Windscribe VPN Review in UAE 2023

Last updated: November 15, 2023
William Sams
William Sams
Offering a "free" plan and a premium subscription for $5.75/mo., Windscribe has 480+ servers in 63 countries with plenty of security features. Is it worth the money, though? Read on in this review!


In this Windscribe VPN review in UAE, we will evaluate this renowned VPN service that enjoys widespread popularity. With the ability to establish unlimited simultaneous connections and a commendable free version, it stands out in the crowded VPN market. Notably, it seamlessly integrates with various streaming platforms like Netflix and provides dedicated apps for all major operating systems.

Despite substantial improvements in connection speeds through the implementation of the industry-standard WireGuard tunneling protocol, the question remains whether Windscribe is poised to become the next leading VPN choice. Its array of distinctive and practical features adds to its appeal, but a comprehensive evaluation is still warranted.

One area where Windscribe could enhance its offering is in terms of security. The absence of an independent security audit raises concerns for those prioritizing online safety. This aspect may be a decisive factor for security-conscious consumers seeking a trustworthy VPN service in UAE.

In this comprehensive Windscribe VPN review in UAE, we will try to eradicate doubts about whether is Windscribe VPN safe. We also will delve into critical aspects such as security measures, connection speeds, streaming capabilities, app functionality, unique features, and pricing.

Our thorough testing aims to provide you with the information needed to determine if Windscribe is the optimal VPN solution for your specific needs in UAE.

Windscribe VPN Review in UAE – Features and Specifications

Windscribe VPN offers a robust array of features and specifications designed to enhance online privacy and security. With a focus on user-friendly functionality and cutting-edge technology, it provides a comprehensive suite of tools to safeguard your digital activities.

From its expansive server network to advanced encryption protocols, Windscribe delivers a powerful VPN solution for users in UAE seeking reliable protection in an increasingly interconnected world. Let’s check our Windscribe VPN features:

Features  Short Description
Jurisdiction Windscribe operates under the jurisdiction of Canada, a member of the Five Eyes Alliance.
Plans and Pricing Windscribe offers a range of flexible subscription plans to cater to different user needs and budgets
Security Features With advanced encryption protocols, a built-in firewall, and ad-blocking capabilities, Windscribe prioritizes user security using protective measures.
Privacy Policy Windscribe maintains a strict no-logs policy, ensuring that user activities are not stored or monitored.
Server Network Carrying a widespread network of servers across multiple locations, Windscribe provides users with reliable and high-performance connections.
Speed and Performance Windscribe consistently strives to deliver fast and stable connections, using industry-standard protocols
Streaming Windscribe excels in unblocking various streaming services, enabling users to access geographically restricted content.
Torrenting With dedicated servers optimized for P2P file sharing, it facilitates secure and efficient torrenting.
Device Compatibility Windscribe offers versatile compatibility across a wide range of devices and operating systems, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux
Customer Support Windscribe provides responsive customer support through various channels, including a knowledge base, a ticketing system, and live chat.

Note – To meet your specific requirements, you have the option to compare the features of Windscribe with other VPNs. For a more detailed analysis of the features, you can explore our blog comparing PureVPN Vs Windscribe in UAE.

Windscribe VPN Review in UAE – Pros & Cons

  1. Windscribe VPN free version available with 10GB data
  2. No limits on simultaneous connections
  3. Torrenting support
  4. Unblocks multiple VoDs
  5. DNS leak protection
  6. Split tunneling available on Android
  7. AES 256-bit encryption
  8. Multiple protocol support
  9. Reliable kill switch

  1. Small server count
  2. WireGuard is available on Android only
  3. No independent third-party audits
  4. Canada-based VPN (Member of the 5 Eyes Alliance)

Jurisdiction: Where is Windscribe Based?

Windscribe operates within the jurisdiction of Canada, a member of the 5 Eyes Alliance. This affiliation raises concerns, as Canada enforces strict data retention and surveillance laws, potentially impacting user privacy in UAE.

Despite efforts to project a progressive image, Canada’s legal framework regarding privacy is often criticized for its intrusive nature. The government routinely collaborates with entities like ISPs and telecom providers, contributing to heightened scrutiny of citizens’ online activities.

Canada participates in intelligence-sharing agreements with other nations through alliances like the 5/9/14 Eyes, potentially compromising the confidentiality of user data. While VPN usage may not be explicitly prohibited, providers are obliged to share personal information with the government, highlighting potential privacy implications for users in UAE.

Pricing: How Much Does Windscribe Cost in UAE?

Windscribe provides users in UAE with two primary pricing plans: the Pro Plan and the Build a Plan option.

The Pro Plan, priced at $9 per month or $69 per year, is the most popular choice. This plan grants users access to all of Windscribe’s features and servers, including benefits such as unlimited data, availability in all 63 countries, a customizable ad blocker called ROBERT, port forwarding capabilities, and custom configurations for every location.

Plan Windscribe VPN Price – Monthly
Pro Plan $5.75 $69
Build a plan $1 per location Varies

Alternatively, the Build a Plan option allows for customization based on individual preferences and needs. Users can select specific locations they wish to access, decide on unlimited data and ROBERT inclusion, and tailor their plans accordingly. The minimum purchase for this plan starts at $3 per month and offers flexibility in terms of pricing:

  • $1 per month for each selected location
  • $1 per month for unlimited data and ROBERT
  • Custom configurations are provided for the chosen locations.

Windscribe presents users with extra pricing options, including Static IPs, which can be obtained for an additional $8 per month, and ScribeForce, a team plan that begins at $3 per month per account for teams of at least 5 members. With its range of pricing choices, Windscribe offers a cost-effective VPN service suitable for various user preferences and requirements.

What Payment Methods Does Windscribe Offer in UAE?

Windscribe VPN allows users in UAE to use Bitcoin to receive utmost anonymity while signing up. It also accepts other methods like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal. The provider even offers PaymentWall, which accepts 200+ payment methods globally.

Does Windscribe offer Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, Windscribe VPN offers a refund/money-back guarantee of three commercial days. You have the right to request a reimbursement without giving any explanations, but it is imperative that you do not violate the Terms of Service.

Basically, you must not cross the 10 GB limit or place a request after three days. If you meet these requirements, getting a refund from Windscribe should not be a hassle at all.


ScribeForce is Windscribe’s team-oriented plan designed to streamline the management of multiple Windscribe accounts through a unified dashboard. In addition to all the features offered in the Pro plan, ScribeForce introduces supplementary functionalities, including centralized billing, user administration, activity logs, and two-factor authentication.

The pricing for ScribeForce starts at $3 per month per account, catering to teams with a minimum of 5 members. For larger teams, discounts are available, offering cost-effective solutions for businesses seeking comprehensive account management.

By utilizing ScribeForce, users benefit in several ways:

  • Time and Cost Efficiency: ScribeForce consolidates the management of all Windscribe accounts into a single dashboard, eliminating the need to log in to each account separately. This results in significant time and cost savings.
  • Enhanced Security: ScribeForce integrates two-factor authentication, bolstering the security of accounts and safeguarding them against unauthorized access.
  • Improved Control: ScribeForce empowers users to effortlessly regulate access to their Windscribe accounts, allowing them to dictate who has permission and what actions they can perform.

ScribeForce proves to be an invaluable solution for businesses and teams necessitating the efficient management of multiple Windscribe accounts. Its cost-effectiveness and robust security features make it an excellent choice for maintaining account integrity and optimizing team productivity.

Security Features – Is Windscribe a Secure VPN in UAE?

Windscribe demonstrates a strong commitment to security by using industry-standard AES-256 encryption and trusted VPN protocols like WireGuard. The desktop applications are open-source, providing transparency and allowing users to scrutinize the software for security assurance.

It is worth noting, however, that Windscribe experienced a minor security breach recently, prompting a call for independent security audits in the future to further strengthen user confidence.

While Windscribe’s desktop apps are open-source, there is room for improvement in terms of transparency. Opening up the source code for their other applications, particularly those on mobile platforms, would be a positive step towards enhancing overall security.

In June 2021, a notable incident occurred when the Ukrainian government seized two of Windscribe’s Ukrainian servers, which were found to be unencrypted. This was due to Windscribe’s misjudgment of Ukraine as a region with lower sensitivity to security concerns.

Despite this event, it’s important to highlight that there is no concrete evidence suggesting that Windscribe actively monitored user traffic. For such monitoring to occur, a user would have had to be connected to Ukraine via a manual configuration file while using OpenVPN and a legacy DNS resolver, a scenario that is highly improbable for the majority of users in UAE.

Encryption and Protocols

Within Windscribe’s repertoire, users in UAE have access to a diverse selection of encryption protocols, comprising OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard. While each protocol is recognized for its security, they each possess distinct advantages and drawbacks.


OpenVPN, recognized for its widespread adoption and robust support, is esteemed for its security features. Its high level of customizability allows users to fine-tune it to suit their individual requirements.

However, it’s important to note that OpenVPN may exhibit slower speeds compared to alternative protocols and could face potential blocks from certain firewalls.


WireGuard, the most recent protocol introduced by Windscribe, prioritizes heightened efficiency and speed, surpassing even the performance of IKEv2. Moreover, it demonstrates greater resilience against firewall restrictions.

Nevertheless, it’s important to acknowledge that WireGuard is still undergoing early-stage development, which may affect its stability compared to the more established protocols.


IKEv2, a relatively recent protocol, prioritizes efficiency and speed, surpassing OpenVPN in these aspects. Additionally, it exhibits greater resilience against firewall restrictions.

Despite these advantages, it’s worth noting that IKEv2 may not enjoy the same widespread support as OpenVPN and could face compatibility limitations with certain devices

App File Check

For a complete security review on Windscribe VPN in UAE, I decided to check their apps for viruses on VirusTotal. Unfortunately, one of the security vendors has flagged its URL as malicious.


Windscribe consists no viruses

Windscribe Kill Switch

All Windscribe applications come equipped with a built-in kill switch feature. It typically protects your identity and information following the disconnection of the VPN service.

Kill Switch does this by disabling the internet on your device in UAE until the VPN client regains connectivity through the encrypted tunnel to keep your identity secure.


In addition to a Kill Switch feature, Windscribe comes equipped with a handy Firewall feature. This works hand-in-hand with the kill switch. It ensures that there are no packet leaks.

Especially when the connection drops (as the OS itself will make requests behind the scenes), with a firewall, all connectivity outside of the VPN remains blocked. This guarantees there are no leaks at all.

Cruise Control

This unique feature built into the Windscribe client automatically selects the best server according to your location and network speed. This allows users from all over the world to receive nothing but the best service.

The VPN will keep rerouting you to locations that are receiving less load/traffic. However, users can still manually shift to a server if they want to bypass geo-restricted content.

Double Hop

Windscribe enables users in UAE to leverage DoubleVPN, a new form of protocol that uses two Windscribe server locations for masking your IP address and traffic even further.

For instance, on one side, you can connect to Canada while simultaneously to somewhere in the UK. This may slow down your internet, but it offers double the protection – hence why it goes by the name “Double Hop.”

In addition to their VPN product, Windscribe offers a separate URL shortening service. It typically allows users to create secure links from their browser by simply right-clicking on any page and hitting the “Copy” button.

You can even manually paste any website URL here. The website will scan the destination page for known ad beacons and trackers and alert users by generating a “report card.”

Cookie Monster

This feature from Windscribe typically helps in keeping track of cookies after enabling them on your browsers in UAE. It helps in identifying cookies with trackers, so you can disable them.

Split Personality

Windscribe’s infamous Split Personality helps in rotating your user agent to minimize the fingerprinting probability. A user agent is a technology that recognizes the type of operating system.

R.O.B.E.R.T -Ad Blocker

R.O.B.E.R.T stands as Windscribe’s highly adaptable ad and malware-blocking tool. In the premium version, it offers extensive customization options, allowing users to block various content categories including social networks, explicit content, gambling sites, clickbait, and more.

While it provides a valuable feature, it’s important to note that certain elements like native banner ads may occasionally slip through even with R.O.B.E.R.T activated. Overall, it serves as a beneficial addition to Windscribe’s suite of features.

Dedicated IPs

Windscribe is among the few VPNs in the marketplace that offers the option of buying a static IP; either from a data center (costing $2.00/mo.) or through a residential connection (priced at $8.00 per month).


As part of its latest features, Windscribe has introduced “Windflix” servers for unblocking the US and UK Netflix libraries in UAE. Sadly, it does not work as expected, and I received inconsistent performance on Windflix.

Privacy Policy – How Private is Windscribe VPN in UAE?

Indeed, Windscribe places a strong emphasis on user privacy in UAE through its robust policy. They go to great lengths to ensure that no logs pertaining to your online activity, be it browsing history, IP addresses, or DNS requests, are ever collected or stored.

This unwavering commitment extends to a firm stance against the sale of user data to third parties, solidifying their dedication to safeguarding user information. This privacy-centric approach sets Windscribe apart as a VPN service that places user trust and confidentiality at the forefront of its operations.

Windscribe privacy policy is based on the following principles:

  • Data minimization: They only collect the data that they need to provide their service.
  • Data retention: They only retain data for as long as it is necessary to provide their service.
  • User control: They give you control over your data.
  • Transparency: They are open about how they collect, use, and disclose your data.

Windscribe has undergone thorough examinations by independent security firms, consistently earning commendable evaluations for their commitment to privacy. These audits serve as a testament to Windscribe’s unwavering dedication to upholding robust privacy practices, providing users in UAE with added assurance regarding the safety of their online activities.

Windscribe emerges as a VPN service that places a premium on user privacy. With a track record of positive assessments from independent auditors, it stands as a trusted guardian of online confidentiality. Windscribe’s steadfast commitment to safeguarding user data sets it apart in the realm of VPN services, offering users a secure virtual environment in UAE.

Here are some of the specific measures Windscribe uses to ensure user privacy:

  • Stringent No-Logs Policy: Windscribe refrains from collecting or storing any logs related to user activity, guaranteeing a level of anonymity and privacy unparalleled in the VPN industry.
  • DNS Leak Prevention: By using their own DNS servers, Windscribe ensures that DNS requests remain confidential and are not exposed to ISPs or external entities.
  • IP Address Concealment: Upon connection, Windscribe assigns users a new IP address, effectively masking their real location from websites and potential third-party surveillance.
  • Robust Encryption: Windscribe employs robust encryption protocols to safeguard user data, adding an extra layer of security against interception or unauthorized access.

These comprehensive measures collectively reinforce Windscribe’s position as a leading choice for users prioritizing privacy in their online experiences.

Logging Policy

Windscribe acknowledges that it retains some data for maintenance purposes, a practice that differs from VPN providers like ExpressVPN, which operate on a strict no-log policy. It would be preferable if Windscribe adopted a similar approach to further enhance user privacy.

It is essential to note, however, that the data retained by Windscribe cannot be utilized to personally identify users based on their online activities. This assertion has been substantiated through real-world events and experiences, affirming the effectiveness of Windscribe’s privacy measures.

Windscribe transparently disclosed over 100 law enforcement data requests since 2018, consistently prioritizing user privacy by not granting access to user data. While commendable, a third-party audit would provide an extra layer of assurance.

For heightened privacy, users can opt for cryptocurrency sign-ups, bypassing the need for personal details. The implementation of a diskless server network adds an extra security layer, preventing data extraction. These measures underscore Windscribe’s steadfast dedication to user information protection.

Leak Protection – Does Windscribe Hide Your IP in UAE?

Yes, Windscribe employs methods to conceal your IP address effectively. By directing your internet traffic through their VPN servers, your original IP address is substituted with that of the Windscribe server you are connected to. As a result, websites and external entities will only perceive the IP address of the Windscribe server, preserving your actual IP address in UAE.

Windscribe incorporates DNS leak protection to safeguard against the inadvertent exposure of your DNS requests to your ISP or other third parties. This ensures that your browsing activity remains confidential and inaccessible to external observers.

Windscribe implements WebRTC leak protection, securing your WebRTC traffic by encrypting and channeling it through their VPN servers. This proactive measure prevents ISPs and other third parties from accessing your WebRTC data.

Connecting through Windscribe’s optimized servers, we conducted comprehensive tests by browsing various websites to assess its effectiveness in guarding against DNS leaks and WebRTC vulnerabilities. Our evaluation concluded that Windscribe proved to be a dependable and trustworthy VPN service, successfully passing all of our assessments.

WebRTC and HTTP Request Leaks:

DNS Leaks:

IPv4/IPv6 and Torrent IP Leaks:


It easily passed all the leak tests with flying colors

Servers – How Many Servers Does Windscribe Offer?

Windscribe’s official website doesn’t explicitly state the exact count of its servers, but after a manual count, it appears that the Windscribe premium VPN plan offers around 480+ servers across 63 countries, spanning 110 cities.

Meanwhile, users opting for the free version of Windscribe VPN in UAE gain access to a selection of 10 server locations, including prominent regions like the US, UK, Canada, Hong Kong, and France. In general, Windscribe prioritizes coverage in North America and Western Europe.

It’s worth noting that Windscribe VPN claims to utilize only physical servers, suggesting potential challenges in extending its reach due to regulatory constraints in certain countries. However, the credibility of this claim is somewhat questioned, especially when examining servers with names like “Fake Antarctica – Troll Station.”

Notably, Windscribe adds a unique touch to its service by bestowing clever and memorable names upon its servers, such as “Las Vegas – Casino,” “Miami – Florida Man,” or “Philadelphia – Fresh Prince.” This creative naming convention imbues Windscribe with a distinctive personality, setting it apart from other VPN providers.

Windscribe offers a server status check feature on its official website, allowing users in UAE to assess server usage and availability, ensuring a more informed choice of server for optimized connection speeds.

Server locations

Region Locations Countries
The Americas 60+ 5+
Asia Pacific 30+ 10+
Europe 60+ 30+
Middle East, India, and Africa 15+ 5+
Fake Antarctica 1

Apart from servers in India, Russia, and South Africa, most of Windscribe’s servers are compatible with P2P activity. Additionally, free users have access to servers in 10 countries from this list:

Free Server Locations
1. US
2.  UK
3.  Canada
4.  Netherlands
5.  Germany
6.  Hong Kong
7.  Romania
8.  France
9.  Switzerland
10. Norway

Does Windscribe Work in China?

No, Windscribe fails at bypassing the “Great Firewall” in China, offering almost no incentives to residents or expats alike. Firstly, they do not offer a mirror Chinese website that can allow residents inside the country to subscribe to a plan or download their apps.

Secondly, Windscribe does not offer any Chinese-specific servers, which means expats cannot access local content through Chinese websites like iQiYi (爱奇艺), QQ Video(QQ视频), Toudou (土豆), Youku (优酷), and others.

Speed and Performance – How Fast Is Windscribe VPN in UAE?

Windscribe exhibits a performance that can be described as moderate, with average download and upload speeds measuring around 69.25 Mbps and 64.74 Mbps, respectively, on a 100 Mbps connection.

These figures were obtained through a comprehensive Windscribe speed test, which involved connecting to various servers across the US, UK, and Australia and assessing performance during activities like torrent downloading and streaming on video-on-demand (VoD) platforms.

Server Download Upload Ping
US 72+ Mbps 68+ Mbps 61ms
UK 68+ Mbps 60+ Mbps 70ms
Canada 81+ Mbps 62+ Mbps 55ms
Australia 67+ Mbps 64+ Mbps 68ms
Germany 55+ Mbps 52+ Mbps 72ms
Brazil 68+ Mbps 65+ Mbps 72ms
Japan 70+ Mbps 63+ Mbps 72ms
South Africa 58+  Mbps 52+ Mbps 72ms

In the context of a US server, the results were relatively more promising, with a download speed of 72.45 Mbps, an upload speed of 68.99 Mbps, and a ping time of 115 ms. These statistics offer a glimpse into Windscribe’s speed capabilities across different server locations, demonstrating its suitability for a range of online activities in UAE.

However, it’s important to note that actual speeds can be influenced by variables like server location, network congestion, and the user’s proximity to the selected server.

Windscribe’s performance aligns well with the expectations of users seeking a balance between online security and efficient browsing and downloading experiences while performing Windscribe Speed Test For UAE Users


We seamlessly unblocked streaming platforms connecting to the US server

On the UK server, we experienced impressive download speeds of 68.22 Mbps, accompanied by a noteworthy upload rate of 60.64 Mbps. These results were achieved with a reasonably responsive ping time of 126 ms.

This demonstrates Windscribe’s capacity to deliver robust performance, making it a viable choice for a range of online activities, from seamless streaming to efficient browsing and more.


We enjoyed unblocking many restricted platforms without any lags

While connected to the Australian server, we experienced impressive download speeds of 67.10 Mbps and upload speeds of 64.61 Mbps. The latency, or ping, was recorded at 111 ms.

This indicates a robust performance, demonstrating Windscribe’s ability to provide efficient and reliable connectivity even on servers located at a considerable distance. These results contribute to a positive user experience, particularly for activities that demand consistent and responsive internet speeds.


Australian servers are optimized enough for streaming and torrenting as well

While Windscribe demonstrates impressive speeds for short-distance connections, its international performance lags behind. While it ranks as the third-fastest VPN for local connections, it drops to the sixteenth position for international speeds.

Notably, we observed a reduction in download speed when connecting to South Africa and a considerable decrease when connecting to Germany. This indicates that while Windscribe excels in close-range connections, users may experience slightly diminished performance when connecting to servers located farther away.

Streaming – Does Windscribe Work with Netflix and Other Streaming Sites in UAE?

We experienced uninterrupted streaming as Windscribe successfully unblocked popular platforms like Netflix, Hulu, HBOMax, and BBC iPlayer. This effectiveness is attributed to Windscribe’s utilization of a proprietary spoofing algorithm known as Location Warp, which grants users in UAE access to geo-restricted streaming services with ease.

This feature enhances the overall streaming experience, ensuring users can enjoy content from various platforms without encountering regional restrictions.

Platforms  Works or Not
Netflix Working (UK, US, CA, AU, JP)
BBC iPlayer Working
HBO Max Working
Hulu Working
YouTube Not Working

We were pleasantly surprised that Windscribe’s free version, equipped with Location Warp, granted access to all these platforms. By signing up with an email address, you receive 10GB of monthly data, and this increases to 15GB if you share about Windscribe on Twitter. This allocation allows for over 7 hours of HD streaming.

We conducted a thorough evaluation of Windscribe’s streaming capabilities across various devices including my laptop, tablet, and Android phone. The native Windscribe app proved effective on my Fire TV Stick. However, it’s worth noting that videos took a slightly longer time to load compared to my regular internet connection.

Windscribe may encounter some compatibility issues with YouTube. While it excels in providing access to numerous other platforms, users may experience difficulty when attempting to use Windscribe in conjunction with YouTube in UAE. This is an important consideration for users who heavily rely on YouTube for content consumption or streaming. It’s advisable to explore alternative VPN options if seamless access to YouTube is a priority.

Overall, Windscribe provided reliable access to streaming platforms, though there was a slight delay in video loading times compared to my standard connection. This minor inconvenience was outweighed by the benefits of accessing various platforms using Windscribe’s free edition, along with its Location Warp feature. With up to 15GB of monthly data, it allows for extended hours of HD streaming.

Can Windscribe unblock Netflix in UAE?

Windscribe has proven itself adept at unblocking Netflix in UAE, standing out as one of the few VPNs consistently successful in bypassing regional restrictions. Through our tests, we were able to access Netflix libraries from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Japan.

We connected to the Atlanta server of Windscribe which seamlessly unblocked our favorite movie on Netflix US.


We enjoyed watching High Water on US Netflix using Windscribe

Windscribe uses a range of tactics to outsmart Netflix’s VPN detection measures. These include assigning unique IP addresses to individual users, periodically altering users’ IP addresses, and utilizing obfuscated servers to further enhance accessibility.

It’s important to acknowledge that Netflix continually refines its VPN detection techniques, and therefore, there’s no absolute assurance that Windscribe will consistently bypass these measures.

Nevertheless, Windscribe remains among the most dependable VPN options for unblocking Netflix, making it a worthwhile choice for users in UAE seeking to access region-specific content on the platform.

Can Windscribe unblock Hulu in UAE?

Indeed, Windscribe proves itself highly capable in unblocking Hulu in UAE, a streaming platform subject to geographical restrictions. This implies that Hulu’s content is officially accessible only in specific countries. Yet, with Windscribe’s assistance, users can effortlessly circumvent these limitations and enjoy Hulu’s offerings from anywhere across the globe.

During my personal experience, we had the pleasure of indulging in one of my preferred shows, “The Alaska Daily,” in stunning high-definition quality. The noteworthy aspect was the negligible speed loss facilitated by Windscribe, ensuring seamless playback.


We unblocked Hulu to watch The Alaska Daily connecting to the Atlanta server

What truly impressed us was the consistent and uninterrupted viewing experience, showcasing Windscribe’s proficiency in maintaining top-notch streaming quality. This speaks volumes about the reliability and effectiveness of Windscribe in bypassing geo-restrictions.

Can Windscribe unblock Disney+ in UAE?

Indeed, Windscribe proves effective in unblocking Disney+ across a wide array of countries. Their extensive server network, spanning over 60 regions, encompasses regions where Disney+ is typically inaccessible, including China, Russia, and India.

In our testing, we successfully accessed Disney+ on all six of the US servers we connected to. Whether we were linked to servers in New York, Los Angeles, Denver, Las Vegas, or Atlanta, we enjoyed seamless access to my preferred movies.


Windscribe servers are optimized for unblocking restricted platforms

The page loaded swiftly, taking approximately 3 seconds, followed by each video starting in about 5 seconds. Once playback commenced, we encountered no buffering issues, ensuring a smooth viewing experience.

Can Windscribe unblock Amazon Prime Video in UAE?

Windscribe has a relatively successful track record in bypassing the restrictions imposed by Amazon Prime Video, but it’s important to note that there are no absolute guarantees due to the platform’s vigilant VPN blocking efforts.

Amazon Prime Video is known for its stringent measures against VPNs, constantly adapting to counter new services. Nonetheless, Windscribe has proven to be adept at circumventing these barriers, enabling most users to access Amazon Prime Video.

While connecting to the Atlanta server, we initially encountered difficulties in streaming content on my first attempt, we eventually succeeded in accessing Amazon Prime Video. Subsequently, upon reloading the page, we experienced seamless playback of movies and TV series without any buffering delays.


We unblocked Amazon Prime to watch Rick and Morty

The video quality consistently maintained a high-definition standard, underscoring Windscribe’s effectiveness in ensuring uninterrupted streaming experiences.

Can Windscribe unblock HBO Max in UAE?

Certainly, Windscribe is effective in bypassing the geo-block on HBO Max, allowing users  to access the streaming service in UAE. HBO Max, like many streaming platforms, restricts access based on location, but a VPN provides a solution to this limitation.

We found that loading HBO Max was a breeze with Windscribe, which isn’t always the case with other VPNs. The Atlanta server in particular proved exceptionally efficient. Upon testing, the movie loaded swiftly, taking only 2 seconds to start playing without any buffering.


We watched Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman’s Butler on HBO Max

On the Atlanta server, the performance was equally commendable, though videos took a slightly longer time to initiate playback, approximately 5 seconds. This demonstrates Windscribe’s proficiency in ensuring seamless streaming experiences.

Can Windscribe unblock BBC iPlayer in UAE?

Absolutely, Windscribe proves effective in unblocking BBC iPlayer in UAE, a geo-restricted streaming platform exclusively accessible to UK residents. By utilizing Windscribe, individuals worldwide can effortlessly bypass this restriction and enjoy BBC iPlayer content without limitations.

The process of accessing BBC iPlayer through Windscribe was seamless and efficient We were particularly impressed with the instant loading of all videos, consistently maintaining the highest quality. Even with concurrent background downloads of sizable files, the video quality remained steadfast and uninterrupted, demonstrating Windscribe’s ability to provide a reliable streaming experience.


We unblocked BBC iPlayer to enjoy Superman & Lois

Can Windscribe also unblock ITV, All 4, YouTube, and Spotify in UAE?

Windscribe proves adept at unblocking popular streaming platforms such as ITV, All 4, and Spotify, with the exception of YouTube. This capability stems from Windscribe’s expansive server network, spanning over 60 countries, including key locations like the United Kingdom for access to ITV and All 4, and the United States for YouTube and Spotify.

We personally found Windscribe’s UK server to be highly effective in unblocking All 4, showcasing its proficiency with UK-based platforms. While US-based streaming services tend to receive more attention from VPN providers due to their widespread use, Windscribe’s UK server stands out as an excellent choice for users seeking access to UK-specific content.


We connected to London Server to watch 2 Broke Girls on All 4

Impressively, Windscribe demonstrated its ability to unblock every platform we tested. This achievement is noteworthy, particularly considering that Windscribe operates with a smaller server network compared to providers like ExpressVPN or NordVPN.

The servers at Windscribe, however, prove to be remarkably reliable in bypassing geo-blocks, underscoring their effectiveness for accessing region-restricted content in UAE.

Torrenting – Does Windscribe Support Torrenting in UAE?

Windscribe VPN fully supports torrenting in UAE on the majority of its servers, with only specific locations marked by a crossed-out P2P icon restricting such activity.

For those engaging in P2P file sharing, Windscribe provides a complimentary SOCKS5 proxy to enhance download speeds, although this comes at the expense of some security features. Users must weigh the importance of faster downloads against maintaining robust security.

Despite the availability of torrent-friendly servers and the proxy option, users may experience inconsistent download speeds. In a test involving the download of a 6GB file, initial speeds were relatively decent at approximately 2 Mb/s. However, the performance quickly deteriorated, settling at around 78 KB/s, requiring approximately 12 hours to complete the download.

Even switching to the IKEv2 protocol did not significantly improve the download speed. It’s essential for users to consider both the torrenting support and the potential impact on download speeds when choosing a server or utilizing the SOCKS5 proxy provided by Windscribe.

Gaming – Is Windscribe Good for Gaming in UAE?

For gaming purposes we connected to the Dallas server. In our opinion, Windscribe may not be the ideal choice for gaming despite the low ping rate observed during tests. While a low ping is crucial for responsive gameplay, users reported experiencing glitchy gameplay, freezing, and stuttering even with a seemingly satisfactory ping rate.


The delays in the gameplay were unacceptable

In gaming, a low ping indicates minimal delay between input commands and the corresponding actions in the game. However, the observed issues with Windscribe resulted in a significant delay, making the gaming experience in UAE practically unplayable.

The gap between clicking the mouse and the character’s actions was notably long, leading to continuous losses in the game. Despite the importance of low ping rates, the observed freezing and stuttering during gameplay suggest that Windscribe may not provide a smooth gaming experience.

Gamers seeking a VPN solution for online gaming may need to explore other options that ensure both low ping rates and consistently reliable gaming performance.

Device Compatibility – Can I Use Windscribe VPN On All My Devices in UAE?

Windscribe VPN offers dedicated applications in UAE for all famous platforms/devices. This includes Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browsers, and iOS, Android, and Blackberry smartphones.

You even have support for DD-WRT and Tomato routers, along with config generators for Windscribe OpenVPN, IKEv2, and SOCKS5 for you to use manually if you do not trust the VPN’s own client applications.

Windscribe Desktop Apps in UAE for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Windscribe presents a user-friendly interface, simplifying server selection with a default server chosen for optimal connection. Users can easily explore alternative servers by country, each accompanied by a real-time latency indicator for informed choices based on factors like user load and distance.


Windscribe Windows app is intuitive

The Favourites list streamlines server selection, allowing users in UAE to designate preferred countries. A dynamic latency marker aids in identifying the fastest servers, while location updates offer instant insights into server status, connections, and changes. U

sers benefit from convenient sorting options for servers, categorized by name, location, or latency. Windscribe’s split tunneling feature enhances overall speeds, enabling users to tailor the VPN for specific applications such as torrenting.

Windscribe introduces a distinctive Wi-Fi hotspot feature through its Windows client, facilitating the connection of other devices via the VPN without the need for intricate router configurations. Users can effortlessly choose their preferred connection protocol, including options like WireGuard, IKEv2, Stealth, OpenVPN TCP/UDP, or WSTunnel.

The flexibility extends to setting up HTTP or SOCKS proxies, and the availability of a back catalog of previous versions aids troubleshooting, reinforcing Windscribe’s adaptability and user-centric approach.

Windscribe Browser Extensions in UAE

Windscribe browser extensions look and work identically to their desktop counterparts on all platforms. It boasts the same streamlined appearance with an uncomplicated set of options and menus, which allows you to configure VPN connections instantly.

You can also choose to “Whitelist” sites that you often visit and want to load fully, such as Facebook or work-related websites. The extension even provides information regarding your previous and current IP address and the bandwidth remaining.


Windcribe browser extension is easy to install

Windscribe Mobile Apps in UAE for Android and iOS

Windscribe ensures a consistent user experience across PC and mobile platforms, with mobile apps mirroring the functionality of their PC counterparts.


Windscribe provides lots of options for its mobile app

The Android client introduces innovative features like Decoy Mode to enhance privacy and prevent traffic data tagging. The Android VPN interface displays comprehensive status information, including a large connection button, flag imagery, IP and protocol details, and location lists for quick reference.

The Android app’s Preferences window enables extensive customization, allowing users to choose connection protocols like OpenVPN UDP, IKEv2, Stealth, or TCP, and customize ports.

Notable features include split tunneling, integration with Android’s Always On feature, a cross-system kill switch, GPS spoofing, and automatic activation on unsecured networks using Network Whitelisting.

Windscribe’s iOS app for iPhones is equally robust, lacking only split tunneling due to Apple’s limitations, showcasing the provider’s commitment to feature parity across diverse platforms.

Why is Windscribe so slow?

Disable anti-virus or firewall software. Avira, Kaspersky, and other programs look through your network data as part of their operations.

This can occasionally result in the connection to the Windscribe servers being slowed down or completely stopped, causing poor speeds and frequent disconnects.

Set-Up & Installation – Is Windscribe Easy to Set Up and Install in UAE?

The installation procedure for Windscribe is simple to follow. The browser extension or desktop program may be installed in a matter of seconds.

Every version of the software installs just as quickly as Windows does. I swiftly installed Windscribe on my iPad, Windows 10 laptop, Android phone, ancient Linux desktop, and even my Android phone.

How Do I Install Winscribe VPN in UAE?

Here is a step-by-step process on how to install Windscribe VPN in UAE:

  1. Create your Windscribe account by entering a username, password, and email.
  2. Go to the VPN downloads page and get the app for your device.
  3. Install the VPN on your device.
  4. Once installed, launch the VPN app.
  5. Click on “Log in.”
  6. Enter your username and password. Then click on the green arrow.
  7. Connect to a server location by clicking the “ON” button. You can also choose a server of your preference by clicking on the location list.

How to Set Up Windscribe on Windows in UAE?

Here are the steps to install Windscribe on windows.

  1. Download the app. After signing up for a plan, go to the Windscribe downloads page and get the Windscribe app for your device.
  2. Install Windscribe. Run the setup file and install Windscribe VPN on your device.
  3. Connect to VPN. Launch the VPN app to log in with your account and connect to a VPN server.

Windscribe VPN Review in UAE – Customer Support

Windscribe VPN offers comprehensive customer support to assist users in UAE with any inquiries, issues, or technical concerns. Their support channels include a ticket system, email support, an extensive knowledge base, FAQs nad others ensuring users have accessible and reliable assistance when needed.

Support Type  Availability
24/7 live chat Not Available instead they offer Gary Chat Bot
Ticket system/Email Available
Phone line Not Available
Knowledge Base Available
FAQs Available
Reddit Available

24/7 live chat 

Windscribe doesn’t provide 24/7 live chat but instead, they offer Garry Chat Bot. Garry is a virtual assistant that can answer your questions about Windscribe. You can access Garry from the Windscribe website or the Windscribe app.

Ticket system

If you can’t find the answer to your question in the knowledge base, you can submit a contact support form via the Ticket System. Be sure to include as much information as possible about your issue, such as the type of device you’re using, the version of the Windscribe app you’re using, and any error messages you’re receiving.

Knowledge Base

Windscribe has a comprehensive knowledge base that covers a wide range of topics, including account management, technical issues, and billing. You can search the knowledge base for answers to your questions or browse the articles by category.


Windscribe has a large Question/ Answer base where you can find your relevant inquiry.


The Windscribe subreddit is a great place to get help with Windscribe VPN in UAE, ask questions about the service, and share your experiences with other users. The subreddit is very active, with new posts being submitted every day.

Windscribe VPN Alternatives in UAE

Following are the Windscribe alternative VPN services in UAE which are better in terms of speed and have more features.


ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands, which is a safe jurisdiction, not a member of the 14 Eyes Alliance. The VPN runs all of its servers on RAM-based infrastructure, and it has a strict no-logs policy audited by PwC.

ExpressVPN boasts a network of 3000 servers in 105 countries, covering 160 locations from which you can easily stream on your favorite platforms such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Disney+, and more in UAE.

For more information, you can visit our ExpressVPN detailed guide in UAE.


NordVPN is based in the privacy-friendly Panama region with flexible data retention laws. The service offers compatible apps for all platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS in UAE.

The provider offers a massive network of 5600 servers in 59 countries with gaming-optimized and streaming-optimized servers from which you can easily unblock foreign content on Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and more.

For more information, visit our NordVPN detailed guide in UAE.


Surfshark is a budget-friendly VPN service which is based in the Netherlands. Although the jurisdiction is in one of the 14 Eyes group, Surfshark assures users that none of their data is logged as the VPN has a strict no-logs policy which has been audited by Cure53.

The provider boasts a network of 3200 servers in 100 countries with RAM-based servers that offer blazing-fast speed so you can easily stream on Netflix, Surfshark BBC iPlayer, Disney+ in UAE, or Hulu with buffer-free experience.

For more information, redirect to our Surfshark VPN guide in UAE.

Windscribe VPN Review in UAE – FAQs

Yes, Windscribe VPN can be trusted in UAE. It employs robust AES-256 encryption, utilizes trusted VPN protocols such as WireGuard, and its open-source desktop apps enable security verification. The use of safe tunneling protocols further ensures the protection of user data, making Windscribe a reliable choice for online privacy and security.

Windscribe’s free version can only connect to servers in the United States, United Kingdom, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, France, Romania, Canada, Hong Kong, and Switzerland.

Windscribe says, “We do not store any logs that can identify you.” The VPN doesn’t store connection logs, IP timestamps, session logs, or monitor your activity.The only thing that Windscribe stores is when you last used its app so they can track the amount of bandwidth you’ve used.

NordVPN beats Windscribe in UAE out with its network of 5600 servers in 59 countries. Other than that, it also has more features and a propriety protocol called NordLynx, which is superfast and blazing fast.

Yes, the Canadian-based Windscribe suffered a major security breach on June 21, 2021, when two of their servers in Ukraine went offline. The two servers were seized by Ukrainian authorities as part of their operation. The authorities also obtained Windscribe’s private key, which allowed them to decrypt traffic from Windscribe users.

No. Windscribe doesn’t log or track your online traffic or activity in UAE. And if they log nothing, there’s nothing to sell.

If Windscribe is blocked, then it’s because the Windscribe application is failing to reach its server to log in. This can be caused by restrictive networks blocking connections. You can use these methods to start using Windscribe again:

  1. Navigate to Preferences -> Connection and then tick the box “Ignore SSL Errors.” Now try logging in again with your Windscribe account.
  2. Connect to a less restrictive network and then log in to your Windscribe app. Now connect to your previous network again and connect to a server.
  3. Disable any antivirus or firewall software on your computer.

Here is how to uninstall Windscribe in UAE.

  • Head to the installation folder of Windscribe. Usually, it is located in C: Programs files or C: Programs files(x86)
  • Find the Windscribe installer file and start uninstalling Windscribe.

For such cases, Windscribe asks users to submit a ticket to its support team, and it will help them recover their account. Another reason why you’re Windscribe VPN account got banned is maybe because of breaking Windscribe Terms of Service.

Here is how to turn off Windscribe in UAE.

  • Open the Windscribe app.
  • Click on the “Disconnect” button.

Here are the steps to log out of Windscribe on a laptop in UAE,

  • Go to
  • Login with your VPN account.
  • Under the “Security” section.
  • Click on “Delete Sessions.”
  • Click “Delete VPN Creds.”

This will force log out of your account from every device and end all VPN sessions.

Although Windscribe offers unlimited simultaneous connections, sharing your Windscribe account with other individuals is not allowed, and it goes against the Windscribe Terms of Service. So sharing your account with other people can flag you automatically in Windscribe’s system, and you may end up getting your account banned.

The network you are on might be blocking the Windscribe connection in UAE. Try connecting to a Wi-Fi network or switching to your cellular data to check if the problem is solved.

Windscribe VPN Review in UAE – Do I Recommend Windscribe VPN?

This Windscribe VPN review in UAE suggests that it is a solid choice for users seeking a balance between security and user-friendly features. The service employs industry-standard encryption and offers a variety of protocols, including the trustworthy WireGuard.

Windscribe’s open-source desktop apps contribute to its transparency, allowing users to verify its security measures independently. However, the observed issues with gaming and inconsistent download speeds during torrenting may be drawbacks for some users.

In the vast landscape of VPNs, Windscribe VPN Review in UAE indicates that it’s a reliable option for many, especially those prioritizing privacy and security over specific performance nuances.

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