The Best VPNs for Foxtel Go to Stream in Australia 2023

Last updated: August 24, 2023
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Best VPN for Foxtel Go-in-Australia

If you are in search of the best VPN for Foxtel Go in Australia, this comprehensive guide is for you!

Foxtel, the longstanding Australian entertainment giant, has introduced its Over-The-Top (OTT) service known as Foxtel Go. This online streaming platform allows users to access a wide array of content, including live television, movies, sports, and entertainment, from their devices anywhere.

Foxtel Go allows subscribers to enjoy a selection of popular channels, including Fox Sports, Lifestyle, National Geographic, and others, tailored to their chosen subscription package. The platform also offers access to an extensive collection of popular shows and series catering to diverse interests and preferences, such as Grey’s Anatomy, Vikings, Black Mirror, and many more.

However, due to geo-restrictions, accessing Foxtel in Australia can be challenging. If you are traveling abroad, you will find that you cannot access the service without an Australian IP address.

Come along on this exploration as we delve into the realm of Reliable VPNs for Foxtel in Australia, uncovering the most dependable choices, including the best VPN for Australia, that elevate your viewing experience.

1 Minute Overview – Best VPNs for Foxtel Go in Australia

For your convenience, we have curated a list of the finest VPNs for Foxtel in Australia, granting you access to watch Foxtel from in Australia. These top-performing VPNs include:

  1. ExpressVPN: Best VPN for Foxtel Go in Australia. Experience blazing-fast speeds, robust security features, and a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee, all for just AU$ 10.17 /mo (US$ 6.67 /mo ) (Black Friday Deal: Grab 3 Free Months + 49% OFF 12-Month Plan).
  2. Surfshark: Pocket-friendly VPN for Foxtel Go in Australia. Enjoy 3200 servers across 100 countries and 40 servers in Australia for seamless streaming at a budget-friendly price of AU$ 3.8 /mo (US$ 2.49 /mo ) (Get 84% + 2 Months FREE on 2-Year Plan).
  3. NordVPN: Secure and Reliable VPN for Foxtel Go in Australia. With a wide range of servers and solid streaming speeds, NordVPN is available at a competitive price of AU$ 6.08 /mo (US$ 3.99 /mo ) (Get 57% Off + 3 Months FREE on 2-Year Plan).

Best VPN for Foxtel Go – Detailed Analysis | FAQs

Why Do I Need a VPN to Watch Foxtel Go in Australia?

To evade Foxtel Go’s geo-blocking measures imposed on users accessing their streaming service in Australia, a VPN becomes essential. By utilizing a VPN with servers in Australia, you can attain an Australian IP address, enabling access to Foxtel Go overseas from anywhere in the world.

Content licensing and restrictions often lead to geo-blocking, limiting access to certain content based on the user’s location. Without a VPN, browsing the internet reveals your location to the websites you visit, making it possible for Foxtel’s servers to identify your location and restrict access when detected in Australia.

“Sorry! Foxtel can only be used inside Australia.”


A VPN can effectively circumvent these barriers by spoofing your real IP address with an Australian IP address, enabling you to access Foxtel Go seamlessly from anywhere in the world. This enables you to bypass content restrictions and access platforms like Foxtel Go from Australia, overcoming the limitations imposed by content licensing agreements.

Additionally, using a VPN provides enhanced security and privacy by encrypting internet traffic, preventing tracking, and safeguarding your data from potential hackers. With a VPN, you can also hide your actual location by connecting to servers in different countries, allowing you to access content that may be unavailable in your current location.

Moreover, VPNs offer the added benefit of unblocking other streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer, enabling you to enjoy your favorite shows and movies regardless of your physical location.

How to Stream Foxtel Go in Australia with a VPN

By following these steps, you can access Foxtel Go online from in Australia using a VPN:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN service. Our recommended option is ExpressVPN.
  2. Download and install the VPN app on your device.
  3. Connect to a server located in Australia.
  4. Access the Foxtel Go website.
  5. Register for an account, and watch Foxtel online!

Our Best VPNs For Foxtel Go in Australia – Explained in Detail

Not every VPN is ideal for accessing Foxtel Go from Australia due to speed limitations, geo-blocking challenges, and insufficient Australian servers. To ensure a smooth viewing experience, it is essential to select a VPN that offers fast speeds, effective unblocking capabilities, and servers in Australia to obtain an Australian IP address.

After a thorough assessment, we have pinpointed the top three VPNs that can answer your question; how to watch Foxtel Go in Australia? Let’s now explore each of them in detail:

1. ExpressVPN: Best VPN for Foxtel Go in Australia


Key Features:

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Foxtel Go in Australia. It is the ultimate choice for accessing Foxtel Go worldwide, offering over 3000 servers in 105 countries, including 7 Australian locations, ensuring reliable and smooth streaming.

Accessing Foxtel Go from any location is effortless with ExpressVPN’s AU servers. Say goodbye to geo-restrictions and enjoy your favorite content on Foxtel Go, no matter where you are. We used ExpressVPN’s Melbourne servers to unblock Foxtel Go, and we weren’t disappointed in the least:


Speed and performance are exceptional with ExpressVPN. In our ExpressVPN speed tests Australia conducted in Australia, it achieved an impressive download speed of 89.42 Mbps and an upload speed of 84.64 Mbps, guaranteeing bufferless streaming.


ExpressVPN Speed Test Results on a 100 Mbps internet connection.

ExpressVPN provides you with the opportunity to access a variety of Australian channels and programs, such as TenPlay outside Australia, Channel 7, Foxtel Now, Madman Anime, SBS on demand outside Australia. Your security and privacy are paramount with ExpressVPN. It employs advanced AES-256 bit encryption and various protocols, like the innovative Lightway protocol, ensuring fast and secure connections for an enhanced streaming experience on Foxtel Go in Australia.

The VPN’s strict no-logs policy and kill switch feature keep your online activities private and secure, preventing data leakage in case the VPN connection drops. ExpressVPN also combats IP, DNS, and WebRTC leaks, ensuring your privacy is never compromised while watching Foxtel Go or other streaming platforms.

Installation on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers, and smart TVs, is user-friendly. The dedicated router app protects all connected devices at home while using Foxtel Go. With ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer feature, accessing Foxtel Go from anywhere becomes effortless, eliminating geo-restrictions.

At just AU$ 10.17 /mo (US$ 6.67 /mo ) (Black Friday Deal: Grab 3 Free Months + 49% OFF 12-Month Plan), ExpressVPN offers a risk-free choice with a 30-day money-back guarantee, providing unrestricted access to Foxtel Go while ensuring your online activities remain private and secure. Try ExpressVPN today for seamless streaming on Foxtel Go.

Need help with Foxtel Go or any other aspect of the VPN? Customer support is available 24/7 via live chat to promptly assist with any Foxtel Go streaming issues. Discover detailed insights into ExpressVPN by reading an in-depth ExpressVPN review Australia guide

  • Media Streamer feature for easy access to Foxtel Go
  • Multiple servers in 5 Australian locations ensure smooth and unblocked streaming
  • Privacy features include a kill switch and DNS leak protection for added security
  • 24/7 live chat support available for prompt assistance

  • Subscription plans are costly
  • Only five simultaneous connections are allowed

2. Surfshark: Pocket-friendly VPN for Foxtel in Australia


Key Features:

Surfshark is a pocket-friendly VPN for Foxtel in Australia since it costs just AU$ 3.8 /mo (US$ 2.49 /mo ) (Get 84% + 2 Months FREE on 2-Year Plan). It is a premier VPN provider with 3200 servers in 100 countries, including 40 strategically placed servers in Australia for easy access to Foxtel Go and other streaming services.

Its global network ensures a balanced blend of speed, value, and strong security for unrestricted internet access and comprehensive privacy. For accessing geo-restricted content on Foxtel Go, Surfshark’s Smart DNS feature proves invaluable, expanding viewing options and making Foxtel Go more versatile. For your satisfaction, here you can see our experience of streaming Foxtel Go using Surfshark’s Perth servers:


Surfhark speed test Australia conducted shows impressive speed test results, achieving 81.32 Mbps download and 76.12 Mbps upload speeds on a 100 Mbps base connection, guaranteeing buffer-free streaming on Foxtel Go. These speeds provide a seamless and buffer-free streaming experience on Foxtel Go, allowing users to enjoy their favorite shows and movies without interruption.


Surfshark provided excellent speeds.

Security is a priority for Surfshark, and they deliver on their commitment to user privacy and data protection. With robust encryption and advanced protocols like WireGuard, Surfshark ensures fast and secure connections for seamless streaming on Foxtel Go. The strict no-logs policy and traffic obfuscation technology guarantee user anonymity and protection from third-party detection. Surfshark’s built-in kill switch enhances security by cutting off internet access in case of a VPN connection drop, safeguarding users’ online activities, including those on Foxtel Go.

Device compatibility is excellent, with support for smartphones, tablets, computers, and smart TVs, allowing users to protect all their devices with a single subscription while accessing Foxtel Go at home or on the go. Surfshark’s unlimited simultaneous connections support lets users secure multiple devices simultaneously with one subscription, offering flexibility for protecting their entire digital ecosystem while using Foxtel Go or engaging in other online activities simultaneously.

24/7 customer support via live chat ensures prompt assistance for any queries or issues, including those related to Foxtel Go streaming, for a seamless user experience. This commitment to customer satisfaction ensures a seamless and enjoyable user experience.

Refer to our detailed Surfshark review Australia to gain more insights.

  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • Fast speeds that guarantee smooth streaming and fast downloads from Foxtel Go
  • SmartDNS feature for seamless streaming
  • 24/7 live chat support

  • Torrenting speeds are subpar
  • Certain server locations in Surfshark might exhibit slower speeds when compared to others.

3. NordVPN: Secure and Reliable VPN for Foxtel Go in Australia


Key Features:

NordVPN is a secure and reliable VPN for Foxtel Go in Australia. It boasts a vast network of 5600 servers across 59 countries, including 190+ servers in Australia’s 5 cities for accessing Foxtel Go and other services.

While having an extensive server network is noteworthy, what truly stands out is the comprehensive information available on the NordVPN website regarding each type of server. Servers in each category are categorized and listed separately, making it convenient for users to locate the specific servers that suit their desired purposes. Here you can see how we’ve successfully accessed Foxtel Go using NordVPN’s Australian servers:


NordVPN speed tests Australia in Australia reveal impressive download speeds of 83.82 Mbps and upload speeds of 44.64 Mbps on a 100 Mbps base connection, offering bufferless streaming experiences on Foxtel Go.


NordVPN provided excellent speeds for streaming and gaming.

Emphasizing user security, NordVPN utilizes robust encryption, including the NordLynx protocol, ensuring data protection during transmission. The no-logs policy and built-in kill switch add extra layers of security, preventing data leaks and safeguarding user identities.

NordVPN’s wide device compatibility includes dedicated apps for major platforms like macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS, ensuring seamless protection across all devices. The smart DNS feature allows easy access to content from different regions so that users can find a tailored app for each platform, ensuring seamless protection across all their devices

With 24/7 customer support, users can get prompt assistance for any issues or questions they may have. Whether it’s troubleshooting, questions about the app, or any other concerns, NordVPN’s customer support team is readily available to provide helpful guidance.

NordVPN also allows up to six simultaneous connections per account, making it an excellent choice for streamers and users with multiple devices. This allows users to secure and enjoy their online activities across various devices simultaneously without the need for separate subscriptions.

The VPN subscription costs just AU$ 6.08 /mo (US$ 3.99 /mo ) (Get 57% Off + 3 Months FREE on 2-Year Plan) and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, providing a risk-free trial for users before committing to a longer plan.

For more information, refer to our detailed NordVPN review Australia.

  • 190+ servers in Australia
  • Effortlessly unblocks popular streaming services
  • Compatible with all devices supported by Foxtel Go
  • Generous 7-day free trial to test features and performance

  • The desktop application requires enhancements
  • Certain Australian servers exhibit slow performance
  • No free version of the service is available

How We Chose the Best VPN for Foxtel Go in Australia

While numerous VPNs are available, not all can be relied upon to stream Foxtel Go in Australia from abroad. To ensure a trustworthy selection, we have curated a list of VPNs based on specific criteria for watching Foxtel Go in Australia. This is the criteria we used:

  • Multiple reliable Australian servers: We have compiled VPNs with a selection of trustworthy Australian servers to access Foxtel Go, exclusively available in Australia.
  • Connection speeds and bandwidth: To ensure seamless streaming, all the listed VPNs underwent speed tests and offer unlimited bandwidth, allowing hassle-free streaming of Foxtel Go from abroad without data concerns.
  • Privacy and security: Our chosen VPNs have robust privacy policies and top-notch security features, guaranteeing no storage of identifying information. Each VPN’s privacy policy and security measures were thoroughly examined before inclusion on the list.
  • Unblocking capabilities: All VPNs on this list efficiently bypass Foxtel Go’s geo-restrictions, enabling users to enjoy their favorite content as if they were in Australia, even when traveling abroad.
  • Value for money: We extensively assessed the benefits users receive for the price paid. While cheaper VPNs may be available, they often compromise the streaming experience with slow connections and other problems. Additionally, we ensured the VPNs listed provided a minimum 30-day money-back guarantee.

Through these assessments, we made certain that the VPNs we recommend stand out in terms of privacy, possess a strong server network, offer compatibility and user-friendliness, and deliver excellent value for their cost.

FAQs – Best VPN for Foxtel Go in Australia

Yes, you can watch Foxtel GO using a free VPN, but it is not recommended. Free VPN services often come with limitations and drawbacks that can negatively impact your viewing experience. Some of the common issues with free VPNs include:

  1. Limited server locations: Free VPNs usually have a limited number of servers, which can lead to slower connection speeds and buffering issues.
  2. Bandwidth limitations: Free VPNs often impose data caps or restrict bandwidth, making it challenging to stream content smoothly.
  3. Security and privacy risks: Free VPNs may not offer the same level of security and privacy as reputable paid VPN services, potentially putting your data at risk.
  4. Geographical restrictions: Foxtel Go and other streaming platforms are likely to detect and block free VPNs, preventing you from accessing their content.

For a reliable and optimal viewing experience, it is advisable to invest in a reputable paid VPN service like ExpressVPN that can provide better speeds, security, and access to geo-restricted content like Foxtel Go.

Yes, you can. Although, in many countries, accessing geo-restricted content using a VPN is not illegal as it might violate the terms of use of your streaming service. Surprisingly, Foxtel Now does not explicitly prohibit its users from using a VPN to access the platform from abroad.

According to their terms and conditions, you are required to have a billing address in Australia and at least one internet-connected primary device in the country. This suggests that Australian residents could theoretically use Foxtel Now while on vacation without any restrictions.

In short, yes, it is completely legal to stream Foxtel Go overseas, outside of Australia using a VPN. Having a reliable VPN with Australian servers enables you to obtain an Australian IP address, granting access to watch Foxtel Go from any location worldwide.

Apart from its various benefits, a VPN can also assist in resolving buffering problems while streaming Foxtel Go in countries outside of Australia. If you encounter buffering during Foxtel streaming, it could be because of slow internet speeds. To address this, you can run a speed test to ensure your current VPN has a download speed surpassing 5Mbps. If not, you may want to try a different VPN server or temporarily close data-intensive applications.

It is important to note that all VPNs inherently result in some reduction in internet speeds, typically around 30%. However, if you experience significant speed reductions, switching to a VPN with high-speed streaming servers, such as ExpressVPN, can solve the issue.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we trust that our comprehensive guide has provided you with the information you need to identify the best VPN for Foxtel go in Australia!

Among the options, ExpressVPN stands out as the optimal choice, thanks to its extensive server network, fast speeds, and robust security features. With servers positioned worldwide, users can effortlessly bypass geo-restrictions and access Foxtel from any location.

ExpressVPN’s reliable speeds ensure smooth browsing and streaming experiences, while its commitment to user privacy through strong encryption and a strict no-logs policy ensures a secure and seamless solution for unblocking Foxtel and enjoying unrestricted access to its features.

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