are constant crackdowns leading to the shutdown of various Torrentz alternative. Websites &indexing services operating within regions that have laws controlled by the MPAA like the USA, UK and Australia.

The following domains were banned over copyright infringement beginning 2017:

  1. Ahashare
  2. BitSnoop
  3. Mininova

In case you are ever redirected to one of these torrent indexing services, consider leaving the domain immediately, it could be an MPAA honey pot website to track you down.


Anonymize Your Torrent Downloads Yourself!


Criticism put aside, the only way to secure downloads is using Fastest VPN with the torrent client. You will come across huge criticism and massive opposition of using VPN with torrents but always remember there is nothing better than prevention.

Would you consider an MPAA penalty/notice delivered to your doorstep, claiming you must pay a $2000 fine for infringement? Or, would you consider downloading what you want with complete anonymity & security?

Here is a list of tested VPN providers that offer optimized torrent servers and minimum bandwidth loss when downloading torrents:


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In a Nutshell


We will remember Torrentz.eu as we remember our first birthday present; it will live in the memory of every p2p enthusiast like a beautiful memoir. Leave us your thoughts and feelings in the comments section below,

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